One Small Indiscretion (2017 Lifetime)

One Small Indiscretion (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Ashley ScottTiera SkovbyeCru Ennis

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Years ago, heartbroken and officially separated from her husband, Caroline briefly turned to another man’s arms. It was only one small indiscretion–a brief affair, forgotten after she and her husband reunited. But beautiful Elle, daughter of Caroline’s lover, hasn’t forgotten. She rents a guesthouse from Caroline, her husband, and teenage son with one purpose: to destroy their lives the way Elle thinks Caroline destroyed hers.


Margot and James argue about getting a divorce in front of their young daughter, Caroline. The mother drinks wine in the middle of the day. (No judgment!) I WILL judge her for murdering her husband and shooting herself in front of her daughter!!!!!

Nine years later. A grown-up Caroline and her HOT AF husband Sam, are listing a room for rent. It doesn’t take long to rent the apartment because Caroline meets a college art student named Elle. When Elle comes to check out the room, she bumps into Caroline’s and Sam’s teenage son named Logan. They hit it off. Elle is disappointed to see another girl walking through the apartment. Elle goes through the girl’s purse and takes pictures of her SS card and driver’s license. Elle cancels all of Kelsie’s credit cards to wreck her credit score. Elle is selected, signs the lease and moves in!

Elle wastes no time cozying up with the family. She eats dinner with them and prances around the pool in a bathing suit for night swims. Caroline and Sam think she is great and act as surrogate parents because Elle’s an orphan. Elle is very interested in their family history and interrogates Logan on a drive to school. She wins him over by letting him drive her car and then putting on a show for his high school buddies when they get to school. (She drops her keys and bends over, haha. Who hasn’t don’t that for attention!) Elle also convinces Logan to take a gap year.

With the family away, the Elle will play… or at least hack into their computers and takes photos of papers. Then she installs nanny camps all over the house. Not on plants like normal, on Christmas ornaments that shouldn’t be out and a random fencing mask. Caroline almost catches her in the act, but she hides.

Elle works on her art and gets Logan to pose for her shirtless. It is creepy because he is in high school, and she is taking advantage of him. Caroline thinks it is creepy too, and catches them in a compromising situation. Caroline tells her son to put his shirt back on and leave Elle alone. Strange things continue to happen. Hannah, Caroline’s neighbor, says she was someone in the house and implies that it could have been Elle. Then Caroline talks about a “small indiscretion.” something about a married man wanting to leave his wife for her and Sam maybe cheating on her? Elle hears the conversation and plots more.

For work, Caroline is tasked with a new advertising campaign. It is targeted to a younger generation, so Elle is brought in to help to design the new logo. In the office, they trash talk one of Caroline’s co-workers. 

While the ladies are at work, Hannah sneaks over and does her nosey neighbor things. She looks through Elle’s items, and Elle catches her reading her diary. Elle tells Caroline that she will need to move out because the neighbor is invading her privacy. Caroline confronts Hannah and tells her she needs to MIND HER BUSINESS! 

Logan and Elle go to a party. Logan talks to a girl her likes named Becca while Elle hooks up with a boy that looks like him and records him on top of her. Then she goes on a website called “,” makes Sam an account and catfishes a woman, Beth, who had an affair with Sam? Elle plans evidence around the house to incriminate him. Sam starts getting messages from Beth, and he ignores them. Caroline can’t and goes through his phone, confirming her worst fears that her husband is cheating on her. 

The messages keep coming, panties end up in the laundry, and Caroline is full-on freaking out. She checks the internet history and finds Sam’s dating profile. When Caroline confronts Sam, he denies everything and asks her to make the marriage work for Logan’s sake. 

With the marriage on the rock, Elle next sets her sights on Logan and sends the fake sex tape to Becca. Becca breaks up with him, which causes him to storm out of the house and frustrate his parents. Elle elatedly watches the family unravel on her surveillance cameras. “Once a cheater, always a cheater!” she exclaims. 

Caroline pitches to her clients, and it doesn’t go well. Elle tampered with the presentation. 

Beth shows up at the house to meet with Sam. She finds flowers and a love note. Elle is there too, with a lead pipe or bat and beats Beth. Sam comes home and sees bloody Beth on the floor. Elle attacks him also, and zip ties him. Elle calls Caroline and says she thinks she sees Sam in the house with another woman.

Caroline rushes home and finds the bodies on the ground. Elle pulls a gun on Caroline and says she was the girl from the beginning of the movie. WHA? I’m confused. Whatever. Somehow everything is Caroline’s fault, and she has to pay. 

Logan comes home and interrupts Elle’s plan. Caroline seizes the opportunity and throws a vase of flowers at Elle. Elle goes for the frying pan and hits Caroline with it. A fight sequence happens, and Caroline eventually gets the gun and shoots Elle, locking her in the study.

The family sits on the couch and apologizes. The boys are happy that Caroline saved them. They all hug.

Elle is in a woman’s prison and draws a picture for her art therapy. The doctor is encouraged by Caroline’s progress. In her cell, she sketches a picture of Caroline and stabs it angrily. Someone take away her crayons. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Hannah, Becca, Correctional officer 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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