The Walls are Watching (2022 Lifetime)

The Walls are Watching (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Branscombe Richmond, Brandon Ford Green, Lana McKissack

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Theodore Souza is a blue collar worker who lost his family to a tragic death, lost his job and now his house as the bank forecloses. When a newlywed couple wins his house in a bank auction, Theodore refuses to accept that his house is no longer his, and he terrorizes the young couple to get them out of the home.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with some ominous music and a disheveled man looking at pictures in his home. His name is Theodore, and he is behind on his mortgage. He goes to the bank to try to refinance but is turned down. Theodore gets very emotional because he lost his family and will now have to evict fr

from the house within 35 days. 

Erica and Mitch are on the house hunt and find the foreclosed house; it is a perfect first home for them and their future family. They go to a literal auction and bid over their target number. Theodore is at the auction and sees who got the home.

Theodore takes out his aggression, first on the auctioneer, by running him over in the parking lot. Then he follows Mitch home and stalks the couple as they move in. (I think he angrily squeezes a hard-boiled egg in his car? Very random!)

In the middle of the night, Theodore rings the doorbell and asks Mitch and Erica if he can buy back his house. They tell him they aren’t interested in selling, but he demands his house back and laughs maniacally. 

Of course, Theodore is living in the basement or whatever and has the house bugged. He goes unnoticed while Erica takes a bath, but when a video of the auctioneer dying shows up on her phone and then a shot of her in the bathroom, Erica realizes she is in danger and tries to run out of the house before being dragged to the basement by Theodore. 

He screams at Erica angrily as she is tied to a post. Eric tries to use her therapist skillz on him, but it only makes him more upset. When he brings up his son’s death, she tries to get through to him again, but they are interrupted by a patient looking for a home call. Theodore duct tapes Erica’s mouth and kills the man by stepping on him.

Meanwhile, a detective questions Mitch while eating a sandwich. Theodore framed Mitch for the murder with a piece of fabric. Mitch maintains his innocence. 

Erica frees herself by freeing herself from duct tape and using a can of corn as a weapon. She runs out into the yard and screams for help but is dragged back into the house. 

A neighbor sees Erica being assaulted and calls the police. While Mitch is being arrested, he hears the call come over the APV and tells the police that it is his wife. They go to rescue her and post outside the house. Then they call the home, and the detective tries his best to defuse the hostage situation. 

It doesn’t work because Theodore just wants his house back. The detective promises to give him the place if he lets Erica go, but Theodore sees right through the empty promise. 

This movie should be called hostage because that is pretty much all that happens here. 

Theodore plays Russian roulette with a gun and loses. Erica shoots him in the chest and kills him. 

Erica and Mitch decide to sell the house and find another one! OKAY THEN!

Side Note

Minority Report: Erica, Mitch, Theodore, Tori, Dan, 

We had a different kind of villain with an obvious backstory. I thought it all made sense, but I wish Erica had more agency and outsmarted the killer rather than leaving it to a game of chance. 

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine.)

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