Secrets Exposed (2022 Lifetime)

Secrets Exposed (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Carrie Schroeder, Marc Herrmann, Madison Crawford, Russell Quinn,

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A single mom arrives at her daughter’s college and is disturbed to discover her missing. With a killer on the loose and shocking details about her daughter coming to light, will she be able to piece together the puzzle before the culprit strikes again?

Recap/Wine Thoughts

I missed this one! Secrets exposed is a Lifetime Movie Club exclusive. Here we go! 

The movie begins with a college student named Lizzie doing homework. She is frazzled and frustrated with her mother. She basically tells her mother to mind her own business and is rude AF.

It seems like Lizzie may be in over her head with some sex work stuff. She takes a shower before meeting up with a John but is kidnapped before she can even dry off with a towel.

Joanna drops off some flowers and a breakfast burrito at her daughter’s class to apologize (for nothing, because she did nothing wrong!) and finds Lizzie’s hot teacher instead, Professor Trevor! Get it!

Lizzie doesn’t show up for class and isn’t in her dorm room, which is disheveled. Joanna goes through her daughter’s things and steals a spare key she finds. 

At a local bar, Joanna finds out that Lizzie’s best friend, Nicole, is working as a cam girl. Joanna breaks into her house and finds the cam set up/website. She watches her daughter’s video and is heartbroken. Nicole is, of course, dead. While Joanna stands over her body, repeating, “Nicole?” she is attacked.

The police question Joanna about what she knows, and she begs them to find her daughter. The Lifetime police are not helpful per usual. 

Joanna resorts to the hot professor and RA to help her hack into her daughter’s messages and videos. They find a client list and see a big spender, but his account has been disabled. The hot professor downloads some files while flirting with Joanna. 

The RA, Zoe, hears someone in the dorms and arms herself with a staple gun. (Nothing happens, I just thought it was funny a staple gun was her weapon of choice.) She posts flyers all over campus and seems a little too helpful if you ask me. 

Paul Vargas, a music producer, is also on the client list. A sassy gay assistant (My dream role) turns the mother away after she creates a scene. Paul Vargas interrupts and introduces himself.—– IT IS HERE WHERE WE FINALLY LEARN THIS WOMAN’S NAME! JOANNA. (She has only been referred to as Lizzie’s mother until this point.)—- Paul denies any involvement with cam girls or Lizzie. When she leaves, he calls someone to “make the situation go away.)

Joanna continues to dive deep into Lizzie’s personal belongings and finds a set of car keys. In the car, she finds a handwritten note from Paul Vargas. Someone jumps her in the parking lot, steals the letter, and breaks her phone. 

Joanna and the hot professor take a break for a romantic dinner, which is interrupted by a knock at the door. They open the door to find a burning tank top that belongs to Lizzie.

Paul Vargas comes clean and admits to meeting with Lizzie, but for work. She creates a display at a luncheon, and when confronted by a krone, she threatens to “sue him so badly his great-grandchildren will owe her money in damages.” (WHAT?!)

Zoe turns out to be a call girl, too, and Joanna is upset after she finds out. Then she decides to stay in Lizzie’s dorm room for the night.

Cut to Lizzie, who is handcuffed to a bed. She is alive and trying to escape her captor, who seems to have her in a lovely house at least! She frees herself and makes a run for it but runs directly into Vargas. He chases her through the woods and drags her back to the house.

Hot Prof tracks down where Lizzie’s phone is and takes Joanna to a secluded house that belongs to Vargas. Joanna sneaks into the house and finds her daughter covered in gasoline and Paul Vargas tied up too.

Hot Prof is the killer and worked with Vargas, who stole his idea. Hot Prof groomed Zoe to work with him. Joanna asks them a bunch of questions to tie up loose ends. Hot Prof admits to killing AND sleeping with Nicole, turning Zoe against him. 

Zoe almost lights Hot Prof and Lizzie on fire, but she is taken out by Vargas. Then Joanna hits Hot Prof while screaming. “GET AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!”

The mother and daughter apologize while hugging. The bad guys are arrested by the police. Vargas gives Lizzie an internship, so she doesn’t have to be a call girl anymore.

Side Note

Minority Report: Zoe, Sassy Gay assistant, 

The mother is not referred to by name until halfway through the movie. 

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