Christmas On My Mind (2019 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

Christmas On My Mind (2019 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

Cast: Ashley GreeneAndrew W. WalkerJackée Harry

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

When Lucy wakes up with a wedding dress in hand, she believes that she is late for her wedding with her ex-boyfriend Zac. However, she has no recollection of the past two years, including the fact that she is engaged to another man.


Lucy is on the go. She rushes out of a bridal shop. Lucy is hustling so fast with a wedding dress in her arms, and she slips on ice. Santa helps her up, but she has lost her phone and forgotten where/who she is. She rushes off even though she is disoriented. 

Andrew Walker works in a restaurant and is still hot; he has a little brother who is not sexy. Lucy comes into the restaurant and tells Andrew Walker that she is ready for the wedding; she is surprised and confused to find out they aren’t engaged anymore. They broke up two years ago. Ludy faints and falls into Andrew Walker’s strong arms.

In the hospital, Lucy still has trouble remembering things. Good thing Dr. Jackee Harry is there to help her get better. Andrew Walker is there by her side too. Lucy is suffering from retrograde amnesia and recommends rest and schedules a follow up in a week. Andrew Walker agrees to take her home, but she doesn’t remember where she lives. 

When she arrives at a fancy modern Portland home, she is greeted by Anna, Lucy’s co-worker. Anna fills Lucy in on her life. Lucy has a fiance named Brad, who is upset that she doesn’t remember him. He wants her to go with him to the annual Christmas foundation party the next day and expects her to be back to normal. Lucy wants to remember anything, and Anna takes her to her closet. (Which is incredible.) Anna answers her questions, and Lucy finds an old photo of her and Andrew Walker in a drawer.

At the Christmas Party, Lucy fails at remembering essential people. Brad introduces her to Alex, who is a potential donor. She charms Alex and learns that she is merry Brad on New Years’.

Anna and Lucy head back to the small town for a doctor’s visit. (Dr. Jackee Harry thinks that Lucy is blocking the memories to protect herself emotionally.) They stay at her Aunt Audrey’s cabin. At the cabin, they go through Lucy’s sad closet and an old box of ornaments. Lucy’s parents died, and Andrew Walker’s dad died, so they made their own Christmas memories. Then they go ice skating, and Andrew Walker skates very sexily. I’m thinking things are great until MORGAN shows up and is dating Andrew Walker. Anna comes to the rescue and fakes an excuse for them to leave. (Love this best friend, one of the better best friends I’ve seen on Hallmark.)

Lucy and Andrew Walker pick out a Christmas tree, and they are going to decorate it when Brad shows up. It is awkward. Anna (the BFF of the season.) makes a distraction to the ladies who can go upstairs and talk, leaving the boys to make small talk. Lucy worries that she doesn’t even like Brad. Anna advises her to trust herself because she was engaged to him once for a reason. 

Snowmen contest happens, and Lucy can’t pick a partner. Good thing she doesn’t have to because Andrew Walker is dating MORGAN. Anna partners with Andrew Walker’s brother Beau, and Lucy partners with Brad. Montage happens of them dressing the snowmen and a crowd cheering. Anna and Beau win. This partnering thing happens again later with a pie tasting contest. Andrew Walker picks Lucy’s pie, and Brad picks MORGAN’S pie. (Sexual undertones implied!)

Lucy feels like she has let a lot of people down. (Not just because she lost the snowmen competition.) She also didn’t follow her dream of an art studio for kids, abandoned the Christmas Festival planning, and stopped baking/cooking. She gets into heated disagreements with Brad and nostalgic flirty conversations with Andrew Walker. It is confusing for her, but not for me. GET WITH ANDREW WALKER, GURL!!!!     

Lucy breaks off her engagement with Brad, and he goes back to Portland. Andrew Walker breaks things off with MORGAN. Without significant others and still no memory for Lucy, the couple are free to explore their feelings. They decorate another tree, this time for the restaurant.

Lucy start having flashbacks and Andrew Walker decides it is time for him to come clean about why they broke up. Before he can tell her they are whisked away in a one horse open sleigh. As the snow falls Lucy remembers the break up. He felt like she was chasing Aunt Audrey’s dream and he didn’t fit into her life anymore, so he broke up with her. Lucy is angry because he gave up on them and then storms off.

Lucy cries to Anna (who is having a nice time with Beau.) and asks to go back to Portland. Anna gets the car without any questions. Lucy makes a pitch at the foundation to Alex with Brad. She appeals to Alex’s artistic side and gets a youth arts center. Then she goes back to the small town and tells Andrew Walker who she ran out of the bridal shop. She was on her way back to him.

They kiss on the beautiful harbor in the rain. They promise not to let eachother go again. Lucy is moving back home. They kiss even more and it looks like the best kiss ever. Heart eyes for Andrew Walker.

Side Note

Minority Report: Jackee Harry, Anna, party guests, Alex, Katie,

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄(4 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

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