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Whether you love to hate watch, or hate yourself for loving them, TV Movie expert Patrick Serrano with Sidekick Drewbear and a guest break down your favorite made for TV movies, one bottle at a time.

S6 E22- Stalked by my Doctor (Lifetime Movie) Lifetime Uncorked

Sam (Theatre Technician/Badass) joins Patrick Serrano to discuss the Lifetime Classic, Stalked by my Doctor. (Starring: Eric Roberts, Brianna Joy Chomer, Deborah Zoe.). They also discuss… Doctor Malpractice, fantasy sequences being lame, and they attempt/and fail to find a more socially acceptable word for a person who is mute. (Which is Non-Verbal, BTW.) Read Patrick's reviews on our website: Check out other Universehead Podcasts: Donate to the Podcast: Rate and Review us! (With emojis, please!) Follow the Podcast @LifetimeUncorked Follow the Host @PatrickMiguel Follow the Producer @DrewButWithPants Theme Music provided by @jwheeler_music of the band @ModernDaybreakBand Candace Cameron Bure Theme provided by: @BradKempMusic — Send in a voice message:
  1. S6 E22- Stalked by my Doctor (Lifetime Movie)
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  3. BONUS EPISODE- Michael DeVorzon Interview (Her Deadly Groom)
  4. S6 E20- His Fatal Fixation (Lifetime Movie)
  5. S6 E19- Predator's Obsession/Stalker's Prey 2 (Lifetime Movie)
  6. BONUS EPISODE- When Sparks Fly (Hallmark Channel)
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  10. S6 E16- Au Pair Nightmare (Lifetime Movie)

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