Deadly Second Chances (2020 Lifetime)

Deadly Second Chances (2020 Lifetime)

Stars:  Primo AllonDani AlvaradoEmilija Baranac

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a D.A. prosecutes a man accused of killing his wife, she finds herself overwhelmed with memories of her own mother’s death–which she realizes may have been a murder. Now she has to find the truth about the past.


We see a beautiful country town, and a more beautiful woman named Yasmine is walking around the downtown area and sees a man in his car. She screams at him, “HEY! HEY!” She has a restraining order against the man and calls for help.

Cut to 1987. A young girl is walking with her sister eating ice cream while wearing side ponies. When they get home, they are harassed by an abusive father. The father fights with the mother and throws her down the stairs. 

Twenty Five Years Later, we are in Seattle. (This movie has jumped around a lot for the first two minutes.) Yasmine is now a district attorney who is prosecuting a very similar case to her parents from 1987. She has flashbacks and disturbing memories while trying to work. (Like she sees her father in the place of the murderer.) When jurors come forward and claim the DA participated in jury tampering, Yasmine is sent away on a leave of absence.

Yasmine calls her sister, Laura, and plans a trip back home. She drives with her daughter, Paige, to the small town. Laura and Yasmine might be sisters, but they are very different. Laura is chipper and over the top. She introduces Yasmine to her hunky neighbor named Peter. Peter is a widower, and Laura is quick to attempt to set him up with her sister.

Yasmine (or Yas as they call her in her hometown.) answers the house phone and is horrified to hear her father’s voice. She faints and is rescued by her daughter and the neighbor Peter, who just so happens to be a doctor. (Well, Phyiciatrist.) Laura and Yas argue about the past and cry a lot. I’m not 100% sure what they are so upset about. It seems like Laura is upset that Yas left and wants her to go to therapy. 

OMG. The acting in this movie is extra horrible. The man accused of killing his wife has numerous scenes with his father, who is a governor. They are all over the top, and not in a fun, campy way.

Yas goes out on a date with Peter and talks through some of her trauma. Things are still not going well with her case back home, so she takes a new case in the small town, and it is going much better. 

Laura goes behind Yas’s back and introduces Paige to her grandfather. Paige is freaked out and runs away from him.

Joan, Yasmine’s boss, is randomly killed in a car explosion. Yas seems kinds of upset about it but writes it off because Joan “has a lot of enemies.”

Yas sees her father downtown and realizes that Laura has let him back into her life. She visits Laura at work and screams at her and tells her daughter that they are leaving town. 

Yas’s father apologizes to his daughter and says he was an alcoholic. She screams at him and pushes him violently. Yas tells him to say away from her family. Then she yells at Laura for good measure. Therapist Peter sees the family feud and offers his services, 

When Yas and Paige go inside to pack, they are greeted by the murder from Seattle with a gun. He demands some medical files, but they are in the car. Laura and Peter come inside the house and are also held, hostage. One man is holding four grown adults hostage. 

Paige is sent to the car and accidentally sets off that car alarm. Yas tackles the man, and they fight in the front yard over the gun. Yas’s father pulls his car up and tries to save his daughter, but he is shot multiple times. They must have run out of daylight because the lighting changes. Yas fights with the man some more shoots him. Everyone cries over Yas’s father as he dies. 

Yas forgives her father for all his wrongdoings because she finally remembers that he bought her a toy poney and a tire swing. Does this erase his abusive alcoholic outburst that resulted in the murder of their mother? I guess so. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Police Officer, Joan, Cameraman.

I missed this one because my listing has it as a 2015 movie. I think it was made at that time, passed on by Lifetime, and reused during COVID times. VERY BAD MOVIE. I expect more from Bree Williamson who is normally great.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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  1. I just watched this one because I’ll watch anything with Bree Williamson. OMG so terrible. I am a sad cat.

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