Psycho Yoga Instructor (2020 Lifetime)

Psycho Yoga Instructor (2020 Lifetime)

Stars: Ashley WoodBrady SmithPanos Vlahos

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Justine Grace is desperate to sort out her life, her marriage to her husband Tom, and herself. When Domenic, a handsome yoga teacher, takes an interest in her, it seems like he might be the one to finally bring happiness to her life. However, he has ideas that go beyond yoga. Justine must find the strength within herself to save her marriage, save her life, and survive a sociopath as he tries to seduce her into the perfect pose.


Namaste! Another “psycho movie” this time with a hot yoga instructor. I’m here for it. 

A sexy bathtub with candles is shown. Only it isn’t sexy for Justine; she is having a nightmare about drowning. Tom, Justine’s husband, is working a lot to support the new baby that they are trying to adopt. Is he also abusing prescription medicine? They don’t get the baby, and it puts a strain on the relationship.

Justine goes for a power walk with her quirky BFF, Ginny, tells her that she needs to relax and gives unsolicited relationship advice. (She is that type of friend.) Ginny talks up her yoga instructor Dominic and promises fantastic abs and a great workout.

At yoga class, Dominic delivers on the abs and attractiveness. He teaches his class with lots of hands-on adjustments and talk of a sprig. Then they do a bunch of “Ommm’s” Yoga is pretty dull to watch, but Justine likes the class! 

At a candlelit dinner, Justine and Tom argue about the adoption. Tom is withdrawing from his wife and throwing himself into work. Justine cries and drinks wine. (Is she me?) The next morning Justine wakes up alone in her bed. Tom is nowhere to be found. Later, he brings his wife flowers to apologize. They argue more about the adoption and Tom working too much.

To clear her mind, Justine goes to yoga and finds a shirtless Dominic in an elaborate yoga pose. He invites her to join him for a private lesson. Justine continues to go to classes with new wave music and eventually comes around to Dominic’s invitation. He offers to not only give her private lessons at her house because he wants her to become his yoga protege. Justine is open to the idea of making more money for her baby.

The next day, after another bad dream, Justine makes a smoothy and heads to yoga class. Tom pops more pills and calls someone named S.

Dominic starts coming over to Justine’s house for yoga teacher training. They work out the pool, and Justine holds an impressive wheel pose. They keep doing poses face to face, like VERY closely. They almost kiss but are interrupted by Tom. (Now he has time for her?) Tom leaves and goes to a bar. Then he drunkenly returns home and calls Justine a Cougar on the prowl and passes out on the couch. Justine finds a voicemail from S and listens to it. It is a woman who says, “I don’t think we should move forward without your wife knowing.” (Clearly, it is about the adoption.)

Justine thinks he is cheating on her and has replaced her scary bathtub nightmares with sexy Dominic bathtub dreams. Her dream becomes a reality when they make out by the pool after a yoga session. Then he gives her an amethyst to remove the toxins from her life, like Tom.

More boring yoga happens, this time with lightning. A woman burst into the class, screaming. She cries because she left her husband and kids for Dominic. Well, his real name is Sebastian Nicos. The woman attempts to hit him, but he grabs her hand and tells her to leave. Ginny is in the class and hears the whole thing and calls in favor of an investigator.

Tom and Justine fight some more, and she confronts him about S. He tells her he was working with an adoption agency and then feels like a jerk. She should. They sleep together in the same bed, and Tom vows to stop taking pills. 

Justine cancels on Dominic, and we FINALLY see some psycho behavior. He punches a mirror our of rage. (We only have like, 30 mins left in this movie. This may be one of the most boring Lifetime movies I’ve seen all year.) 

Justine visits the yoga studio to break the news that she isn’t continuing with yoga classes to focus on her adopted baby. Dominic is happy to see her and hug/kisses her. She tells him that she needs to stop whatever they were doing. Dominic doesn’t take it well and tries to convince Justine to stay. When she still doesn’t agree to be with him, he gets creepy AF. Then he cuts his hand on a piece of glass. (Good acting here by Panos Vlahos)

Ginny meets up with Justine to show him all the evidence of past abuse/murder victims. They are horrified that Dominic is capable of such terrible things, and they decide to go to the police. Ginny invites Justine to stay with her for the night since Tom is leaving for a business trip. Justine packs her bag, and as she leaves the house when she is attacked and held at knifepoint by Dominic. He demands she calls off Ginny.

To preserve herself, Justine lies and pretends to go along with Dominic’s plan. Then she makes a run for it but is stopped with the good old chloroform. Justine wakes up in her bed, and Dominic is watching her intently. Her worst nightmares come true when Dominic forces her into the bathtub and starts strangling her and forcing her underwater. Justine starts making out with him, grabs the amethyst, and hits him in the head with it. She runs out of the house and runs directly into Tom, whose flight was canceled. 

They go upstairs to find Dominic has escaped out of the bathroom window. Police are called, and the couple tries to relax. Justine admits that she kissed the yoga instructor and apologizes. They hug, and Tom forgives his wife. Then he plays her a voicemail from S. They are going to be parents of a one-week-old baby. 

In another town, in another boring yoga class, Dominic sets his sight on another brown-haired lady. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Dominic, some yoga students,

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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  1. The yoga instructor in “Phycho Yoga Instructor” was the scariest creepy guy since the ones with the doctor!!!

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