A Kiss Before Christmas (2021 Hallmark)

A Kiss Before Christmas (2021 Hallmark)

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Cast: Teri Hatcher, James Denton, Marilu Henner

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

When nice-guy Ethan casually wishes his life had taken a different course, he wakes up the next day to find nothing is the same – he’s not married to his wife Joyce, he doesn’t have two teenaged kids and he’s CEO of his company. If he wants to reclaim his original life and the family he loves, he must convince Joyce he’s telling the truth and win her over…and he only has until Christmas Day.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

In a bustling office (with a creepy Santa ringing a bell) on Christmas Eve, Ethan and Joyce get stuck in an elevator and fall in love. 

Flash to twenty years later, Ethan and Joyce are married and raising two teenage children, Colin and Trisha. (Colin bakes cookies, and his father seems to have a problem with that?) He is also having financial difficulties and hasn’t been promoted at work in twenty years. Ethan can’t figure out how to pay for Ethan’s college or Trisha’s soccer camp. 

On Christmas Eve, Ethan gets a hold-out named Lottie to sell her property. Sean is upset that the big boss Rona (Marilu Henner) will not promote him because the change will look bad. Look, I’m not in corporate sales. I have no idea what is happening to be honest. 

At the train station, Ethan vents to Santa and wishes to have gotten into the elevator with Sean instead of Joyce. Ethan wakes up in an alternate world where HE is the big boss. Ethan is impressed with his new office, modern home, and fancy suits, but he is confused that Joyce isn’t his wife. She is a lawyer defending the city youth center from being demolished. 

Santa shows up again and tells Ethan that if he doesn’t figure out the true meaning of Christmas by Christmas Eve, Ethan will lose all memory of his previous life, and the switch will become permanent. 

Ethan doesn’t think his new life is all that bad. Colin and Trisha are in foster care because he didn’t adopt them, but they are okay. He decides to try and win Joyce over. He does this by buying her poinsettia and then telling her about the Santa Switch things. Joyce thinks he is crazy but agrees to help him if he saves the youth center. 

Joyce gives Ethan a tour of the youth center, and Ethan is weirded out when he sees that Colin and Trisha work at the youth center. He tells Joyce about the alternate life where they adopted them and how good of a mother she was. Joyce shares that her ex-husband didn’t want kids, so she never had them.

They come up with an idea called “Home for the Holidays” to help save the youth center. They go on the news and throw a fancy benefit. Sean tells Joyce that it is all just good PR, and Ethan is manipulating her. That doesn’t last because Joyce confronts Ethan, and he says Sean is just jealous.

A Christmas Party happens, and Joyce and Ethan are back like nothing happened. Any excuse to get Teri Hatcher in a formal gown. They dance, and as they talk, Ethan starts forgetting his precious life. She pulls him to the lobby and tells him that he is a good man and needs to be back with his family. 

Santa shows up, and Ethan realizes that nothing matters more than his family. Ethan thanks (not his wife). Joyce got everything and flashes back to the train station. 

Ethan gets promoted anyway, and Joyce encourages Joyce to go back to law school. He signs his daughter up for soccer camp and tells his son that his baking is good. Everyone is happy the end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Akari, Sonia, Nina, 

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Overall rating

Christmas Feels

🎄🎄🎄🎄 (1 Christmas Tree)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine.)

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