My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend (2023 Lifetime)

My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Brianna Cohen, Rib Hillis, Revell Carpenter, Don Jeanes

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Maddie, a local reporter investigating a series of killings targeting similar looking women is caught off guard when her younger sister Olivia, is attacked in her own home. Urging on the side of caution, Maddie suggests they take a self-defense course. When Olivia starts to fall for their instructor, Maddie becomes skeptical when he refuses to reveal anything about himself, and tries to intervene before the relationship turns into a deadly obsession. Stars Brianna Cohen, Rib Hillis, and Revell Carpenter (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts with three sisters playing with a bouncy ball while singing a deranged lullaby about a Blue Bird. The bouncy ball bounces away, and the older daughter Marcia leaves the middle child, let’s call her Jan, and the baby sister, Abby. Abby gets kidnapped, and the sisters are in big trouble.  

Flash to grown-up sister, Maddie, not Marcia. She wakes up from a nightmare about when Abby was kidnapped as a child; Maddie calls her sister Olivia to remind her that it is the day of Abby’s kidnapping. 

Maddie works in journalism and is working on a story about a serial killer who targets blondes. Maddie and Oliva both happen to be blondes!!!! Maddie doesn’t get approval from her boss and works the story with her co-worker Kyle. 

Olivia gets attacked while in the shower, but she manages to get away. Olivia calls the cops and texts her sister “Blue Bird” emojis. (The symbol for trouble.) Olivia relies on her sister a lot and agrees when Maddie asks her sister to move in with her for safety. Maddie also asks Olivia to take self-defense classes.

In self-defense class, the hot instructor Hayden (Iconic Lifetime Actor Rib Hillis) takes a liking to Olivia and asks her to knee him in the crotch repeatedly. It’s love at first groin bashing.

Maddie continues to work on her story and gets notifications from dating apps from loser guys on (A creepy dating site name, but not far off from the online dating experience, TBH!) 

Olivia has Maddie join her in self-defense class, and Maddie goes in hard with the questions. She basically interrogates him about where he is from and how he got into self-defense. He takes out some aggression on Maddie, using her in a demo and injuring her wrist. It’s not a great first meeting!!!

Maddie is left home alone, while Olivia spends more and more time with Haden outside of class. She meets up with Jack from the dating app and HAS SEX WITH HIM IN THE BATHROOM!?!? (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! But Maddie, Maddie, Maddie!)

After her hook-up, Maddie comes home and finds her sister and Haden covered in blood?!?! It is not what you think. (Like, seriously, how could you think of this.) They hit a deer on their way to a night hike and moved the animal’s body to Haden’s garage. Maddie is horrified and judges her sister for going out alone with a strange man in the woods. (Ummm, did she forget about the bathroom sex?) 

Olivia goes on dates with Haden, and she recounts stories of when Maddie was overprotective of the guys she dated. Haden admits that he found Maddie in the back room of his studio snooping around. Olivia continues to explain about their sister’s kidnapping and murder. Haden is supportive and tells Olivia he wants to understand her and her sister’s behavior. (Like how she is spying on them IN the restaurant.) 

The next day Olivia tells Maddie that she is overstepping. Maddie says she doesn’t trust Haden or any man. The sisters argue about Abby and Olivia moving back into her apartment. 

Frustrated and alone, Maddie meets up with Jack for another bathroom hump session. He ruins the mood by busting out the handcuffs and joking about stealing her away. Maddie leaves upset. 

In the middle of the night, a hooded figure breaks into Maddie’s house and steals her designer purse. (Is the hooded figure me? This is my kind of crime; I love designer bags!!!) Then the intruder breaks into the garage, starts the car, and blares the horn. When Maddie goes to investigate, she sees her purse locked in the car, and while she distractedly tries to get into the garage, she is locked in a CO2 trap. 

Maddie quotes

“I’m trapped in the garage! Help!”

“Helpppp I’m trapped in the garage!”

She collapses on the ground, and a neighbor finds her and saves Maddie. The police investigate and ask her if she tried to kill herself. Olivia and Haden rush to help Maddie. He couldn’t be the intruder because he was with Olivia all night.

Maddie pretends to be on board with the new lovers. She even takes pictures of Haden and Olivia together at the dinner table. It appears to be all good until Haden knocks Maddie’s phone into the sink while doing the dishes. (Did he do it on purpose?) 

Kyle looks into Haden’s background for Maddie. He finds something and calls Maddie to meet him. Before they can meet, the intruder stabs Kyle with scissors. The hooded figure IS Haden, and Kyle found an article about Haden’s previous murder charges. 

Maddie finds the body and talks with a female detective. They have no leads, and the evidence Kyle found was destroyed. When the detective’s partner joins them, Maddie is surprised to see Jack from the bathroom sex is also working on the case! Maddie tells them about her suspicions about Haden. 

Jack talks with Maddie off the record and tells her that he is off the case. He tells her to lawyer up because all of the evidence points to her as Kyle’s murderer. (The scissors were hers and Haden has an Alibi again.) Then they make out. 

Haden takes Olivia on a road trip but kills the landlord and destroys Olivia’s phone before leaving. When Olivia realizes she forgot her phone, she wants to go back, but Haden explodes on her for being unable to disconnect. When they stop at a gas station, Haden forces Olivia to come into the store with him, and she realizes she is in trouble when the store clerk calls Haden David. Olivia goes to the bathroom and writes for help on a paper towel, and gives it to the store clerk. (It is a phone number and a picture of a BLUE BIRD!!! Hahaha! Just write help!)

The clerk calls Maddie, who is already freaking out because she found the landlord’s body. She rushes to help Olivia and calls Jack to tell him about Haden being a serial killer who targets blonde women. Maddie tracks down where Haden lives when she talks with the store clerk.

Olivia puts some of her defense moves to work and knees Haden in the face. She tries to run away, but he pulls a gun on her and tells Olivia to enjoy her new home. Then he locks her in the attic with a duffel bag of bones. 

While enjoying a nice dinner, Haden hears Maddie trying to sneak into the house. The sisters fight off Haden, and he beats them both very badly. 

When the sisters come to, Olivia finds herself locked in the attic. Maddie is surprised to see Jack arriving to save them, but Haden shoots him. Haden ties Maddie up and tells her that he will move on with Olivia and then reconsiders and wants both of them to bear his children.  

Olivia breaks free and shoots Haden dead. 

Maddie finally writes her story and starts dating Jack. They can talk about murder cases all they want together. Awwwwwww!

Side Note

Minority Report: Kyle, Police Officer, Detective, Charles, 


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  1. I feel like there was another movie on Lifetime fairly recently about a woman getting attacked by her self defense instructor.

    1. so what was the story with Maddie? Was she just some kind of sex addict? Did she like to screw strange men? Did they even address that? Was she some kind of nympho or something?

  2. Grace Patterson and Revell Carpenter look so much alike it’s ridiculous. Only difference is one has bigger boobs and the other has a deeper voice.

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