Bad Sister (2016 Lifetime)

Bad Sister (2016 Lifetime)

Cast: Alyshia OchseDevon WerkheiserRyan Whitney

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A Catholic school student has suspicions when one of the nuns begins acting creepily towards her brother. But she can’t tell anyone, because who would believe that a woman of God would do such a thing?


Jason Brady is a teenager vlogger/musician. (Which is maybe the worst combo.) His parents ship him off to a Catholic boarding school. They disagree with his musical aspirations, and he wrecked his father’s car. His sister Zoe also goes to school; I’m not sure why her parents hate her. Zoe prays to get into her school of choice and for God to help her brother.

Sister Sophia is a new nun at the school. Under her habit, she wears sexy lingerie and makeup. The headmistress, Sister Rebecca, shows Sister Sophia around. 

Jason ditches his friends to read the comments on his vlog. Meant2Be comments, “You get me.” Meant2Be is Sister Sophia, of course. She makes up with her laptop while watching his videos and then searches the school for the dork with a guitar. Sister Sophia flirts with Jason and has re-applied that makeup.

Sister Sophia notices the school hottie Sara flirting with Jason and gets aggressive and reassigns her seat in the class. Zoe reminds Sister Sophia that they haven’t done their morning prayer and sees that the new teacher doesn’t say the prayer with the students. When Sister Sophia sees Jason and Sara kissing on campus, she threatens Sara and then angrily clutches her crucifix leaving bleeding wounds in her hand. She licks off the blood like a cat. 

Jason visits Sister Sophia’s door room at her request and notices the door is ajar. He looks inside and sees Sister Sophia lathering up her lingerie-clad body with body oils. He is turned on but runs away. Then he fantasizes about her at night. Disturbed, he keeps his distance from Sister Sophia and asks his parents to take a year off from school and try his hand at music. That doesn’t go over well.

Sister Sophia continues to obsess over and stalk Jason. She stakes out his parent’s house while he away for the weekend and drinks whiskey angrily in her car when she overhears him talking to Sara. She then breaks into the girl’s dorm room and plants a joint in Sara and Zoe’s room. Zoe catches her and has the confirmation she needs that Sister Sophia is a BAD SISTER.

The joint turns up in Sara’s textbook, and the headmistress suspends her from school. The school conducts room searches and finds whiskey in Jason’s room. Sister Sophia planted so she could get him to stay the weekend and work in the yard.

The movie flashes back to Sister Sophia. “Getting her calling” or becoming obsessed with Jason, Killing the real Sister Sophia, and impersonating her. 

Over the weekend, Sister Sophia comes onto Jason while he is doing yard work. Then she sneaks into his dorm room and makes out with him while stripping down. He tries to stop her because he knows it is wrong, but he can’t resister her. Sister Sophia secretly films them having sex. (Because sleeping with an underage student isn’t bad enough!) The next morning she smells his shirt and is caught, again, by Zoe. 

Sister Sophia has none of that and frames Zoe to appear to be cheating on a test. Then she tries to get her suspended. Sister Rebecca is forgiving and gives Zoe another chance, but she shares Zoe’s concerns about the school’s newest teacher.

Jason goes to confession and says he regrets what he has done. The father leaves the booth, and it turns out to be Sister Sophia. They get it on in the confession booth. (Ummm, so did Catholics boycott this movie because it is wild and irreverent.) Jason goes to a party, and Sara tries to sleep with him, but all he can think about is Sister Sophia. 

Jason realizes that Sister Sophia is crazy after sleeping with her one more time. He calls Zoe for help. She doesn’t show up, but his father does. They come to an understanding, so that is nice.

Back at school, Jason finds Sister Sophia in his bed pretending to have an overdose. Jason gives her CPR, and she makes out with him. (Good thing he didn’t do chest compressions!) Then she grabs his junk and is very sexually aggressive. Sara’s suspension is over, and she is back in class. Sister Sophia kills Sara in the shower by banging her head against to wall. Then she drops a bar of soap on the floor, in the sloppiest murder cover-up ever. 

Jason’s family is out for dinner they run into Sister Sophia. Jason’s father invites her to join them, and Zoe starts firing off questions catching Sister Sophia in lie after lie. After dinner, Jason admits to Zoe that he has been sleeping with their teacher. He also is being blackmailed with the sex tape. Zoe tells Jason she thinks Sister Sophia isn’t who she says she is. 

The brother and sister break into Sister Sophia’s room and go through her computer and find a folder marked “Jason.” They find out her real name is Laura and take the info to Sister Rebecca’s office. She was unconsciously inside, knocked out by Sister Sophia. 

In the chapel, Sister Sophia confronts Zoe and Jason. Just as she is about to take them both out, Sister Rebecca jumps in to save them. The nuns punch one another, and eventually, Jason stabs Laura with a screwdriver. Killing her? Okay, just end the movie now. 

Graduation happens, and Jason plays the guitar while everyone listens, nodding politely. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Receptionist with no lines, cop,

I wish Lifetime had stuck to form and cast a hunky 27-year-old in Jason’s role instead of this teenage boy. Things were def a bit creepy. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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