A Wife’s Suspicion (2016 Lifetime)

A Wife’s Suspicion (2016 Lifetime)

Cast:  Andrea RothWoody JeffreysSebastian Spence

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A forensic investigator begins to suspect her new husband is the serial killer the police department has been hunting. This puts her and her ex-boyfriend — a detective on the case — in danger.


The movie starts with a woman named Renee rock climbing with her husband, Jack. Renee almost falls off a ledge, but her husband pulls her to safety and is surprisingly calm. 

Renee works in a CSI lab or something with her ex named Kyle. They crack a big case and go out for drinks to celebrate. Jack shows up in a sleeveless hoodie and seems like a jealous jock. Jack even keeps tabs on the nights that she works late. Their marriage is not one based on trust. 

Kyle and Jack look exactly the freaking same, and I am having a hard time telling them apart. They are both that 90’s nighttime soap, kind of hot. Not for me; I’m not into Ken dolls. Neither is Renee after she sees Jack cheating on her with another blonde woman. Renee confronts Jack when he comes home, and he tells her that everything is fine. They aren’t fine, of course. Renee starts trailing Jack around town to an anonymous narcotics meeting and taking DNA samples/fingerprints from wine glasses.

Case #52899 goes missing. A hacker must have erased the file… and Jack just so happens to work in tech when he isn’t lifting weights. 

Renee and Kyle start piecing things together and think they have a serial killer on their hands. Then the FBI (or something) shows up to investigate the breach. Detective Abbey discovers that Renee used police resources to do a background check on Jack. They think she is covering for Jack because he fits the profile of the serial killer. Jack is arrested, and Renee punches a punching bag to take out her frustration. 

Jack gets released from jail due to a lack of evidence. He claims someone is trying to frame him for the murders. Renne is not falling for that and does some CSI investigation with a comically large magnifying glass. She discovers that Tim (another guy in the lab) had DNA at the crime scene and was dating one of the victims. Tim is arrested next, and this movie is sooooo boring.

Renee finds a key to a storage unit, and inside are boxes of pictures with Jack and the victim. She also finds clothing a climbing gear used in the murder. It is all the evidence she needs to make an arrest. She heads to the rock climbing location from the beginning of the movie and sees Tim dead at the bottom of the cliff. Jack tries to claim that Tim kidnapped him and he is the killer; that is a lie. Jack is not intimidated by Renne when she puts up her dukes. She calls him a sociopath and throws him off the cliff.

Kyle and Renee go for drinks to celebrate a new promotion, and she looks great, so in the end, that is all that matters. They MIGHT go on a walking date sometime. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Abbey

Also known as Evidence of Truth

So not interested in police procedurals on Lifetime. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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