Break-Up Nightmare (2016 Lifetime)

Break-Up Nightmare (2016 Lifetime)

Stars:  Jennifer DorogiCelesta DeAstisFreeman Lyon |

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A girl finds her life and dignity being destroyed by perverts and criminals on a pornographic website, so she decides to fight back, but she has no idea who to trust anymore.


A young couple makes out to some 80’s power ballads. Rachel is more conservative, but her boyfriend Troy is more of an exhibitionist and very quick to objectify Rachel. He is kind of gross. They went to high school together but never noticed one another. He was a popular jock, and she was a nerd. He takes pictures of her while making out and pressures Rachel to take a sexy topless photo. 

Two weeks later, the photos haven’t been deleted after Rachel asks him to. Rachel and Troy argue about text messages and pictures. Barbara is Rachel’s protective and breaks it up. She literally drags Tory out by his hear and tells him never to come back. Troy calls Rachel fat. (WTF! This guy is garbage.) Rachel and Barbera cry and hug.

Rachel works at a diner with her friends Ryan and Sherry. A table of dudes harasses Rachel because they’ve seen her topless photos online on a revenge porn website. Rachel vomits when she finds out and then goes home to cry. She shows her mother the website. Barbara is disgusted, and slut shames her daughter. 

So does the rest of the town. Girls giggle as Rachel walks by, and creepy men are overly eager to hit on her. She can’t even go to the movies. 

Barb goes to the police. Who says there is nothing they can do because the photos are Troys property. (This is not true in 2020 46 States + DC + One Territory have Revenge Porn Laws ) Mother and Daughter are on their own and take matters in their own hands. When an unmarked van follows them, Barb drives defensively and then stands in the middle of the road. Then she blames her ex-husband for everything while Rachel smashes a laptop with a candlestick. (This movie is ridiculously bad.) Barb takes Rachel to church, and she is slut-shamed there too. 

With no one left to turn to, Barb meets with a consultant named Carole. Carole advises removing the pictures from image searches, and call the website host to shut down the site. Carole promises that the FBI is working on taking down the guy who runs the Ashton Banks website.

Ryan and Rachel confront Troy, who is fixing his motorcycle. Troy denies posting the pictures and says that it isn’t his problem. Then Ryan and Rachel listen to music in her room, while an intruder walks around the house touching photographs. Rachel calls the website and threatens Ashton Banks. He makes her the featured profile and makes threatening calls to Barbs’s phone. Then Rachel is attacked by the intruder and is spray painted in the eyes. The intruder bolts, but Barb tackles him. He also wrote “Whores” on the garage. The intruder is arrested, and Rachel is taken to the hospital. 

Rachel spends the next few scenes with gauze covering her eyes, but she makes a full recovery. Barb stays by her daughter’s side. Barb is put on administrative leave from work???? Troy gets arrested, and his mother attacks Barb. Carole is run over by the unmarked black van. Troy is released from jail and dies from an OD, Ryan disappears. Lots happening with very little suspense or emotional stakes. 

Barb and Rachel learn that Troy’s computer was hacked, and Ashton Banks has been illegally acquiring photos. Little do they know Ashton Banks has placed nanny cams in their house and live streams videos of Barb in her underwear. Ashton is arrested, and the website gets shut down. 

Rachel finds Ryan and is momentarily relieved. Then he chloroforms her and throws Rachel in his unmarked van. Ryan has been working with Ashton Banks the whole time. Barb follows the van because magically, she knew Rachel was duct-taped in the back. They end up in an abandoned farm. 

Barb sneaks around for far too long. She finds Rachel and starts to untie her, but is chloroformed by Ryan also. Mother and Daughter are both tied up. Barb tries to break free, and Rachel attempts to reason with Ryan. He punches her in the face and tells Rachel that she thinks she is better than everyone. Rayn strangles Rachel but is stabbed and headbutted by Barb, who breaks free. The police arrive on the scene and take Ryan away. Barb, her ex-husband, and Rachel hug as the camera pans out.

The two are welcomed back to church, Barb goes back to work, and Carole survived being run over! Randomly, Rachel plays the flute. While both Barb and Rachel get a text reading

“It will never end, Bitch! Love Ashton Banks.” (eye roll.)

Side Note

Minority Report: Sherry, Carole, Officer Sampson, Pastor, Paramedic, Principal Cervantes, police officer, 

This movie is so New Jersey I can’t even.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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