House of Darkness (2016 Lifetime)

House of Darkness (2016 Lifetime)

Stars:  Sara FletcherGunner WrightMykayla Sohn

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Inspired by true events, this supernatural thriller recounts the mysterious case of a San Francisco family who claimed that a dark force was responsible for the tragic events that unfolded. Trying to save their struggling marriage Kelly (Sara Fletcher), her husband Brian (Gunner Wright) and their daughter Sarah (Mykayla Sohn) move to a rural farmhouse in search of some serenity. Unbeknownst to them, nearly every family that has lived in the house has suffered some form of tragedy, dating back nearly 100 years. Shortly after their arrival, Kelly begins to sense that her husband’s behavior is growing increasingly strange and violent. Kelly also comes to discover the voices she’s hearing echoing through the halls, are not coming from her daughter. Will Kelly and her family be the next victims of the dark forces in the house?


1956- Trick or Treaters are going up to a scary house and are locked in, and they all scream. I can tell this movie is already too scary for me!!!!

2014- Kelly, Brian, and their daughter Sarah move into the house, and things are decidedly less scary. Especially because of the hot ass neighbors, Ellen and Clark. The marriage is rocky between Kelly and Brian. They say goodbye to their therapist in the city and promise to make video diaries for her to watch and keep tabs on them. Not surprisingly, Kelly makes the videos, and Brian does not.

Spooky things start happening in the house. Like their daughter popping out of nowhere in scary-ass costumes and things burn in the oven. There are also sounds of children playing, and Brian dreams he murdered his wife. Sarah is acting straight up possed, looks terrible, and decapitates her birds.

Kelly’s sister Jamie and her son stay with them, but the scary things keep happening. Kelly sees more kids in Halloween costumes, Brian spends time in the shed and see the neighbors walking around sexily and hooks up with the lady… or does he? Sarah is getting worse and worse.

The couple continues to vlog and blame each other for their unhappiness, not the spooky house! Kelly hires a psychic who confirms that the house is haunted and gets the hell out of there. Bees attack the psychic in the care. LIKE A LOT OF THEM.

Kelly tells Brian that they have to leave the house because something is wrong. Brian wants to say and open a restaurant. She calls him selfish.

Police come over and investigate some strange things happening in the basement with Sarah and a secret room. I was too scared to watch what happened, sorry, not sorry. The police tell the ghost story about the man who lived in the house and killed the trick-or-treaters. Another thing happened with a woman named Ruth Wallace, who killed her own children with rat poison. Kelly visits her in jail, and she has lost her mind from living in the house.

Kelly rushes home to save her family but finds Brian with an ax about to kill Sarah. The house catches on fire, and she runs to the neighbor’s house. They are not sexy; they are old people. Brian dies in the fire, and Kelly and Sarah move to a new town. Kelly talks to a police officer about what happened, and he doesn’t believe her. He accuses Kelly of killing her husband for a three million life insurance policy. 

A new family moves into the house. The goth daughter is scary enough for me. I had to stop it before the final jump scare. I’m sorry! I’m a fraidy cat!!!!

Side Note

Minority Report: Clark, Therapist, Police Officer, shopkeeper, correction officer, 

Not your typical Lifetime movie, much too scary for me. Probably an effective horror movie. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime


  1. I LOVED this movie. Sara Fletcher was on fire! I don’t like scary movies, so this was a stretch for me, but it was really worth it. I must admit, I underestimated Lifetime tv. I won’t do that again! I follow Sara’s career & she has played a lot of amazing roles since then as well.

  2. I’m really struggling to find any information out on this movie on how any of this is a true story. Every movie that I’ve ever seen that’s based off true events he has a backstory that’s easily accessible on the internet and for some reason there’s absolutely no information so I called CAP and it should just be called a fictional horror movie

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