I Didn’t Kill My Sister (2016 Lifetime)

I Didn’t Kill My Sister (2016 Lifetime)

Stars: Nicholle TomSharon TaylorChris William MartinGina Holden

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a popular TV newswoman is murdered during a nasty divorce from her co-anchor, her ambitious sister finds herself at the top of the list of suspects.


A woman named Carmen with an interesting hairstyle chugs wine while crying and watching herself hosting the news. Something else in that wine bottle is because the woman falls to the ground and struggles to get back up. Then, while unconscious, she is dragged to the pool and left to drown.  

Cut to two days earlier; Carmen was going through a messy divorce with her husband/new anchor co-star, Mason. Does Carmen have a blonde assistant named Heather who arranges Carmen’s botox? Heather and Carmen are sisters, but you couldn’t tell, they don’t act like it act all. Heather wants to be on air roo and practices in front of the green screen after everyone has left for the day. Mason sees her and gives her some advice, oh, and he hits on her. Later he kisses Heather while they are hiking? I guess they are friends.

Heather takes care of everything for Carmen, including her teenage daughter Brooke. Carmen wants to send her daughter to boarding school because she is a terror. Brooke is the one who finds the body in the pool, and that is a red flag. Pretty sure, Brooke killed her mom. 

Detectives arrive on the scene and question Heather. When Mason comes to the house and embraces Heather a little too long, the detectives start to suspect her and Mason. They advise her to get a lawyer, and Heather calls Sandra, Carmen’s lawyer. Mason also gives Heather some advice; he pumps the breaks on their relationship that he was pushing so hard.

Lois Summer takes over for Carmen’s new anchor spot and interviews Mason. Sandra is also on the news program and decides to represent Mason, meaning she can’t also represent Heather. (Who is now officially a suspect thanks to someone leaking information to the police.) Heather hires another lawyer named Wayne. (He also gets murdered, and Heather is the last one to see him.)

Detectives get a search warrant and find prescription pills that Heather picked up from the pharmacy. The pills were found in Carmen’s system. 

Heather and Mason drink wine and recap everything that has happened. Heather thinks someone is trying to frame her for her sister’s murder. Mason believes that his daughter is responsible for the killing. (So do I!) He wants to take the fall for a daughter, which is cute. Heather confronts an upset Brooke, and she denies seeing anything.)

The police are looking for Heather after Mason brings video footage to them. Heather runs around town; I think we see her entering and exiting building multiple times. Heather learns that her sister was an addict and in AA. 

Mason meanwhile is hooking up with his lawyer Sandra. (With his shirt on.) They orchestrated the whole thing. Sandra tells Mason to find Heather and kill her. He is resistant at first but then goes along with it. Heather witnesses the entire conversation and hookup with a camera on a selfie stick. Then she recruits Brooke to help her look into Sandra.

Heather puts on a blue baseball cap and breaks into the news studio. It is Mason’s first day back on the job. While they are live on air, Heather hacks the news feed behind the scenes. She produces a story and live broadcasts from a closet. Heather accuses Sandra of murdering Carmen because she loved Mason. Mason went along with it to pay off a gambling debt. 

Sandra and Mason find Heather before the police even think of looking for her. Sandra and Heather punch each other. Mason holds Heather down while Sandra grabs a pair of scissors. The police arrive just in time to stop Sandra from stabbing Heather to death.

Heather gets her own news show called the Person Report. It seems like a show where she just flirts with her guests. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Jerry. 

Also Known as Murder Unresolved. 

Daro production, not my fav production company.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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