Deadly Ex or Inconceivable (2016 Lifetime)

Deadly Ex (2016 Lifetime)

Stars: Natasha HenstridgeMarguerite MoreauJason Gerhardt

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman interprets a kiss at a high school reunion as an invitation to follow her ex across the country and supplant his current family


Valerie screams at a handsome man named Gary in a hotel room.

Cut to a few days earlier, Valerie gets tea while wearing a floppy and meets a yoga instruction in line named Jess. Val copies Jess’s order and promises to check out her yoga studio. Then Val follows Jess in her car. 

Val meets up with her ex-boyfriend Gary in a bar. (It is a high school reunion with no one else. Lifetime had a small budget for this one.) They talk about their unfortunate break up, and he talks about his family. (His teenage kids, Carissa and Zach.) They drink wine and share a small kiss. (Maybe more.) Then they have brunch the next day. Val messages him afterward to keep the connection going. 

Of course, Gary is married to Jess, and their relationship is strained due to money. They seem like they are on the road to separation. Late at night, Gary becomes “FaceFriends” with Val and messages her. 

Gary and Jess argue more about money and paying college tuition for Clarissa. Clarissa hears them talking about Divorce and gets upset. It throws her in her high school performance of Cleopatra, and she forgot her line. She blames Gary for everything and cries. (Wow, glad she is in the theater because this kid is DRAMATIC.) Val is also at the play and sneaks out before anyone can see her. Then she leaves a care package on their front doorstep for Carissa. Jess thinks it is strange that Val sent a gift. Jess asks to see a picture of Val and recognizes her from a yoga class.

Val sends Gary some suggestive photos, and she continues to message him. He asks her to stop because he wants to work on his marriage. He apologizes for leading her on. Val doesn’t get it and doesn’t want him to cut him out of her life, she wants to be friends and gets angry when he hangs up on her. Like speeding off and slamming the steering wheel angry. Then she shows up at his office and makes a partnership with his colleague. 

Jess talks to cleaners and learns that there is lipstick on his collar. Jess learns that Val is one of his clients, but he stopped working on her account because she was “too much.” Jess doesn’t understand because they need the money, and he should not be turning down work. 

Val messages the kids next and places doubts in their minds about their father. Jess learns that her husband kissed another woman and has been lying about everything. She kicks him out of the house. It is Gary’s turn to bang the steering wheel in anger. 

Gary checks into a hotel, and it is the same hotel that we saw at the beginning of the movie. Val meets him there in a trench coat. Gary calls Valerie out for all the things she has done. He wants nothing to do with her now. Valerie comes on to her and drops the trenchcoat. When he turns down her advances, Val freaks out on him and promises to make his life a living hell. The next morning Gary finds his wallet and key are missing.

Jess comes to the hotel, and Gary warns her that Val has keys to their house. While they are talking, Val is in their home looking at family photos and lying in their bed. He hides when the locksmith comes over and is not leaving the house anytime soon.

After her yoga classes, Jess comes home to take a shower and puts the kids to bed. Meanwhile, Gary is passed out in his car and not answering his phone. With the family asleep, Val comes out of hiding and grabs a knife.

While she is sleeping, Val jumps on top of jess with the knife and slashes her arms. Carissa runs into the room and tries to call 911 but is stabbed in the back. Jess tries to call 911 too, but is stabbed by Val again. Val tells the family to thank Gary for all of this. 

“You don’t just get to breaks someone’s heart and go on with your life. There are consequences for your actions!” Val creams while strangeling Jess with a yoga strap. (Haha!)

Zach manages to call his friend on facetime and tells him to call 911. (So that you know, you can now text 911.) Valerie bangs down the door with a hammer. Jess wakes up and fights to save her children. Jess pretends to faint and then stabs Val in the stomach. Then she really passes out.

Gary is finally home and sees his family slashed and bloody. Gary searches the house for Val and finds her by the pool. Val sneaks behind him and holds a knife to his neck. Police sirens are heard in the distance. She leaves him and dies in a bathroom? Wha?

The family is starting over and moving. Then end. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Pete, Antoni, Receptionist, 

The time jumps in this movie were so confusing.

Also Known as Inconceivable

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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