A Mother’s Escape (2016 Lifetime)

A Mother’s Escape (2016 Lifetime)

Cast: Beth GrantTara BuckBilly Blair

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Inspired by True Events, An abused wife and mother to a young boy escapes her violent husband and heads for California with her son. She soon learns that her husband has accused her of kidnapping and the law is in hot pursuit. Now a fugitive, she must risk her life and freedom to protect them both from this predator of a man.


Maurel drives down a rural dirt road while signing with her young son, Kipp, and hides her bruises. She stops at a gas station, grabs some snacks, and then ditches her car. Maurel and Kipp are on the run. They break into a house that belongs to Tess. (Played by the wonderful Beth Grant.) Tess finds them in her home and welcomes them with ice cream and beer. Tess is disappointed to see Maurel back, asking her for help. Maurel tells Tess about her husband, Tommy, who abuses her. 

In the middle of the night, Tommy sends a LAME cat meme to say he is sorry. Then she gets a call from another ex named Tommy, who is also apologizing. Tess catches Maurel being sweet-talked and hangs up on him and tells him not to call back. Then she gives her a convertible to drive to California. 

More road trip scenes happen. Tommy works with the police to put out an Amber Alert. A sheriff and his deputy follow their trail. Maurel stops at Kipp’s father’s house. Chet is an addict and on house arrest. She asks him to vouch for her and tell the police that Tommy is abusing her and Kipp. Then she steals his car. Chet follows through and tells the police when they question him. 

Maurel checks into a motel and hides Kipp in a duffel back to save money. The motel owner helps her with her bags and drops Kipp. Maurel is horrified, but Kipp is okay and calls the motel owner and idiot. The real idiot is Maurel because she leaves her son in the motel and goes to a bar to watch a handsome singer/songwriter. The motel manager goes all Norman Bates and sneaks into the room. Kipp hides under the bed, but he has his suspicions and calls the police.

The police arrest Maurel but Tess bails her out. With Kipp back in Tommy’s care, Maurel has no choice but to go back to him and enact revenge. She drugs him and tries to act like everything is fine. He overpowers her and rapes her. Maurel pulls a gun on him. She shoots him, and the sheriff shows up. The sheriff knows what is going on and lets Maurel make a run for it. This time they drive off and will never come back. 

Side Note

Also Known as Great Plains 

Minority Report: Cop


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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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