Mommy’s Secret (2016 Lifetime)

Mommy’s Secret (2016 Lifetime)

Stars:  Charisma CarpenterSarah GreyAmos Mitchell 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a teenage girl discovers her own mother is behind the recent rash of nearby bank robberies, she’s determined to help her come clean


Denise plays soccer while her mother, Anne, robs a bank. Who is having more fun? Hard to tell. Anne is in full-on disguise, including a painfully obvious goatee. (Carisma Carpenter is too beautiful to pass as a man.) She gets the money and speeds off on a bike but is hit by a car. Anne doesn’t care and drags the bike and her beat-up body to the soccer game. 

Denise is disappointed that her mother misses another game and instead spends time with her wannabe reality star BFF, Brooke. Kyle, Denise’s stepbrother, stops by the game to “borrow money for a haircut.” When she gets home, Denise finds her mother baking. Anne apologizes for missing the game and hides her robbery clothes in the trash. Denise notices something is wrong with her mother because I don’t know she got hit by a car!!!

In the middle of the night, Denise is woken up by Anne and Kyle, arguing over his gambling problem. (And probably Anne’s bank-robbing.) Denise starts to realize her family is in financial distress. When she brings it up to her mother, Anne promises everything will be fine. Then she goes to work as a hairdresser and avoids the cops.

At school, Denises’s friend Brooke tells her that her mom was at the bank when it was robbed. Brooke and Anne are soccer moms together, and Brooke’s mom might have recognized Anne. 

Anne meets with a hunky bad guy who assigns her to her next mark. The hunky bad guy is blackmailing Anne by using her Son’s gambling debts against her. Anne is such an accomplished bank robber that she is in high demand. 

In the same goatee, with a different hat, Anne robs another bank. Little does she know is that her daughter is also at the bank ATM getting out money. They run into each other in the parking lot. Denise is confused about why her mom was by the bank. Then she searches the police evidence and recognizes the bank. Maybe, Denise is catching on? I’m not sure.

At a soccer game, Anne is approached by the hunky bad guy. He is angry at her for losing the bike and leaving evidence. Other soccer moms are noticing Anne talking to such a hunk and getting jealous. Denise sees too and thinks her mom has a new boyfriend. (Her father died a year ago, sad.) The hunky bad guy gives Anne her next bank mark. 

Denise follows Kyle to a sketchy gambling place where all the men have beards, and Hunky Bad Guy is there. Denise watches Kyle lose $5000 and drags his ass out of there. Kyle explains that he is trying to provide for the family since their dad died. He was winning, and then he lost and lost until he couldn’t get himself out of the hole.

Anne goes back to the bank that was robbed, which happens to be the bank that she banks with. When she gets the same teller, Anne gest freaked out and leaves. Hunky Bad Guy wants her to do one more bank robbery.

Denise tells Brooke and Kyle about her suspicions about her mother robbing banks. Denise looks through her mom’s phone, finds the next target, and borrows Brooke’s car to trail her mother on the job. 

Anne gets caught by detectives who watched the whole thing. They tell Kyle who is upset that his mother was lying to him. Detectives tell Denise to keep things business as usual; they will use Anne to get to the Hunky Bad Guy.

Anne explains how she met the Hunky Bad Guy and got involved with the bank-robbing thing. It was all to help Kyle. Denise seems overwhelmed and is being watched by a detective at all times, even while she is at school. (Not obvious at all!) 

While she is in the bathroom, Denise’s detective gets murdered. Then she is chloroformed and dragged away to an airplane hanger. Anne is also forced to the hanger by the Hunky Bad Guy. He talks about her betraying him and forces them all to a helicopter. As the women are being taken away, they fight back. The lady detective and her police friends arrive and arrest Hunky Bad Guy.

Later, Anne and Kyle finally make it to one of Denise’s soccer game. She scores a goal and could be seen by a recruiting scout! They are one big happy family, but I feel like Anne, and Hunky Bad Guy are destined to be together.

Side Note

Minority Report: Bank tellers, coach, Brooke, Detectives, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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