Forgotten Evil (2017 Lifetime)

Forgotten Evil (2017 Lifetime)

Cast: Masiela LushaKyle McKeeverAdrian BustamanteAngie Teodora Dick

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman with amnesia tries to restart her life until the past comes back to haunt her.


Jane Doe is stuffed into a burlap sack and thrown overboard by a boat. She surfaces alive and is taken to the hospital, where she is horrified to learn that she has amnesia. She can’t remember her friends or family and feels like she never existed. Oh and she has been in a coma for six months. Nurse Mariah promises that they will find out who she is. 

In the hospital, Jane Doe feels like she will never regain her memory. She feels like she is being watched and followed. Jane runs into a handsome man named Randy, who is in the hospital visiting his mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Randy encourages Jane to pick whatever name she likes best if she can’t remember. She picks Renee and is discharged shortly after. Dr. Mariah agrees to take Renee in to help get her new life started. On her way out, Renne asks Randy out on a coffee date. 

Renee gets settled in Mariah’s house but will feel like someone is following her. She shares her concerns with her therapist, who suggests hypnosis. Mariah tells Renne that based on her injuries when she came into the hospital, there was evidence that she was abused. Mariah also suffered from growing up in an abusive household. She agrees to get a home security system and promises that she won’t let anything happen to Renee. 

While waiting for a ride, Renee runs into Randy again. She invites him to dinner with her and Mariah. The dinner is at a karaoke bar, and Renee remembers the words to a song. She badly sings on stage with Randy and has fun until she sees someone in the crowd who spooks her. Randy takes Renee outside to calm her down, and they kiss. 

Mariah encourages Renee to keep looking into her past. They go by the water she was found at, and it sparks memories for Renee. They also happen to be right next to a boat with the name Renee painted on it. 

As the therapist is closing up for the day, he is attacked by someone with a hoodie. He is killed, and Renee blames herself. Is it someone from her past trying to stop her from remembering? Then Renee is fired from her job when racy pics of her in bondage show up on her desk. 

Randy picks Renee up, and she tells him that she thinks someone is after her. Randy listens to her and is excited when she calls him her boyfriend. He offers to have Renee stay with him instead of Mariah. 

At a coffee shop, a bald man approaches Renee with a picture of herself. Randy comes to her defense, but the bald man reveals that he is a private investigator hired to find her. Renee calls the sheriff, who looks into the man himself. Randy tracks down the PI first and runs him off the road. He torchers the man until to find out who hired him. Once he finds out who it is, Randy kills him. 

Mariah lets Renee move in with Randy in his remote cabin. She makes Randy promise to keep Renee safe. At work, Mariah sees a man with Randy’s mother and assumes it is his brother. Unfortunately, the man says that he doesn’t have a brother. Mariah texts Renee to warn her, but she is too late; Randy sees the text messages come in. 

Randy shows up at Mariah’s place and asks her why she is looking into Renee’s past. He finds a folder labeled Veronica and tells her to stop looking into it. Mariah makes a run for it, and Randy attacks her. They fight, but Mariah manages to outsmart Randy and calls the Sherriff. They rush to save Renee.

At the cabin, Renee’s brother Jensen tells her that she is Veronica and Randy is her abusive husband who tried to kill her. Renee doesn’t believe him, and both men shoot each other, then they run into the woods. Jensen tries to reason with Randy. Renee doesn’t know who to believe until her brother pulls her out of the line of gunfire. 

Renee/Veronica finally remembers who she is, but it is too late. She is in the car with Randy, and they are going to dump Jensen’s body on the dock. She accidentally calls Randy by his real name, and he knows she remembers. Randy ties her up to this bed and handcuffs her. Telling her that he gave her everything and she never loved him.

By basically dislocating her wrists, Renee gets out of the handcuffs and escapes. She tries to fight Randy off as he throws her in a burlap sack just like last time. Renee ends up getting out of that too and kicks Randing in the face and into the water, where he drowns. She shoots off a flare gun and is rescued. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Sherrif, Nurse Mariah, 

Written and directed by Anthony C. Ferrante of Sharknado fame. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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