Mommy Be Mine (2018 Lifetime)

Mommy Be Mine (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Arianne ZuckerAva LocklearSierra Pond 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A psycho killer teenage girl will stop at nothing to replace her dead mother’s love


We start in the suburbs; A woman is coming home with some groceries and is nagging her daughter Courtney. Only, Courtney is dead, as she tries to resuscitate her daughter she is stabbed in the back,

Six months later, in another suburb. Another mother, Lianne, is dropping off her daughter, Summer, at school. Summer is blonde and beautiful, as you would expect. She opens her car door and hits a new girl named Cara, whose mom recently died. Summer has a boyfriend named Jason and a BFF named Tori. They are all bad at Spanish, wear chokers (are those back?), and hate their parents. Cara offers to help Summer with her Spanish homework.

Tori and Summer have best friend necklaces, and I’m pretty sure that Cara is jealous of Tori and vice versa. Cara has a necklace too; it isn’t a half heart. It is a rose. Lianne comes home and invites Cara to stay for dinner after she learns that her mother passed away, and then later, she allows her to spend the night. As she is getting ready for bed, Cara gets a glass of water and calls Lianne’s Mom, in a joking way. (But not really.) Then she watches her while she sleeps.

The next morning, Cara makes breakfast for everyone. Lianne yells at Summer when her flash drive goes missing. Cara recovers the file and smooths things over. Summer gets a bit jealous and talks trash on Cara with Tori and Jason at the cafe she works at. Cara shows up, and Jason offers her a ride, Cara puts the moves on him, and he freaks out. 

Lianne gets off work early and sits by the pool in her backyard. She is surprised to see Cara when she stops by. The two talk about Summer’s father’s death and how Summer is coping with the loss. Summer comes home early from work and is cold to Cara. It upsets Cara, and she cries to Lianne about missing her mom. Lianne holds her in her arms and is very maternal. 

Jason gives Cara a ride again, and she hits on him. This time he pushes her off of him, and Cara doesn’t like that. Cara sets Jason up to look like he was cheating with a girl named Alexis. When Alexis’s boyfriend, Scott, confronts him on the quad, Summer realizes her boyfriend is a jerk and breaks it off with him. Tori throws a party to cheer up her BFF.

The party happens, and it is a pool party. Things get out of hand, and the police show up. Lianne was working later and didn’t supervise her daughter. She was too busy macking on her hunky co-worker to parent her daughter. Lianne picks up her daughter and Tori from the police station and grounds her daughter forever.

Cara seizes the opportunity to attempt to get more quality time with Summer, but really with Lianne. Summer denies Cara’s study buddy request, but She interrupts the mother-daughter bonding night with cupcakes. Summer slams the door in Cara’s face and Lianne tells her to be kind to Cara.

Rejected, Cara walks home and slams the cupcakes on the ground while screaming. While she is out, Tori ransacks her place and finds some old photos and a closet full of pictures of Summer. Then she finds an old ID and article about a murder. Cara catches her snooping through her things and kills her. 

The next morning as Lianne and Summer back out, the driveway the drive over Tori’s body. Summer screams and thinks they killed her. The autopsy tells a different story and shows that Tori has been dead for hours while being interviewed by detectives; they rational that she must have fallen off the roof.

Cara stops by and apologizes to Summer for her loss. Then she gives Summer a BFF necklace, and it is real gold! Summer calls Cara a psycho and tells her to leave her house. (They have only known each other for a week. Cara is coming on way too strong.) Lianne is horrified at her daughter’s behavior. Cara leaves and cries while tearing up a picture of the mother and daughter.

If she can’t bond with Summer, Lianne is the next best thing. Cara talks to Lianne about Summer blowing up at her frequently. Cara says that Summer has changed and probably on drugs. Lianne tells Cara that she is way out of line and kicks her out as well. Lianne goes through Summer’s backpack and finds drugs. (That Cara planted.)

Lianne sets up a coffee date with Cara; she apologizes for her outburst. She was right about Summer. The meeting is cut short when Lianne’s hunk co-worker shows up. Cara bolts out of there angrily. She follows the man to his office and kills him, steals a file, I’m not sure. Why ever she is there, it is for a shady reason. 

Summer does some “Querioo Searching” and looks into Cara’s background. She recruits Jason and apologizes to him. Summer shows him an article she found of a highschool girl murdered from Cara’s hometown. The girl in the photo is wearing a rose necklace, just like the one Cara wears. Summer sets the GPS to go to Cara’s old high school, but Cara sees the address on her phone and knows what is up.

At the old high school, Summer talks with a theatre geek named April. Her story is very similar to Summer’s. Cara also stalked April’s sister. She is convinced that Cara killed her sister and mother. April calls the detective who was working on her case and tells Summer to be careful. When Summer leaves, Cara kills April with a hammer. Theatre is a dangerous place! 

Summer learns of April’s death when she comes home and knows that she is in trouble. She calls 911, but get hit in the head with a participation trophy. Summer is thrown in the back of a car and locked in an abandoned garage. Jason finds her somehow and tries to rescue her. He also gets hit in the head.

Realizing that her daughter is missing, Lianne looks around the house and finds a note staying that Summer ran away. Lianne calls Cara to see if she knows where Summer is. Then she calls her co-worker Steve to help her.

Summer and Jason wake up bound and gagged. Cara tells them her plan to stage a murder-suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Cara says Summer should have appreciated her mother at the room fills up with fumes. Cara leaves them to die and visits Lianne to help her “look for Summer.” Lianne tells Cara to stop calling her mom. 

Scott, Cara, and Lianne go looking for Summer, and they find her. Scott begins to untie Summer but is beat with a bat. Cara then wrestles with him and suffocates him with plastic. (DAYUM!) Lianne walks in on the scene, and Cara calls her mom again. She is insisting that she is her daughter. Cara is about to kill Lianne for not loving her, but Summer stabs her before she can kill again. Police don’t find Cara’s body. She has gotten away again.

Summer is going away to college, and Steve proposes to Lianne. They are all moving on. You know who is not moving on is Cara. She finds her next victim in a grocery store parking lot. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Scott, detective, police officer.

Marvista flick

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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