Til Ex Do Us Part (2018 Lifetime)

Til Ex Do Us Part (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Kelly SullivanAnna Van HooftDan Payne

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Just when their separation is coming to an end, and Kyle and Sophia have recommitted to each other, Sophia is accused of assaulting her husband’s “friend,” Claire, a woman he slept with once. In reality, however, Claire is engineering a series of attacks against herself to frame Sophia and keep Kyle for herself. When the ruse falls apart, Claire makes a direct attack on her rival.


Based on true events. 

A brown-haired woman is driving through the woods when her car breaks give out. The woman jumps out of a car before the car crashes. Police burst into an office and remove a blonde woman for attempted murder.

Flash to one month earlier, the blonde woman’s name is Sophia, and she has a teenage daughter, Emma. Her husband is moving back in, and they are thinking about getting a puppyβ€”one big happy family. 

Kyle was staying with their old neighbor, Claire, and they hooked up once. Before Kyle moves out, Claire tells him that she is pregnant with his child. Kyle is confused because it was only one time, but he has to tell his wife Sophia, who is outraged and calls off the family reuniting.

Claire isn’t letting Kyle go easily. She starts claims to be getting threatening text messages from an unknown number and accuses Sophia of coming after her. Then Claire is “hit in the head” by an attacker that she claims was Sophia. 

Sophia hires a lawyer when she gets implicated in the attack. The lawyer is hot AF. (She should date him.) Oh, and she does. They go out to dinner and are having a lovely time until Claire interrupts them and accuses Sophia of harassing her. Then Sophia goes to Kyle and tells him to handle his baby mama. Kyle doesn’t want to be in the middle of anything, which is a typical man’s behavior because he put himself in this situation. (Well, his penis did, I guess.)

In yoga class, Sophia is not feeling very Zen when Claire shows up. Later, someone is filming Claire in the shower? I’m not sure what is going on. The video is posted on a website, “Take me, I’m Yours.” Men start showing up at Claire’s house, looking for a good time. (Kyle punches one of them in the face.) Claire tells Kyle that Sophia filmed her and posted it on a shady website. (Really it was Claire filming herself, and she posted using Sophia’s laptop which was left in the locker room.) 

We are only a half-hour in, and this is WILD! Kyle gets arrested for assault, and he gets out on bail. Kyle gets suspended from work. (Can we talk about how much of a Zaddy Kyle is? Can we get a shirtless scene with him, please?)

If I haven’t mentioned it, Sophia is training for a marathon. (Like most white ladies in their 40’s.) Claire sees Sophia training and runs her off the road with her car. Speaking of cars, Claire tries to convince Kyle (who is having money issues.) to give his daughter a car for her sixteenth birthday. They test drive an old convertible together, against Kyle’s better judgment. 

On the drive, Emma talks about Jake, a boy that she likes. Claire gives Emma a motivational speech and encourages her to text Jake and invite him to her birthday party. Emma is thrilled when he responds that he will come. The mood in the car turns icy when Claire “accidentally” mentions that she is pregnant with Kyle’s baby, and Emma is going to be a big sister. Emma storms off and now hates both her parents for lying to her. Emma forgives them when Kyle buys her a car with a big red bow.

Rachel (Sophia’s BFF) sees Claire in a bar doing shots with Nick, a redheaded man. Then she starts looking into Claire’s OBGYN and finds out her name is Jessica Johnson. Rachel calls Jessica’s mother and learns that she is unable to have children. Claire’s mother tells her about Rachel calling, so Claire/Jessica finds Rachel at the gym and drowns her in the hot tub. RIP Rachel, we hardly knew you.

When Sophia learns of Rachel’s death, she brushes her daughter’s hair and says that she didn’t know Rachel for THAT long, which is so rude. Rachel was trying to help Sophia and even found good intel that never made it to Sophia. Claire shows up at Sophia’s house and makes her tea mixes with sleeping pills. 

Sophia passes out, and Claire texts herself from Sophia’s phone. Then she dresses up like Sophia and tampers with her own car to make it look like Sophia tried to kill her. Then she drives her car and crashes it making sure to injury her belly with a rock so she can claim she had a miscarriage. (This lady is the WORST!) All this happens, and Kyle doesn’t believe his wife could be capable of doing this. 

A detective arrives at Sophia’s house to get her story. Sophia explains that she was drugged, and it is a setup. The hot lawyer believes Sophia and works with her to prove her innocence. Sophia asks one of Claire’s co-workers about her. That co-worker spills the tea! She talks major shit, and I think Jennifer is a hero. The woman also gives her the address to Claire’s mother’s house.

In Claire’s mother’s house, Sophia finds photos of families with the matriarchs cut out and replaced with Claire’s face. There are also files about a murdered family. On her way back into town, Claire calls the hot lawyer and the meet up to review all the documents. 

Dreams do come true because Kyle takes a shower. He misses a call from his wife, and Claire gets to his phone first. Emma sees a text from her mom and knows that Claire is dangerous and tells Kyle. They rush to Sophia’s house.

They better hurry because Sophia is held at gunpoint by claire. The women wrestle over the gun dramatically, and it goes off. Claire is shot and tries to lie one last time to Kyle, saying Sophia is crazy. He isn’t buying it this time.

Sophia runs her marathon and gets a dinky little participation medal 

Claire is put in prison and fixates on Ryan, her caseworker. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Rachel, Evan, business people, and Jennifer.

Also known as The Sweetheart

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2018 Lifetime

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