Zombie at 17 (2018 Lifetime)

Zombie at 17 (2018 Lifetime)

Cast:  Laurie FortierCeleste DesjardinsSeamus PattersonSophie Gendron

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

With the exception of losing her older sister in a hit-and-run, 17-year-old Tia Scott has had a pretty normal life. That is until she starts exhibiting strange symptoms and realizes she’s caught a virus that’s slowly turning her into a zombie. Desperate to find a cure, the only person she trusts is a loner at school, Flynn, a self-proclaimed expert in all things paranormal. But Tia’s life gets even worse when a friend of her boyfriend, Connor, is murdered. Tia knows that Connor’s friend Jason is involved but going to the cops makes her a target, and with the clock ticking until Tia’s too far gone to recover, she enlists the help of her mother Kate and a reclusive doctor in hopes they’ll stop the disease before Jason finds out she’s the snitch.


Seventeen year old, Tia Scott is running around high school frantically. She was in a car accident with her sister, who died. Her memories are fading, and she looks like she needs a nap. Her mother (Played by Lifetime Legend Laurie Fortier) is worried about her daughter… because she is a zombie. 

Tia researches her condition during the day, and at night, she goes to clubs with her friend. Someone owes someone else money, it is so dark, and I don’t actually care. Tia uses her zombie powers and overhears the men talking. They go into the alley to have a conversation where Riley is MURDERED over $3000. 

In science class, Tia steals some organs from a frog in dissection and eats them. Her body temp keeps dropping, and can’t feel cold. None of this seems to worry her that much, and she focuses her energy on solving Riley’s murder… because why not! 

Tia works with a macabre teen named Flynn. He shows her better resources for Zombie info. Cue a doing research montage! They find another teen who has zombie symptoms. He cuts his arm to show them that he has no blood and warns them that it will only get worse. So will her craving for BRAINS!

Sophie Gendron, forever a Lifetime friend/coworker, never the lead, makes an appearance in this movie. This would almost make this movie worth a watch if it weren’t so stupid. 

Tia comes clean to her mother about her zombie condition, and Kate is like, sure. Kate takes time off work to find the scientist who can help cure her condition. (She also cooks her brains for dinner!) Flynn takes Tia to his Dr. Dad, who runs labs. He also takes the news that she is a zombie at face value and hooks her up with a university study. 

The guy who murdered Riley comes after Flynn and steals his research on Tia’s Zombie symptoms. Tia comes after the guy and has freaky zombie strength. She vows to save Flynn, solve the murder, and cure her zombie symptoms. Kate is her chaperon and drives her around. 

Kate and Tia find the scientist who knows the cure, but he can’t remember and asks Tia to eat his brain to learn the truth. They are interrupted by the murdered guy and his girlfriend. Tia takes them out with her zombie strength and eats the scientist’s brain with chopsticks. 

Tia is cured of being a zombie. The end! 

Side Note

Zombies were over when this movie was released. Any reairing is going to feel super dated. 

Minority Report: Sierra, Teacher, Riley, Detective Laurie

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺ (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2018 Lifetime

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