Christmas Perfection (2018 Lifetime)

Christmas Perfection

Stars: Caitlin Thompson, James Henri-Thomas, Robbie Silverman

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)
As a kid, Darcy (Caitlin Thompson) had no control over her family’s holidays and thus, has grown up to be a Christmas control freak – so much so that she loses sight of what the holidays actually mean. Suddenly, she finds herself magically transported into her idea of the perfect Christmas Village and learns that “perfection” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Ww start off in a flash back, young Darcy is wrapping presents and has to leave her room because he parents are fighting, She leaves the house with her friend Brandon to get away from the drama and dreams of Christmas in Ireland.

In the present, adult Darcy works for a Christmas card company. She is a artist and has a crush on her boss. She is planning a Thanksgiving dinner and wants everything to be perfect for the holidays. She is still friend with Brandon (who helps old ladies with their groceries.) and both her parents will be over for dinner. (Her mom is Irish, like full Irish accent.) and her father is a dorkey midwest guy. The Thanksgiving goes less than perfect. Darcy burns the turkey, sluts shames her mom for bringing a store bought pie. Everyone talks about their favorite imperfect Christmas, and Darcy.wants one Christmas where nothing goes wrong.

Brandon stays over to help Darcy decorate for Christmas, but on after it turns 12:01am. They build a little Christmas village and Darcy lays out her perfect village. When brandon tries to change the layout she tells at him and he storms off. Darcy breaks a post office  in the village and goes out at 2 in the morning to replace it. The store she used to window shop at is open and she buys an Irish post office. She tells the shop owner she loves the store and the shop owner giver her a free ceramic person for her village that looks just like her. Darcy wishes for the perfect Christmas and goes to bed.

Darcy wakes up and her alarm clock is different. She is in a house completely. She grabs a candle stick and goes downstairs. Darcy finds her parents who are both irish now.(Her dad’s accent is hilarious.) They give her waffles and hot coco. She tells them that they are “Punking” her? The parents are like, no… It’s Christmas and it is Christmas everyday in Christmas Town.

Darcy runs outside and realizes that she is in her Christmas Village. She is VERY VERY happy about that. The Christmas perfection continues, when she opens presents and gets everything she wanted. (Including the coat her figurine was wearing from the store.)  She sees a little girl who wants to give her gingerbread and she says no. Her boss, Tom is also in the village and he is her boyfriend. (He also has an Irish accent) He takes her on a horse drawn carriage in the snow. They go to the pub and Irish dance, make Christmas sweaters, and play in the snow. Then they drink wine and play piano before Christmas family dinner. (Which is amazing and Darcy can eat whatever she wants because you can’t gain weight in Christmas Town.) Carmen (Darcy’s BFF and co-worker) is mayor in town, and maybe isn’t her BFF in this town. (She does have a terrible accent and mediocre singing voice.) Darcy ends the night with Tom and they kiss and he gives her Jewelry.

Back in the real world. Brandon goes to the shop to buy a new village piece to say sorry to Darcy for fighting. The shop owner gives him a figurine that looks just like him….

Darcy wakes up in Christmas Town and it is Christmas. She knows the rules and is milking it for everything. She eats all the waffles, opens presents and is less surprised, she takes a gingerbread from a little girl, see Tom at the same spot and they go on another carriage ride, they make sweaters, and go to the pub, eats all the dinner, and ends the night with a kiss and jewelry gift.

Brandon goes to see Darcy but she is nowhere to be found. He knows where the hideaway key is and he puts his figurine next to hers. Then he finds her phone with 17 missed calls and is very worried about her.

Darcy wakes up and wants to break up the monotony of perfection. She ditches waffles and presents with her parents and goes to the store. She goes on a shopping spree, because money just appeared in her coat pocket. She buys so much stuff that she can’t see where she is walking and bumps right into Brandon. He is very confused and blames some bad curry he are last night. Darcy tells him the rules of Christmas town and shows him how perfect things are. Tom shows up and is less than excited when Darcy asks him to skip the carriage ride for today. The three go eat waffles with her parents and the go one a carriage ride the three of them, haha.They go to make sweaters and then do some Irish dancing. Tom and Brandon have a dance off.

Brandon is a critical of Darcy and she tells him to ho away, but he can’t because he is trapped in the town. Darcy goes to get her goodnight kiss from and Jewelry from Tom but she accidently calls him Brandon.

The next perfect day. Darcy goes over and apologizes to Brandon. He takes her to a magical deer forest. They walk around and talk about how they went on a hiking date but were both too nervous to act on their feelings. While hiking Darcy almost falls and Brandon catches her and they almost kiss. They go back to the house to warm up by the fire and want to watch TV, but it is only yule log TV. Darcy draws him… naked. (Just kidding.) They almost kiss again and are interrupted by her parents and Tom who are confused as to where she was. They can’t understand why she would want anything to be different than perfect.

Another perfect day, Darcy goes to lunch with Carmen and tries to talk things through. Carmen is not getting it. Darcy and Brandon talk too and she tells him that she is with Tom. Brandon tells her that it isn’t real and he is only putting up with it because of Darcy and he loooov… He starts talking REAL talk with her and is sucked away into a black hole.

Darcy cries and tries to explain it to Tom, who just wants to get back to the routine. Darcy picks a black sweater and isn’t having any of it. She doesn’t dance and makes the snowman a unicorn. She wants to order Chinese for Christmas. At the end of the night she asks Tom is this is all boring to him, he says it is a dream come true.

The next day, Darcy makes her parents go to the pub and is frustrated that no one makes decision in this life. She also pushes Tom to let her drive the carriage and when he steers them back on track she attempts to curse and can only say Christmas words instead of swears. “Frost You!”  “Gumdrop” and “Stocking Stuffer”

Darcy has decided that she has had enough and attempts to escape. The next morning she steals someone’s car and drives out of town. Every road she drives down is obstructed. Walls start popping up all over town any place she tries to escape. Darcy freaks out on the gingerbread girl and make her cry.

The shopkeeper shows up and tells her she is the to going back home, all she needs to do is figure out what she really wants.

Darcy’s parents find her crying and they don’t understand why hot cocoa won’t fix her being upset. She tells them that she missed the real them and all their imperfections.

Darcy stays in bed for days and refuses to leave her room. Tom comes and tells her that he is worried about her and he just wants to fill her with comfort and joy. He has an idea. She gets all dolled up as “Miss Christmas” with a sash and everything. Tom takes her to the place where terrible carolers and they dedicate a concert to her.

Darcy flashes back to her imperfect, but totally fine memories and realizes that her life just may have been perfect the way it was before. Her thoughts are interrupted by Tom who proposes with a snowflake ring. Darcy says no. She tells him that perfect is not about how something looks it is about how something feels. She wants reality. Her opinionated mom, her dad who laughs to loud, and her friend who doesn’t have terrible accent. She gives a speech and a portal opens and she falls through, like the darkplace.

In the real world, Darcy runs to find Brandon. (She is still in her gown and Christmas town sash.) She apologizes for being afraid of change and afraid of losing him. She tells him that she loves him. They kiss

Darcy has everyone over for Christmas dinner and isn’t perfect But Carmen and Tom are both wearing ugly sweater and will be in love soon! They eat non-turkey Christmas and Darcy lets go of her Christmas Village to wreak havoc on another poor soul… MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Side Note

Minority Report: NONE

This might be called Christmas Perfection, however the carolers singing is way off key.

Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 ( 5 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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