Santa’s Boots (2018 Lifetime)

Santa’s Boots

Stars: Megan Hilty  & Noah Mills

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Holly’s family’s department store might close down soon, so she decides to help out when she goes home for the holidays. She falls for the handsome man working as Santa, but then he disappears out of nowhere. It’s like a more realistic Cinderella story, only it’s Santa’s boot instead of a glass slipper


Set in Seattle and references Sleepless in Seattle in the first 5 seconds? I’m in for this movie!

Holly works a lot and has 41 days of unused vacation time. Her boss gives the holidays off, like from before Thanksgiving for New Years. Without any context, Holly is in her hometown? I think. Then she meets her BFF and very young dad at the place where they work, maybe a department store, maybe it is called Montell’s? She just flew in and is ready to visit.

Nick works at Christmas tree farm and is about to turn 35. He is supposed to take over the business but his uncle and him get in an argument. He has a girlfriend (I think) who also works at the Christmas tree farm. When Nick’s buddy come by with pizza, Nick decides that he would like to become the town Santa. To prove he can be a good Stanta, puts on a red robe and shaving cream beard. His friend is like… you’re fucking crazy, but agrees to bring him on for the season.

With Holly back in town, her young Mom and Dad want her to find a man and bring him home for the holidays. They also want her to get a date to the Christmas Ball (which also happens to be her birthday.) Holly and her BFF are hanging out at work (The BFF keeps trying to get Holly to sing.) They meet Nick and put him to work, when an elf gets sick Holly gets dressed up (with special red boots) and they work together to make kids happy. They are a good team.

While on a break, Holly tells Nick that she loves his boots, everyone is complimenting him on his boots actually. Santa takes off his santa suit to eat a sandwich and he is dead sexy in a tight tank top. We spend some more time at the Mall or Department store or wherever this job is, it is very unclear. Holly being at the store has boosted sales, which is good because they are $40,000 in the red. (Holly, makes a point not to tell Nick that he dad owns the store.)

Back at his shop, Nick and his girlfriend have a conversation as to if he is taking over the Christmas tree farm or not. The girlfriend gives Nick an ultimatum, he can either come back to the Christmas Tree farm or break up. They decide to break up. Conveniently.

We get a montage of Holly and Nick decorating Santa’s village. The two share their back story. She has lived a privileged life and is a cyclist. He has two dead parents and works at a Christmas tree farm. The store Santa Village is a huge success.

Holly’s dad gets an offer to sell his store but also wants Holly to take over the store. She is shocked that he is considering selling and might even be considering staying in wherever this town is.

At a Santa mixer. Where a bunch of men dressed up like Santa drink and play pool, Nick and Holly meet up for their first outside of work date. The drinks must be good because Nick and Holly kiss. Nick gets a text and he runs off due to an emergency.

It truly is an emergency, Nick’s uncle has hypothermia and is overworked. His uncle begs him to take over the Christmas tree farm.

Back at work Holly is in love but is surprised to see new Santa is there and not her Nick. Holly tries to call the Santa booking agent (Nick’s friend) and get information on where Nick is. He tells her that it is a family emergency but then his phone loses service. Holly and her singing BFF look online with no luck and then the remember the boots! Santa’s Boots! He will come back for them, eventually. (Or maybe come back for the woman he loves, have self confidence Holly!)

Nick decides to give his farm to his ex-girlfriend, Jenny. On his way out of the hospital, he runs into Holly’s  grammy, who invites him to the Christmas Eve ball. She tells him that she will leave a ticket for him in Will Call under her name. Adele Montell. Nick shows up to the ball.

Holly is made the CEO or Montells at the Christmas ball. She is staying in town and her singing BFF is so excited. Nick is also excited! He dances with Holly and they are totally fine now. Nick and Holly are about to kiss on the dance floor but he steps on her foot. She laughs and shakes her head and says “Santa’s Boots.” They kiss and laugh and kiss and laugh.

Side Note

Minority Report: Holy’s BFF, boss, and brother in law. The shoe repair guy,

Don’t promise me Cinderella and underdeliver, Lifetime.

Don’t make a character sing the whole movie and NOT have the Broadway singer sing.

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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