Friends Who Kill (2020 Lifetime)

Friends Who Kill (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Natalie BrownSarah FisherAlexa Rose SteeleReha Sandill 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Hope has always been close to her daughter Lacy, but ever since her divorce, she’s noticed a change in Lacy’s behavior and is afraid she’s pulling away. When Lacy brings home a new friend, Cassie, it seems Lacy might be back on track. Lacy and Cassie quickly become close friends, driving a wedge between Lacy and her other friend, Harper. When Harper unearths Cassie’s dark past, she tries to warn Hope, who writes it off as teen girl jealousy. But soon, Lacy realizes Harper was right, and Cassie is a lot more dangerous than she appears.


You can pick your friends, or you can kill your friends, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose… wait that is not it.  

The movie starts with a blonde lady with bangs drinking wine. She gets killed with a hockey stick. Then the killer steals a picture with a hunky man. 

Flash to Lacy, another blonde, who gets a 61 on a math test. (Been there!) Her brown-haired mother, Hope, is not impressed with her daughter, and I’m not impressed with her pantsuit. (Awful.) The mother drops her daughter off at school, and I’m concerned for Lacy because she immediately takes a picture of a banana for her blog. (Why???) Lacy and her friend Harper meet a new girl on campus named Cassie. They bond over blogging and 90’s TV. (Specifically the terrible, 7th Heaven.) Lacy and Cassie bond over having divorced parents. Harper is left out and possibly replaced.

At her job, we learn that Hope is a lawyer and has recently been through a divorce. Hope is putting in overtime and leaving her daughter to fend for herself and is on her last chance with the big boss. Thankfully, Lacy has Cassie to hang out with now. Or maybe not because Cassie is a pyro and almost lights a pizza box on fire for attention. More red flags for those keeping score at home:

  • Cassie mentally notes the hideaway key and then uses it. (To bake cookies?)
  • Cassie won’t let pictures of herself be posted on social media.
  • Cassie is a fantastic signature forger.

At a studying session, Cassie overhears Hope talking to her husband about his infidelity. She uses this knowledge to make it look Like Harper knew and was keeping it from Lacy. A lifelong friendship is nothing compared to a 48-hour relationship with Cassie. Lacy writes off Harper.

Harper isn’t taking things lying down. Harper hacks into the school records and finds that Cassie’s file is full of lies. Then Harper snoops through Cassie’s car, finds the hockey stick, and the picture of the hunky man but gets caught by Cassie. R.I.P. Harper! (Lacy finds her body in the parking lot.) Nevermind, Harper ends up in the hospital. 

Detective Lee shows up at Lacy’s house and has some questions for her. He heard that Lacy and Harper had been fighting and all but accuses her of the crime. Hope takes the detective outside and sets him straight. She tells him to fuck off and get a warrant. (She is a lawyer after all.) Before he goes, Detective Lee gives Hope his card. He is with the homicide department. (He is preemptively accusing teenagers of murder, Harper isn’t even dead.)  

Hope and Lacy start avoiding Cassie and spending time together. Lacy feels guilty because she was ignoring Harper and spending all her time with Cassie. 

In the hospital, Harper is attempting to recover. Cassie has other plans. She visits Harper in the hospital, unplugs her machines, and then smothers her with LOVE. (Or a pillow.) Lacy walks in before Cassie can finish her off and doesn’t seemed too concerned. Cassie explains away everything, and the two friends make up. 

Their reunion doesn’t last long because Lacy gets a text from Detective Lee, who has his suspicions about Cassie and has identified who she is. The post an officer outside of Harper’s door and have police looking for Cassie all over the state. He asks Hope and Lacy to call him if they hear from her. 

Cassie doesn’t go out of state, she rides in the back of Hope’s husband’s car and doesn’t kill him. She is just hitching a ride to get Lacy. Cassie holds Lacy at knifepoint and tells her to call her Jen, her REAL name. Cassie/Jen says that she is the only one who understands Lacy. She also admits to following her blog to find her and relating to her family. Cassie/Jen’s dad cheated on her mom, too, so she killed the bitch.

Lacy and Cassie struggle over the fakest knife I have ever seen. Cassie chokes Lacy out and then sets her eyes on the parents. First, she knocks out the dad and then chases Hope around. Hope is a badass lawyer, let’s not forget! When she sees a shower running, she just leaves that water running. Cassie attempts her best jump scare and tackles Hope. Lacy comes to her mother’s rescue with a glass of water to the head. Detective Lee also tries a jump scare, but he is not fast enough, and Cassie/Jen escapes. 

Three months later, Lacy is graduating from High School with her valedictorian BFF, Harper! (She made it! All the POC’s lived in this movie… actually, everyone did?!?) Hope, Dad, and Lacy are a family again. 

Cassie is scrolling through her social media at Lacy’s happy life and bumps into another blonde girl. Her next victim. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Cassie, Harper, Nina, Detective Lee. Good POC representation in this. 

A new director and you could tell. The pacing on this was slow. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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