Killer Daddy Issues (2020 Lifetime)

Killer Daddy Issues (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Jillian MurrayCarolyn McCormickKristina ReyesDan AmboyerChris RiggiLisa Thornhill

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A recently married horse breeder discovers her family’s ranch harbors an unfathomable secret.


Carrie loves to ride horses. Well, that is until she gets shot off of one at the beginning of this movie. Cue title card and flash to four weeks earlier.

Men are tossing haystacks, and Carrie is not shot! She is trying to get pregnant with her hunky mumbling husband, Luke. A new man speeds onto the ranch in a fancy sports car, his name is Reed, and he is recently married to Carrie’s significantly older mother, Grace. 

Carrie is shocked that her mother married a man the same age as her. She thinks her father would be rolling over in his grave if he knew. Carrie and her father breed and train horses, since his death, Carrie has taken over, and Grace still owns half… and so does Reed. Carrie tells her Latinx horse trainer named Sofia and housekeeper, Maria, that she thinks Reed is a little off. Reed overhears the conversation and doesn’t feel welcome. Later, Reed watches Carrie and Luke have sex, and Maria catches him while holding a laundry basket… 

The next morning Carrie tells her mom that she thinks Reed is just a boy toy. Grace angrily storms off and goes for a horse ride with Reed. On the trip, Grace falls off her horse when the strap on the saddle comes loose. Grace is rushed to the hospital and is in a coma. 

Convinced that Reed tampered with the saddle, Carrie goes to the lawyers to check the will and make sure Maria, Sofie, and herself are entitled to the money her father left them. Carrie also tells the lawyer that Maria and Sofie aren’t just employees; they are family. Speaking of Maria and Sofie, Carrie runs a DNA test on them to help Sofie find out who her birth father is. (Typical white savior trope, butting into POC’s lives for no reason.) 

The DNA test causes a rift between Sofia and Maria. They have multiple dramatic and cliche arguments. It doesn’t matter because the breaks go out in Carrie’s car that Maria is driving and she dies before we find out who the father was.

Sofia and Reed start to hang out together. Carrie is concerned, and Luke tells her they will keep an eye on things. Carrie social media stalks Reed, specifically on Tumblr. (Which is weird.) Carrie learns from the lawyer that Reed is financially independent. Then she plays tennis with her white friend at the country club. (WTF is this movie?!?!) Reed brings Carrie his prenup and tries to prove to her that he is not the enemy. Carrie has a meltdown and opens up to Reed. To clear her mind, she goes for a run. When she leaves, he strips down for no reason and has a fantastic body. 

On her run, someone in a black hoodie shoots at Carrie. Carrie calls Luke to come to help her, and he shows up with a gun mumbling incoherently. 

Grace wakes up from her coma, and Reed seems to be genuinely relieved and adoring. Carrie apologizes for the way she treated Reed and talked to her mother. Sofia crashes the party and angrily yells at them for not caring that her mother died. She accuses them of just viewing Maria as their maid. Grace says that they were really friends! (Except for the fact that Grace paid Maria to be her friend and was her EMPLOYER.) 

Back to Carrie, getting shot on a horse. Carrie calmly dismounts her horse and calls for help on her cellphone. (Very anticlimactic.) 

Grace and Carrie meet with the lawyer and learn about revisions to the will. Grace gets cut out of the will because she remarried. I think Carrie does too? Reed takes the news well, and Grace is relieved that he loves her and not her money.

 With no money to speak of, Luke installs security cameras. It turns out that Sofia was the person in the hoodie. She pretends to get into some road trouble and calls Luke for assistance. Sofia tells him to bring Reed and a shovel. 

Carrie goes to Sofia’s house and learns that Sofia is her sister. Sofia sneaks up behind her and shoots a shotgun at her and misses multiple times. Sofia attempted to kill Grace, accidentally killed her mother, and tried to kill Carrie twice. Sofia almost chokes Carrie to death but stops when Grace shows up with a gun.

The police take Sofia away, and the nice, concerned white people watch on sadly. Oh well! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Sofia, Maria, Sheriff Jackson. 

Portraying Latinx actors as “the help” needs to stop. Add on top of that they are evil!? If this were written or directed by a POC, I’d say that is was intentionally campy, but it wasn’t. This production would have benefited from an inclusion rider.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)


  1. Wow! I know you have a problem with white people, but that doesn’t mean you should write this article looking like English is your 2nd language. Hire a proofreader, please!

    1. I’m getting sick and tired of “white people bashing” too! If it weren’t for white, minorities wouldn’t have the freedoms they do have!!! It is NOT the white people’s fault if they are still poor or struggling! Minorities have NO EXCUSE, because they are given every opportunity to get an education for FREE and work at a good job! Some white people have had to start at the bottom and work their way up; you should too! If minorities don’t want to do that then they need to move out of the USA !

    2. Imagine being THIS worked up over someone else’s opinion/review of a LIFETIME movie..Jesus, get a life. He does these reviews for fun and entertainment. Not to argue with undercover racists over white privilege.

  2. You obviously like to blame everything on white people but no surprise there it’s easier than living in reality. you clearly should watch more lifetime movies they have evil people in all colors just like in real life you racist piece of shit. Oh ya learn to write an article

  3. Typical white savior, huh? Lovely article. Hope you never need help from a white person. I thought it was awesome that she tried to help her find who her dad was.

  4. I’m glad you recorded an episode about this movie because it confused the hell out of me! I keep catching it midway through and thinking its the wrong title or something. Such a waste of a good title. Anyway, I liked the twist of the young husband not being a bad guy but everything else was a mess. Good recap!

      1. Honestly I’m not sure why you don’t think racism can go both ways?? Because of some underlining message you think you see. But you are obviously ignoring the fact that The one daughter offered to let Sophia move into the house. The mom is married to Reed who is also a POC. You are an extremely racist hateful person. If you dont want people talking shit about your race then maybe you should learn how to be a better human. Not sure why you even brought the entire white race into it!! I am white and I don’t think I have ever even heard a white person speak half the racist bs I read in your synopsis of a movie, from a POC who supposedly knows what its like to be judged because of their race. I would also like to say I’m am not wealthy and I am a housekeeper so its really annoying for people to assume I have a extremely privileged life because I don’t!!! If this is your attitude regularly its obvious why people bash your race, im not even against any race but I want to bash your race just because your an angry bitch.

  5. Silly title considering the plot. Go easy on the white folks, they get most of the blame in other Lifetime films. Latino housekeepers are not a stereotype, it just happens to be common. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. You need to GET OVER the inclusive bull….stop labeling people and then maybe racism will end.. it is your racist opinions that keep racism alive and well….in liberals that is….oh…I forgot…liberals are allowed to be racists….gottcga… then it is aok….

  7. FU and your racism, I am so fucking sick of this shit, all of this hatred! Everybody needs to stop this whining about their skin color

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