Her Deadly Groom (2020 Lifetime)

Her Deadly Groom (2020 Lifetime)

Stars: Kate WatsonMichael DeVorzonKelly Erin DeckerEric Roberts

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Recent divorcee Alison is nervous about jumping back into the dating pool. When her best friend sets her up on a dating site, Alison is matched with Vincent, a mysterious man who appears to be too good to be true… because he is. Will Alison uncover the truth about Vincent’s motives before it’s too late?


A couple, Mila and Vincent, are on a hike and stop to enjoy the View. Nicky nuzzles into her man, and he pushes her down the mountain, killing her. I guess he is the Deadly Groom then! (The best is after he watches her fall he says, “Ouch.”) Title card.

Cut to Alison, who is carrying large boxes and talking on the phone. She drops them while talking on the phone, and Vincent is there to help her, gurl you need to run. Alison runs her own peanut butter business (PB&A???) with her friend Brenna. Alison also has a teenage daughter named Nicky, who is dating a guy who wears dog tags and a crazy Chicago accent, named Jake. Breanna wonders why her BFF hasn’t been dating since her divorce and starts a dating profile for Alison. 

Meanwhile, someone has sneaked into the house with a knife and gloves. It is ERIC ROBERTS; he plays George, Allison’s ex-husband. He is shady to her, and it is classic Eric Roberts line delivery. Love it. 

Brenna and Alison swipe through the dating app and come across handsome AF Vincent. They swipe yes, and it is a match. Brenne is pushy and annoying as a BFF. Alison wants to delete the app but doesn’t. They message while Vincent looks up her finical information and stalks her online. They set up a dinner date. Little does Alison know he just killed a man and is borrowing his razor. (Oh and that he killed his last girlfriend.)

The date goes well. Vincent is even into her stupid business name that doesn’t explain what the hell it is. Alison is rightfully embarrassed about the name but agrees to try some of whatever it is with him. They quickly set up a second date at Alison’s house. Vincent deletes his dating profile, that is how into Alsion he is. 

When Vincent arrives at the house, he is recognized by Jake (Nicky’s boyfriend.) Vincent laughs it off and says he was one of those faces. Then we get a dating montage of Alison and Vincent going on multiple dates, including one of those lake boat things shaped like swans. 

Alison and Brenna’s business fails, because it is terrible, Vincent decides to invest. (Really steal all of Alison’s money.) He says Alison is a risk worth taking, but she turns him down. Breanna tells her friend to get that money in any way possible. They make a date and enjoy some wine, while Vincent writes Alison a check and then goes into her office and takes photos of her passport and documents. He takes them to a bank and insures the business for two million dollars.

Eric Roberts AKA George kicks Alison and Nicky out of his house. Alison decides to move her and her daughter into Vincents place. He is always coming to her rescue, and he always brings the good wine.

In a confusing edit, Vincent is kissing Alison and then hooking up with a real estate agent to gain access to a house. Vincent copies the keys and sees the door code. Then he pretends to live there. This seems like a lousy con, even with the owners out of town. Alison and Nicky are impressed, Jake is less so and has some doubts. He looks around and finds the for sale sign and a piece of mail that is addressed to NOT Vincent. He brings it up to Nicky and places doubts in her mind. They decided to look into Vincent themselves and decide to recruit Eric Roberts to help them.

Vincent and Alison have a sex scene after he tells her that he loves her. His dad bod is on full display, and I’m into it. The Real Estate agent catches them and threatens to go to the cops. Vincent snaps her neck and gets rid of the body. He explains to Alison that the realtor was confused and didn’t “know he took the house off the market.” When Alsion continually receives texts from Eric Roberts, AKA George, Vincent acts jealous and then proposes to Alison.

Eric Roberts AKA George tries to repair his relationship with Alison and sets Vincent off. Vincent breaks into George’s house and tells him that he is going to tell Alison about him. Vincent pulls a gun on George and plans on inheriting all his money. (by marrying Alsion and then killing her.) Vincent uses George’s alcoholism against him and bashes him in the head and then pours whiskey all over George. Making look like he was so drunk, he fell and hit his head. (Ouch! As Vincent would say.)

The wedding happens, it is a small party by a pool. (I like Alison’s hair.) Brenna is overserved and more annoying than usual. She offers to grab Alison’s phone and accidentally picks up Vincent’s phone. Brenna sees an email about a life insurance policy that Vincent took out on Alison. She writes down the number but is caught by Vincent. Brenna tries to play it off and does so well, but he pushes her down the stairs. Then he steps over her body like a cold-hearted killer. Nicky finds the body. Brenna survives but is in a coma. 

The honeymoon is canceled, and Alison finds the paper that Brenna wrote the policy number on and tries to look it up on her laptop. Vincent is concerned and massages Alison’s shoulders while she searches. He makes up an excuse to get her out of the house. This allows Jake to do his own research. He finds some documents about the PB&A business and life insurance. Vincent catches him and swaps out Jake’s pills with something else. Jake starts to feel sick at dinner and accuses Vincent of keeping secrets. Vincent takes everyone to his office and shows them he has nothing to hide. Vincent suggests that Jake has relapsed and used to be a drug addict. 

Jake and Nicky leave the house in a hurry and get into a car accident. Jake is arrested for driving while under the influence. Alison bans Nicky from seeing him and sends her on a getaway.

With the house (that isn’t theirs) to themselves, Alison and Vincent have more sexy time. They lie in bed and cuddle; then they take a sexy shower.

Jake is released from jail and realizes where he knows Vincent from. He used to run with Jake’s father, and Jake’s father warns him that Vincent is dangerous. Jake calls Alison to warn her, but Vincent sees the phone first and heads over to take care of Jake. Vincent violently pushes Jake and then kicks him in the face. (Multiple times!) Vincent writes a suicide note on Jake’s phone and force-feeds Jake pills and making it look like an overdose. He plans on killing Alison and making it look like Jake did it.

Alison finishes taking a bubble bath and sees a news report about the murdered notary from the beginning of the movie. Alison realizes that Jake was telling the truth, and Vincent is HER DEADLY GROOM. She plays it off and gets back into the tub, pretending like nothing is wrong. She grabs a bottle of hairspray and sprays Vincent when he returns. He attacks her with his shirt off and almost strangles Alison. She throws a hairdryer in the bathtub and electrocutes him.

Jake and Brenna survive and are both recovering in the hospital. The peanut butter business is a hit. 

Somehow, Vincent survives and is now in jail. He calls his next girlfriend because he is getting out sooner than expected. That next girlfriend, is me.

Side Note

Minority Report: Mila, Judy, Doctor, Waitress, Reporter, Maria,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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