Stalked by My Husband’s Ex (2020 Lifetime)

 Stalked by My Husband’s Ex (2020 Lifetime)

Stars: Alex McKennaJoey Rae BlairAdam Huss 

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S6 E24- Stalked by my Husband's Ex (Lifetime Movie) Lifetime Uncorked

Alli Braun (Actor/Director) joins Patrick Serrano to discuss the Lifetime Movie, Stalked by my Husband's Ex. (Starring:  Alex McKenna, Juliana Dever, Adam Huss, Joey Rae Blair, Melissa Ordway) They also discuss Sharknado's Anthony C. Ferrante (who directed this movie.) Unexpected twists and turns, and child seat safety. Then they break down LGBTQ representation in Hallmark and Lifetime movies for this upcoming Holiday Season. #RepresentationMatters Read Patrick's reviews on our website: Check out other Universehead Podcasts: Donate to the Podcast: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Rate and Review us! (With emojis, please!) Follow the Podcast @LifetimeUncorked Follow the Host @PatrickMiguel Follow the Producer @DrewButWithPants Theme Music provided by @jwheeler_music of the band @ModernDaybreakBand Candace Cameron Bure Theme provided by: @BradKempMusic — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Strange events plague a woman when she becomes engaged to a man with a 10-year-old daughter.


A couple fights about the wife being drunk. Ryan leaves his wife and takes his daughter with him. He leaves Nina on a stormy night and gets hit in the head with a rock by Nina. Before she can drive away, the police arrest her.

Cut to a beautiful resort where Kristen works. Her friend, Sierra, lays out all the exposition in a tidy monologue. Kristen is dating Ryan and helping to raise his daughter Lisa. They are celebrating their second anniversary, and Ryan is planning to propose. (With his daughter Lisa blessing.) Lisa ruins the proposal by spilling the news early; she is a nosey little kid. Kristen says yes, and Lisa posts about it on social media.

Nina is newly sober, out on bail, and check-in with her parole officer. The meeting doesn’t go well, and she is back on the bottle. She gets drunk and sees the post online and is extremely jealous. Nina calls Ryan but is blocked. (Obviously.) Nina calls him at work and demands to see her daughter. Ryan shuts her down and immediately tells Kristen about the call. (Which is rare for a Lifetime husband.)

Just because Ryan tells Kristen the calls, that doesn’t make them stop coming. Nina even follows them to their engagement party and crashes. Nina wastes no time and attacks Kristen. She throws a drink in her face and starts swinging while screaming that Kristin will not steal her daughter. Ryan tries to jump in but gets pepper-sprayed by Nina. Nina is literally taken away, kicking and screaming. It is GREAT!

The party ends, and Kristen decides to stay at the resort with Ryan and Lisa. Sierra drives home in Kristen’s car and is followed by a car hocking and driving aggressively. She crashes and dies? (Or at lease ends up in a coma. NBD!) Oh, she is dead. Detectives break the news to Kristen and Ryan as lightly as time will allow. The detectives really cut right to business. 

Nina is living in a garage or something and throws her phone a lot. She gets fired from her job, and I’m sure the parole officer isn’t far behind. What kills me is that Nina is getting all her information for Lisa’s Instagram and even goes as far as to DM her!!!!! (This is why kids should not be on Instagram. Parents. Come one.) Lisa and Nina continue to message, and Nina earns Lisa’s trust by promising information about her mother.

Lisa goes missing from school, and Ryan is trippin. (Maybe he shouldn’t have let his child use a cellphone unsupervised.) Ryan looks on his daughter’s pink iPad and checks her Instagram messages realizing that Nina has been messaging her. Ryan and Kristen canvas the neighborhood looking for Lisa. 

Nina and Lisa are in a honky-tonk bar or maybe a Cracker Barrel. Lisa has enough sense to know something is off and excuses herself to use the bathroom and try to run for it. She calls her dad and tells him that she is in trouble AND the restaurant that she is in. (Which wasn’t Cracker Barrel, that place sucks!) Ryan saves his daughter and confronts Nina in the back of the restaurant. The detectives arrive and find Nina strangled in the back of the store. Ryan is taken into custody. (TRULY SHOCKING! The titular “husband’s ex” is dead with 30 mins left in the movie.) 

Kristen is left to raise Lisa herself while Nina is dead, and Ryan is in jail. Late at night, Kristen looks through Lisa’s eye pad and sees someone lurking in the background. It is her ex-fiance, Matt! He has been stalking her and killed Sierra thinking it was Kristen. He is also responsible for Nina’s death and framed Ryan. Matt wants to be with Kristen and start their relationship up again. He says he gave her space and wants to love her. Lisa comes down the stairs and sees that something is very wrong. She runs out of the front door but is grabbed by Matt and kidnapped.

Matt holds Lisa captive for like two minutes because it is the end of the movie. Kristen meets Matt at some random house. Kristen pretends to want to be in a relationship with Matt. She caresses him in a tender moment, and while his defenses are down, Lisa grabs his gun. Lisa screams for Kristen, and Matt is distracted and falls off a cliff, falling to his death. 

Lisa and Kristen embrace, and she calls her mom. (Awww!) The police arrive, and detectives talk to Kristen alone and confirm that Matt died and confirm that Ryan will be released from jail eventually (It is a process, after all. Haha!) 

Ryan marries Kristen, and Lisa is adorable. I mean we get a wedding also! This movie has it all

Side Note

Minority Report: Clients, Two Detectives, Wendell, Nakatomi, Teacher, 

Check out this song made for the movie:

Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante of Sharknado fame. He nailed the Lifetime genre. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives, took one knife off for no shirtless content. Overall excellent Lifetime movie.)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

Shirtless Ryan (Adam Huss) for those who felt deprived, like me.

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