Mile High Escorts (2020 Lifetime)

Mile High Escorts (2020 Lifetime)

Stars: Christina MooreSaxon SharbinoKara Royster 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman becomes the target of a mysterious killer when she uncovers a dark secret about her boss.


We start in Berlin; a flight attendant, Jenny, is making out with a shirtless man, Paul, who doesn’t want her to go. He tells her he will miss her, and then she clears her throat, and he pays her for the sex. The flight attendant calls her pimp and confirms that it is the last time she will have to do this and then hears a noise in the airplane hanger. She says “hello is anyone there” and then repeats it in German. Jenny boards her flight and is trailed by a handsome, but menacing man. 

In Louisville, Lauren is starting a job as a flight attendant to make money for grad school. Chris is her boyfriend, and they are planning for their future. Lauren demonstrates her flight attendant speech with her BFF Ashley. Everyone is amused. Their first flight goes to Detroit, and the girls are not amused. Jenny passes Lauren while she is waiting for a can and looks disheveled and paranoid. Jenny gets nabbed in the parking garage. Having no luck getting a cab, Jenny heads to the parking garage and hears the attack. Just as Lauren is about to open the door, she is offered a ride from another more seasoned flight attendant named Hannah. Hannah is a madame and lures Lauren in with drinks in a very red-lit bar. She tells her about her operation, which includes “destination date.” Lauren declines. (Not because she doesn’t want to, but because her boyfriend would disapprove.)

Waking up in a full face of makeup and tells Ashley about her strange encounter with a madame. The airline cuts Ashley and Lauren’s flights, and Lauren comes home early. She hears a commotion and grabs a knife. When Lauren opens the bedroom door, she finds Chris sleeping with another woman and kicks him out. (His name is on the lease, so he kicks her out. He is butt ass naked the whole scene. You don’t see anything; this Lifetime, not Showtime, )

Lauren stays with her dad and is hard up for cash. Lauren quickly decides to reach out to Hannah and brings Ashley along. They hop on a jet and fly to a mansion “somewhere in Maine”. Frankin meets the girls and is impressed with their beauty. His son Erik is less so. (I think he is also the guy who was following Jenny.) Franklin operates private jets where the flight attendants are prostitutes. The girls agree and don hideous flight attendant uniforms. (This Britney Spears Toxic, but homemade.)

On their first flight, Ashley and Lauren are happy to see that the johns are hot. They all drink and party on the jet while play cards—Lauren bonds with her John, which is a big mistake. He invites her on a proper date. Then he buys her beautiful dresses, and I’m like, is she getting paid, is this a Richard Gere thing? (I couldn’t be a flight attendant prostitute. I like boundaries and rules. Not grammar rules tho!)

At a fancy restaurant, Thomas and Lauren order in french and really connect. You’d almost think it was a real date. He invites her up for a nightcap, and she agrees. They have a sexy sex scene set to trap music—lots of strong male backs and thrusting here. Lauren pumps the breaks when she gets uncomfortable, and THANKFULLY, Thomas respects her and stops. (He still pays her, don’t worry.)

Franklin is not doing well and probably has COVID. Erik kneels by his ailing father and begs him to let him take over the business. Franklin tells Erik that he will not be giving the company to him and has bequeathed it to Hannah instead. Erik is enraged and admits to killing Jenny. Then he kills his father by denying him his oxygen and pressing his palm over his face. (Yikes!) 

We get a date montage of Lauren flying around the world hoeing for designer fashion. She continues to date Thomas (See them take a selfie with a British Guard.) and has a lockbox full of money. Correction. She is not sleeping with ANY OF THEM.

The good times stop when Paul boards Lauren’s flight. He is the guy from the beginning of the movie and was rough with Jenny. Lauren doesn’t realize she is in danger and the visit the red light district. When Lauren refuses a kiss, Paul grabs her and forces her to kiss him. He drags her in his apartment, and she knees him in the balls. Paul slaps her and calls her a bitch; then, he chases her around the hotel and bangs on her door. Lauren calls Hannah, who is very sympathetic but tells her to defend herself. Hannah gives Lauren a knife and offers Lauren a few days off.

Thomas is very protective of Lauren and is outraged when she tells him what happened. He tells her that he actually likes her, and she is shocked. They kiss and then have a sex scene where we see a lot of female booty. I guess it is called Mile High Escorts. I’ll allow it, but let balance out with some man booty too, k?! Then, just in case the movie was too horny for the censors, Thomas and Lauren say that they are “falling” for each other.

Lauren calls Hannah to tell her that she is in love with one of her clients and wants to quit the business. (Or maybe just be a regular flight attendant.) Hannah doesn’t see how it is going to work but promises to talk to Erik. Erik doesn’t care and won’t let Lauren out of the biz. He calls Lauren his property. Erik is verbally abusive to Hannah, but she puts him in his place and calls him a total embracement. Then he kills her with a trophy. He then calls Lauren and tells her that she works for him. He sends them to Paris.

In Paris, Lauren sets up a date with Thomas. While she gets ready for work, Lauren receives a flash drive delivered to her room. Hannah recorded a video telling her that she is not safe and is probably dead if she is watching the video. Hannah advises Lauren to go along with everything Erik says and to be careful. Lauren calls Thomas and leaves a frantic message and then fills Ashley in on everything. They start scheming. Ashley is going to stay in and research while Lauren continues to date, but Paul ruins their plans by showing up at Ashley’s room. 

Paul gets abusive and is strangeling Ashley when Lauren returns. Paul pulls a gun on them, and they knock him out with vases. Ashley passes out for some reason and won’t wake up. Lauren calls Thomas, and he helps her sort things out. They get on a private jet with Erick, and Thomas is working with him. They are old friends from high school. Erik pulls out a gun, and Thomas tries to wrestles it out of his hands to save Lauren and is shot in the process. Lauren runs and hides.

A hitman waits outside Lauren’s house and is going to kill her dad and sister. Lauren’s hot dad fights him off. He is almost murdered, but his daughter saves her. 

Erik eventually finds Lauren. He asks her if she has any words. As she stabs him with the knife Hannah gave her; she says, “Tell Hannah, hi for me.” Erik dies and is probably going to hell.

Lauren rushes to Thomas and he apologizes to her and then dies in her arms. She asks “Are you dead?” Yes he is dead, Lauren.

Six months later in Marseilles, Lauren and her family live in France now. Ashley survived and is studying fashion. They toast with wine and celebrate family. The end! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Ashley, Barista, Harold, Thomas

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime


  1. Thank you! Bad weather glitched the last 5 minutes and I had no idea how it ended. Well, I had a guess but your review helped!

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