Deadly Misconduct (2021 Lifetime)

Deadly Misconduct (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Anna Marie Dobbins, Louis Mandylor, Britt Allen

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A rising prosecutor has a one-night stand with a rival attorney, who is found dead the next morning. (2021)


Annie Sagan is Law and Order reject defending her clients with lots of law jargon. She has a daughter named Crystal, who wears cat ears and is obsessed with making money on YouTube. (Haha, is she me?) Annie meets her boyfriend, Mark, at a coffee shop after work and confronts him about cheating. Mark calls her work-obsessed, and they break up. 

Danielle, Annie’s friend, agrees to babysit so Annie can go to a work fundraiser. Dani is cool and says acronyms like TTYL. (Which Annie has somehow never heard of before.) Annie doesn’t stay at the event long because a rival lawyer/opposing counsel in her current case, Doug Larson, offers her a ride home. 

Larson and Annie stop for a drink in a smokey bar with jazz playing in the background. He tells her to lighten up and calls her a priss. Then he calls her luscious and roofies her martini, which is gross on so many levels. Annie agrees to go back to Larson’s place to “work on the case”, and she starts to feel sick in the car on the way. 

At Larson’s place, Annie rejects his advances and passes out. When she awakes at 3 am. Larson is sleeping next to her, and a dog is barking incessantly. (There is also a thunderstorm.) When Annie can’t find her phone, she tries to wake Larson and realizes he has been stabbed to death. The killer who has itchy ankles is still in the house. Annie hides under the bed until she is sure they are gone. Then she starts wiping things down with a napkin and calls 911 before sneaking out and hiding in the bushes.

Of course, Annie is assigned to prosecute the murder case. DA/Ex-boyfriend Mark is also on the case. He constantly hits on Annie while working and is just the worst. (I hope they do not get back together at the end of this.) In court, Annie remembers the Itchy Ankle Killer had a wrist tattoo.

The killer is stalking crystal and Danielle while Annie is working. Annie received threatening phone calls from the killer, and he sends photos from the night of the murder of Annie with Larson. Annie moves her loved ones into a hotel and decides to solve the case herself.

Annie breaks into the crime scene and looks through some files. Mark shows up to “help.” They find finical records that indicate that Larson was blackmailing someone. Annie tells Mark about the stalker but not about her night at Larson’s. Mark is figuring things out himself and heads to the jazz bar to question the bartender about a blonde woman (They found blonde hair at the crime scene.) who was with Larson the night of the murder. Annie tries to make herself look as dowdy as possible, so the bartender doesn’t recognize her. Later, Annie picks up the security footage and destroys it. 

 After a tennis lesson, Crystal is almost kidnapped by a man in a van. The tennis instructor intervenes and tells Annie about the strange incident. Then Annie finds her hotel room trashed and a threatening note attached to a mirror with the word “LIAR” written in lipstick. 

Mark learns that the judge/Annie’s mentor was the one being blackmailed by Larson. Annie looks through the judge’s home office and finds a gun and cash withdraws for the same amount that Larson was receiving. The judge catches Annie and tries to explain. She isn’t hearing him and pulls the gun on him and rushes out with the files.

Annie remembers that Danielle loves acronyms when Dani drops off her dog, Hector. The codes on the bank statement are acronyms for book titles. Mark helps Annie at the crime scene and is annoyed that she brought the dog. He is allergic!!!!! 

While Annie and Mark are working, she notices Mark scratching his ankles and hears Hector barking. It flashes her back to the night of the murder. Annie pieces it together and realizes that Mark has been the killer all along. He has been using Annie to get all the evidence to take the blame off him and place it on Annie.

Mark forces Annie to take some pills to take suicide. Annie buys herself more ties by asking to write a note. She stabs him with a letter opener and makes a run for it. 

Annie gets a gun from Danielle’s room and shoots Mark. The police show up and take away the body.

Flash to a few weeks later, Annie doesn’t have a job but at least she is a mom! The end.

Side Note

Minority Report: Dani

Also known as: Impropriety

If Lifetime offers original movies on Lifetime Movie Club, I think they need to give us more than LMN rejects. Maybe they could bring back some Lifetime legends like Tori Spelling or Hallie Duff. Or at least give us better Lifetime hunks and show a butt of two. Come on, Lifetime!

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