Secret Life of a Student (2021 Lifetime)

Secret Life of a Student (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Rhonda Dent, Kaden Connors, Sasha Hayden, Carlo Marks

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Proud mom Katherine has just found out that her daughter Michelle has earned a spot on the High school teacher Lauren finds her life up side down when her job, the custody of her adopted daughter and even her safety is in danger when an angry student falsely claims to have had an affair with her. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts in a sleepy suburban town with a teacher and a student. Conner seems very into Ms. Lauren when their hands brush over the mouse. 

Ms. Lauren was away in Argentina and is back in the United States. She is excited to see her BFF, Chloe, and her daughter Pheobe. That meeting never comes because Chloe is murdered in a parking garage while holding a tone of balloons., which makes it less sad, TBH. 

David, Chloe’s “partner,” meets with Lauren and tells her that she is the guardian of Pheobe because Brad, Chloe’s husband, died. Brad’s cousin, Nadia, feels that she is entitled to the child and is upset. 

Lauren adjusts her life and has to cancel tutoring with Conner to take care of her new child. Connor asks what about their relationship, and she tells him FLAT OUT NO! 

Right after that conversation, Lauren is almost hit by a car in the parking lot. (It was probably, a pissed-off Connor.) Lauren is overwhelmed and calls David for help. He helps her build some furniture and settle legal documents.

Conner tells Lauren to stop taking care of Pheobe and take care of their love. He tells her that he loves her, and she stops all contact with him, 

Lauren gets Coffee with a friend/co-worker named Christine, and she is drugged. Conner watches from a distance. The thing is, she drank from Lauren’s cup. Then rumors start on the school’s website about Lauren sleeping with a student. Then a video surfaces, and the Principal tells Lauren to avoid Conner at all costs while they investigate. What I can’t understand is why the video is fake??!!?

Nadia speculates that David is Pheobe’s birth father, which causes Lauren to wonder as well. 

The stress of everything causes Lauren to have nightmares of Pheobe being kidnapped; She continues to be harassed at school and suspected of having an inappropriate relationship with Conner. Someone breaks into her house and plants a camera. Things are getting out of hand and Lauren turns to Nadia for help. She asks Nadia to watch Pheobe until it is safe. 

Photos surface of Lauren and Conner outside of school, The one-on-one sessions also come up, and Conner’s parents sue the school and file charges against Lauren. Lauren is facing jail time and is suspended from school 

Nadia turns out to be behind everything. Nadia impersonated Lauren to string Conner along. GOD, THIS IS SO STUPID. Recap over, I don’t care.

Side Note

Minority Report: Christine, Police, Principal. 

Also Known As: A Lethal Lesson (Which might be better because this barely featured a student.)

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Overall rating

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