Dying for a Family (2022 Lifetime)


Dying for a Family (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Maddy Hillis, Jay Hindle, Alaska Leigh

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Life with the latest foster family seems good for teenage siblings Darcie and Hannah. But when Hannah disappears without trace, it’s down to younger sister Darcie to solve the mystery – and save the family from dark truths that threaten to destroy everything. Maddy Hillis, Corina Akeson, Jay Hindle, and Alaska Leigh star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Darcie is a student who is more interested in books than gossip. That isn’t true for her sister, Hannah. Hannah spills the tea about the class cutie, Caleb, and his new mean girlfriend, Tiffany. The sisters have grown up in foster care and don’t even really remember their birth parents.

Gillian, the foster mom, seems caring and organized. She throws a birthday party for Hannah to make her feel special; it is sweet! Gillian asks to adopt them, and the sisters are touched. (What a lovely moment! We don’t usually get those in Lifetime movies!)

After the party, Hannah wants to spend time with her friends… specifically Caleb. Gillian and her husband are worried about Hannah keeping that she was dating Caleb because he is a bad boy! (He stole a car and is on house arrest.) Gillian forbids Hannah to go out but loses it and screams about her REAL mother being dead. (Not cool to throw that back in her foster mother’s face like that.) Darcie watches on disapprovingly but says nothing. 

Hannah sneaks out for the night and asks Darcie to cover for her. Darcie does her sisterly duties but becomes concerned when Hannah doesn’t return the following day. She looks for her sister at school, but no luck. Darcie confronts Caleb and Tiffany, but they say she never showed up at the party. They also laugh in her face because they are rude as hell! Darcie can not understand why her sister would leave her. 

Darcie decides it is time to come clean after seeing some things are missing from Hannah’s room, an apparent runaway. Gillian and Keith freak out because social services will have to be notified, and the police. The adoption could be in jeopardy. 

After the police are no help, as usual, Darcie decides to take the investigation into her own hands. She writes down words in a notebook and is pretty much done. Later she finds a charger in Hannah’s room, which proves her sister didn’t run away.

Gillian makes flyers to hand out and canvases town with Darcie. While they run around town, Gillian almost slaps the shit out of Caleb’s mother in a parking lot. (It is played for drama, but it is unintentionally HILARIOUS!) Gillian is coming unhinged and goes on anti-depressants. 

Back to her notebook, Darcie draws a floor plan of the house and finds footprints in the mud. She searches the perimeter of the house and sees Hannah’s cell phone. Darcie looks through the text message and finds threatening texts from a blocked number that read “MOMMYS COMING TO GET YOU.”

Darcie lures Caleb to Hannah’s room by pretending to text as Hannah. It proves that he is innocent, and they work together to figure out where Hannah could be. A black car follows the teen sleuths, which makes them realize that whatever happened to Hannah is more extensive than they thought.

Detectives show up to remove Darcie from the home because she missed school. Gillian is determined to stop them and shares the information Darcie has kept in her journal. The detectives don’t seem to care and take Darcie to live in another foster home. 

Darcie leaves her new foster home to follow a man in black. He meets up with Keith outside of their house. Darcie thinks that Keith is dealing with a ransom and talks it through with Caleb. They find a video of Keith talking to the Man in Black about human trafficking!??!?!? Hannah was kidnapped because she knew too much. 

Darcie goes to Gillian and shares what she has learned. Gillian realizes that Keith must have taken Hannah to the family cabin to hold her there. Keith shows up and acts like everything is normal. Gillian tries to distract him, but he kisses her with his eyes open and sees Darcie’s coat. Keith leaves and orders a hit on everyone in his family.

The hit man demands the phone from the woman, but Darcie deflects his bullets with the cellphone until Gillian takes the hit man out with a fire poker. 

At the cabin, Hannah is tied up and gagged. Darcie and Gillian attempt to rescue but are stopped by Keith with a gun. He tells them they all could have been happy if they had just let him do his illegal business. 

Caleb inadvertently calls the cops for going out of range with his ankle bracelet. Keith shoots Caleb to make his getaway. He runs to a boat by the cabin, and Darcie chases after him. Keith almost shoots the sisters, but Gillian knocks him out with a golf club. (It’s like the best of Lifetime weapons! Where does she keep getting these blunt objects?) They tie him up until the cops come and arrest him.

The mother and her daughters love a high-waisted skirt and their new lives together. Darcie wants to go into detective work for a profession. I hope they let her keep her notebook! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Tiffany, Detectives, 


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