Single and Ready to Jingle (2022 Lifetime)

Single and Ready to Jingle (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Natasha Wilson, Edward Ruttle

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Emma Warner (Wilson) feels like she lives Christmas year-round. As the SVP of a successful toy company in Chicago, she spends 12 months a year focusing on Christmas, leaving no time for dating… or much of anything else. By the time the actual holiday rolls around, she has had enough. She asks her assistant and friend Lucy to find a tropical singles resort — somewhere she can find a guy and not think of Christmas. But due to a booking mix-up, Emma ends up in her worst nightmare — a town devoted to everything Christmas. Will Emma be able to find her joy?

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Emma is over Christmas and wants to go to a singles virgin island resort ASAP. Emma is not into the holidays… like at all. She is the senior VP and has come up with the second-best toy of the season, K-Pop Panda. 

Emma arrives in St. John, Alaska, because her assistant is an idiot. Emma gets stuck there because of a snowstorm. A man overhears her predicament, and he laughs at her. His name is Connor, and he is picking up his Uncle and Aunt. He offers her a ride AND gives her his coat. (Since she is underdressed.)

Callie, Connor’s sister, and her wife runs the only town inn. They give Emma a room that is decked out in Candy Cane, not chic.  

Connor takes Emma shopping for proper clothing, and they walk around downtown. To try all Alaska has to offer before she leaves. Emma suddenly becomes very overjoyed when it starts snowing and starts a snowball fight. If she was from Chicago, she wouldn’t even care/notice the snow. Connor next takes her snowshoeing. Then they have dinner together at his place. He shows her his workshop, where he makes toys for kids. Connor is Santa?!?!

The airport reopens, but Emma is so charmed by Connor working with kids that she stays to talk to kids too! Mrs. Clause?!?!?!

Instead of leaving when her assistant literally books her a flight, Emma stays and is obsessed with the toys. Connor signs his initials onto every tour; his name is Fletcher and he is her RIVAL TOY DESIGNER! Emma screams at him for keeping a secret and talks about baking a humble pie. 

The storm conveniently rolls in, trapping the two enemies turned romantic interests turned rivals.

I check a text, and they are looking at the northern lights and back in love. They makeup and then fight AGAIN because the weather clears up, and Emma plans to leave. What the hell is this movie, and why is it so sporadic. 

Connor is playing a mall Santa and looks disheveled when he arrives for the kids. He was trying to find Emma at the airport, but she was at the toy giveaway and donated her Christmas bonus. Emma tells him that she got him a job offer in Chicago, and he is thrilled. 

This movie almost felt like a parody of a bad TV movie that is like in a better movie? Wow, I can’t explain this one. Wanted to like it, but it was pure nonsense, and the leads were just as confused as I was. 

Side Note

Yay, Lesbians. Boo to this movie. 

Minority Report: Anna and Callie

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