Spring Break Nightmare (2023 Lifetime)

Spring Break Nightmare (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Kristi Murdock, Grace Patterson, Kalen Bull

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Kayla and Ally are the best of friends when they’re not competing against each other in the Global Surf Association. They decide to take a Spring Break trip with friends to a beach paradise. Kayla has “acted out”, since her father’s death, but her mother could never imagine that Kayla would just vanish! Upon arriving on the island with Kayla’s boyfriend Nick to start the search for her, Michelle struggles to get any help. As her hope dwindles, Michelle receives an anonymous ransom note and a video… Kayla has been kidnapped! As Michelle works to handle the kidnappers’ demands and threats and get her daughter back safely, she uncovers the horrible truth that she and Kayla may have been betrayed by those closest to her… her win-at-all-costs-BFF Ally or her gambling addict boyfriend Nick, both of whom were well aware of the large inheritance left to Kayla. Stars Kristi Murdock, Kalen Bull, Grace Patterson, Mike Markoff, Michael Bonini, Lauren Faulkner and Derek McDonnell (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts with a day on the beach, which sounds nice! Only it is nighttime, and I’m pretty sure a woman is being kidnaped, killed, or both! A cell phone lays in the sand and buzzes with an incoming call from mom. Michelle (played by Lifetime VIP Kristi Murdock)  

Cut to a woman’s (professional?) surfing competition. The athletes hit the waves and hang ten or whatever. (There is a crowd who are super into it. They jump around and fist-pump like a bunch of nerds.) Ally takes second place to her best friend/rival Kayla wins it, and her mother throws her a party. Kayla is following in her dead father’s footsteps as a pro surfer.

To celebrate, Kayla and Ally plan to rent out a beach house for spring break with their friend Sarah. Michelle doesn’t want her daughter to go before another big competition. The mother is concerned that Kayla’s childhood best friend, Becky, isn’t invited. Kaylas says it is because Becky can’t surf and doesn’t like Kayla’s boyfriend nice, but she is pressured into inviting Becky.

Road trip montage happens. They head to Clearwater, Florida.

As they pull into the beach house, they are greeted in the best way possible by a shirtless hunk named Harold. He shows the girls around. They pop bottles, and Becky is a buzz kill. 

The girls go out for a sunset swim/surf, while Becky and Sarah watch from the shore. Some boys, Zeke and Dean, hit on them and invites them to a bonfire. 

Kayla gets into an argument with Michelle on the phone because Kayla wants to blow off some steam and have fun on spring break. (A reasonable request, I think!) 

The bonfire happens, and then an after-party, Becky feels unwell from drinking and has to leave the party. The friends argue about going to college and how Kayla has changed while walking home on the beach. Two masked men, probably Dean and Zeke, try to kidnap the woman. Zeke throws Becky down after she rips off her mask, and she hits her head and dies. 

The surfers kidnap Kayla and tie her up in a van. Then they throw her in a garage. Since they have been unmasked, they tell Kayla they will kill her and her mother if she rats them out. 

The next morning, Michelle calls Ally while on a jog. She is worried because Kayla and Becky are not answering their phone. Michelle asks Ally to check to see where they are. When Ally tells Michelle the car is in the driveway, and no one is home, Michelle rushes to Florida with Kayla’s boyfriend, Nick. He promises they will find her, so he probably hired the kidnappers. 

When they are in town, Michelle goes straight to the police station and files a report. The police officer is not playing, I love her. On the other hand, Michelle does not and rushes into the prison to ask the people in the drunk tank if they have seen her daughter. Sarah is there and pretty out of it. Sarah tells Michelle about Dean and Zeke. 

Ally is extremely unconcerned about the girls being missing. (I love the crimpy hair tho!) Michelle drags Ally to an arcade to steal some security footage, and then they check in with Harold, who, unfortunately, is wearing a shirt. They find Becky’s body and Kayla’s cell phone. The police are finally taking things seriously. Cue a hot Detective; Detective Fisher is on the case.

Dean and Zeke call Michelle and make their demands. Kayla screams in the background, and it sends Michelle into hysterics. No cops, Leave Town.

Zeke and his puka shell necklace have a soft spot for Kayla and the 90s. He promises Kayla that she will get out of this, and things have just gotten out of control. 

Kayla calls at the demand of the kidnappers, and she explains that everything is a misunderstanding and she is fine. Michelle plays the call for the detective so he will stop looking into things and she can save her daughter. Kayla isn’t giving in and grabs a knife to cute her restraints. She hides in the garage. The boys catch her and move her to a boat house. (Which is a total upgrade!)

Michelle cries and hugs Kayla’s wetsuit, which is a twist on an old TV mom trope! As she is crying, Michelle notices cameras in the air vents. Someone is spying on them. Michelle calls Harold and calls him a perv. His line is, “Do I look like a pervert to you?!?!” as he stands there with his shirt unbuttoned for no reason. Harold says he uses the videos for insurance purposes, not peeping. He helps Michelle and Ally track down Kayla by recognizing Zeke and Dean’s van. 

Kayla unties herself again and jumps off the boat. Somehow she is captured and. tied up in the boat’s boiler room. 

Nick shows up on the boat and is like, “WTF, guys! No one was supposed to be hurt.” He made some bad gambling bets on the surfing… betting against his girlfriend. Whatever Nick’s plan was it is ruined because Kayla knows too much. Dean tells Nick that they have to kill Kayla. 

The men all fight over whether to kill Kayla or not. Dean has a knife on Kayla, and Zeke pulls a gun on Dean. They scream at one another, and Nick is there too, like, “whaaaaaa?” Zeke stabs Dean, Nick shoots Zeke, and Kayla tries to get away. 

Nick tries to explain to Kayla, and she tells him that she is not going anywhere with him or he will have to kill her. Michelle shows up and tries to fight Nick. Kayla grabs the gun and shoots Nick, Ally is on the other side with a plastic bat, and she hits him for good measure. 

Ally and Kayla surf for fun. Michelle decides to get in the water too, she is ready to surf again.

Side Note

There were supposed to be high school students? LOL. No.

Minority Report: Sarah, Police, Detective fisher, 

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Overall rating 

Number of Kills: 

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