Nanny Dearest (2023 Lifetime)

Nanny Dearest (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Cj Hammond, Liz Fenning

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After receiving fertile eggs from a donor, Rebecca and Caleb are finally able to have a child and start a family. Several years later, a strange woman appears in their life, and is oddly drawn to their daughter. The egg donor has returned–and she wants what is “rightfully” hers. Stars Kayleigh Anne Ruller, Liz Fenning, and CJ Hammond (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

A baby is having a breakdown while a shirtless hunk, Derek, ignores her, and the mother, Taylor, puts on a cheap red bob wig to go down to the clinic to donate her eggs for some quick cash. ($8000, to be exact!)

At the fertility clinic, a handsome couple, Melissa and Caleb, seek an egg donation. The couple receives Taylor’s egg.

Taylor comes home and shows her mother, Georgia, the money. They go into the house to find Derek crying and Baby Abby missing. He accidentally rolled over on top of the baby and suffocated her. Tayor demands to know where her daughter is, and Derek says he has already buried her in the backyard. Tayor grabs a knife and stabs him to death. (Which is fair! She really has been through it.) 

10 years later, Taylor is still in jail and makes friends with a cyber hacker named Veronica. They are both getting out around the same time. Taylor moves back in with her mother and wastes no time returning to a life of crime. Taylor steals the computer at the fertility clinic and has veronica hack the hard drive to find out where her egg donation went. Then Taylor peeks into the family’s windows. 

Melissa and Caleb are raising their daughter Ruby together, and it seems like they are the perfect little family. Caleb has been looking for a new job since his last job as a TV writer. Melissa, on the other hand, gets a promotion and will have to travel for work. 

While enjoying a day at the park, Melissa and Ruby are surprised to see a trash can catch on fire. It is part of an elaborate plan that Taylor has concocted. Taylor starts the fire to distract the mother and daughter so she can drug Melissa’s water bottle, and when she passes out, Taylor makes her move to befriend Ruby and pose as a nanny. Taylor tells Ruby about a hiking trail and convinces Ruby to go with her, even though Melissa is passed out AF. 

When Melissa wakes up, it is almost nighttime, and she realizes her daughter is missing. She panics and calls her husband, Caleb, but Ruby has just gotten home by the helpful nanny for higher… Kimberly. (Tylor gives him a business card and resumes she lifted from online.) When Melissa rushes home and yells at Ruby and Taylor. 

Melissa questions her daughter about what happened, and she asks hard questions about if any inappropriate touching occurred. 

Then Melissa talks to Caleb and blames her new job for being exhausted. He suggests they hire Taylor/Kimberly. Melissa is uncomfortable with that, but when. Taylor/Kimberly’s references come back clean; she is hired.

Taylor/Kimberly tells her mother, Georgina, about it, leaving out the whole fake identity thing. Her mother is suspicious and thinks that it is weird the family would accept Taylor back in their life if they knew she is the egg donor. 

Jamal arrives to pick up Melissa for a work thing. His entrance is VERY strange and includes extreme camera angles and rock music. Jamal is a corporate douche and Melissa’s boss. (Later, Caleb jealously asks Melissa about her boss, shirtless. There is no way Caleb is insecure, he is 100!)

With Melissa gone, Taylor/Kimberly takes Ruby to the park and tells her that she is her second mom. Ruby is thrilled and promises to keep it a secret at Taylor/Kimberly’s request. 

While having a sexy time, Jamal gets a message from Taylor/Kimberly pretending to be Melissa. She sets up a sex date at a hotel. Then Taylor/Kimberly tells Caleb that she saw a message on Melissa’s phone and gives him the hotel information.

Caleb waits for Jamal at the hotel, and they get into an altercation in the lobby. Jamal swears nothing has happened yet. Well, actually, Caleb beats up Jamal. Then he accuses Melissa of having an affair and asks for space. 

Melissa talks to Jamal, and he asks her who would want to ruin her marriage. She comes up blank and goes out of town for work for another week without Jamal. Jamal offers Caleb Lakers tickets, but Taylor/Kimberly intercepts them and tears them up. He realizes that Taylor/Kimberly want’s Caleb all to herself. 

Taylor/Kimberly seizes the opportunity and asks Caleb if she can sleep over due to car trouble. She rushes off to quickly pack a bag and is unknowingly followed by Jamal. He enters Taylor/Kimberly’s house and finds the stolen fertility clinic computer. He logs on and sees that Taylor/Kimberly is the egg donor. 

Dummy Jamal confronts Taylor/Kimberly when she returns home for a laptop she forgot. He tells her that he knows she wants to be Ruby’s legal mother and calls Melissa to tell her the whole thing. Taylor/Kimberly kicks Jamal in the balls and strangles him with a computer cord. Melissa thinks he is masturbating, tells him off, and reports him to HR. (Gorgina later finds the body in the garage and is super annoyed.) 

Georgina asks her daughter why she killed again. Georgina tells Taylor/Kimberly take SHE was the one who suffocated her baby when Abbie wouldn’t stop crying. Derek lost it on them, and Taylor stabbed him. Taylor/Kimberly rewrote the memory. Georgina tells her daughter that she needs help and calls the police. Taylor/Kimberly strangles her mother while screaming; I need to be with Abbie! 

Ruby accidentally spills the beans to Melissa and tells her what Taylor/Kimberly said about being her biological mother. Melissa tears through some old files and sees the picture of Taylor; she shows it to Caleb and tells him that she is Kimberly. Caleb admits that Taylor/Kimberly came onto him and set up the fake affair. 

Melissa tells Taylor they are filing a restraining order and calling the police. Ruby watches from the window and cries to be with her mother. Taylor leaves and says that Ruby means everything to her and she loves her very much. Melissa and Caleb try to set boundaries with Ruby, but the kid is not getting it. 

Ruby calls Taylor from a closet and agrees to meet Taylor to receive a gift. Ruby unblocks Taylor’s number and texts her, even though she knows she shouldn’t. Then she sneaks out of the house and gets into Taylor’s car, but just for 5 mins. (Come on, Ruby!)

Melissa sees Taylor kidnapping Ruby and rushes after them in her car and calls Caleb. They drive to Taylor’s house, the one with all the dead bodies. Melissa sneaks into the house after giving Caleb the address and telling him to call the police. 

Taylor shows Ruby a video about egg donation. Meanwhile, Taylor and Melissa fight and smash vases in each other’s faces. Melissa ties Taylor up and, for some reason, grabs her phone. Taylor unties herself and attacks Melissa. When Ruby tries to stop Taylor from hurting her mother, Taylor smothers her with a pillow. 

Caleb rushes onto the scene and crowbars Taylor. He rushes to save his wife and daughter. Ruby was just pretending to be dead! 

Taylor realizes she shouldn’t be alive and impales herself on the crowbar. She reunites with Ghost Abbie, who forgives her for killing her. They walk off in the sunset together. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Caleb, Doctor, Receptionist, Veronica, Olivia, 

I did not like the ending. Suicide is not the answer, even if you are Taylor.Kimberly. Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a volunteer Crisis Counselor.

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