Mommy I Didn’t Do It (2017 Lifetime)

Mommy I Didn’t Do It (2017 Lifetime)

Cast:  Danica McKellarPaige SearcyJonathan BennettJaleel WhiteJamie-Lynn SiglerJim O’HeirJen Lilley

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

The follow-up to The Wrong Woman. Ellen Plainview has finally finished law school, is practicing law, and looking forward to spending some much needed time with her 17-year-old daughter Julie. (2017)


A man (who we later learn is a teacher.) is murdered by stabbing, at night, in his car, by a beach, with a candlestick. Waves crash “artistically” on the shore as the credits roll. 

Cut to Danica McKellar playing a lawyer; I’d believe it. (She is a smart woman!) Danica McKellar wins her case and rushes home to be with her rebellious teen daughter, Julie. Steve, a neighbor boy, tells Danica McKellar that her daughter is hot. (Which is inappropriate, Steve!) Julie goes out with her friend, Sylvie, for the night and stays out too late. 

Detective Vicky and Detective Hamer show up the next morning and question Julie and Danica McKellar on their way to yoga. Julie is arrested as a suspect in the murder of the teacher. Danica McKellar has flashbacks to when she was accused of murder, and now it is happening to her daughter. 

Steve Urkel interrogates Julie with Danica McKellar present. I cannot take this man seriously. Like when did Stefan become a beat cop? He criticizes Danica McKellar’s parenting skills and sets the bail for $750,000, leaving Julie stuck in jail. Julie calls her mother a bad lawyer and is just generally unpleasant. The evidence is stacked up against her. Julie’s alibi is shakey, her prints are in the car, and she has a flight booked to Paris. The police get a search warrant and comb through the house, finding a missing butcher knife and a diary.)

In court, where Danica McKellar represents her own daughter, the judge doesn’t allow Julie out on bail and will hold her for two weeks until her court date. With no daughter to burden her, Danica McKellar meets with hunky author Ben Saverin. He gives a lot of exposition on the previous movie where Danica McKellar was wrongfully accused. (Side note Danica McKellar and Jonathan Bennett are BFF’s) 

Julie is released on bail and is sooooo rude to her mother, who just fought to give her daughter freedom. Danica McKellar goes to a bar to talk with the teacher’s wife. The wife (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) claims that Julie was having an affair with her husband. DAMN! Direct quote from that conversation:

“I hope your daughter burns in hell.” (I can’t say I disagree. Julie sucks.) 

Danica McKellar questions Julie’s friend and Sylvie. Sylvie tells her that they went out partying with french boys on the beach. The conversation is cut short by Sylvie’s mother, who is also SAVAGE to Danica McKellar. These Lifetime women are coming for poor Danica McKellar!!!!!

 The evidence keeps piling up against Julie. The diary has “Mr. Denton Must DIE.” scribbled in it. Julie took rides home from school from the teacher from tennis practice and people around town think that they were sleeping together. Danica McKellar demands her daughter tell the truth, which just pushes Julie away.

Steve brings Julie flowers and is hunky. He offers to be a character witness and tells Julie that she is not going to prison. He knows she didn’t do it. (Because he did??)

At court, Julie and Danica McKellar run into Jerry from the office?!?! This movie casting is ridiculous. Hallmark’s Jen Lilley plays the prosecution, and boring court proceedings begin. (Lifetime does not do courtroom drama’s well.) Lots of dramatic “OBJECTIONS!” and “OVERRULED.” happen. Danica McKellar goes hard on everyone on the stand. She is a good TV Movie lawyer.

Danica McKellar and Ben go to the beach a night to recreate the murder and rekindle their romance. They kiss. (Awww?) They get whatever evidence they need to discredit an eyewitness. 

Julie admits to her mother that she was having an inappropriate relationship with her teacher. Danica McKellar is disappointed in her daughter and decides to keep it a secret.

Steve takes the stand and admits to killing Mr. Dutton. He provides a lot of evidence to prove his story, but he told Danica McKellar and Julie that he was out of town at a concert. They have a responsibility to Steve and decide not to let him blame something he didn’t do.

The lawyers make their closing arguments. Danica McKellar gets hella emotional and cries while talking about memories of Julie as a child. The speech might be dramatic but doesn’t really disprove Juile’s guilt.

Afterward, Danica McKellar and Ben go out on a date and wait for the jury to make their verdict. Julie looks through case files and finds a CD mixtape. The CD contains rap music, which Mr. Dutton hates. Julie calls Sylvie and tells her about the evidence she found. Danica McKellar realizes that Sylvie is responsible for the murder through a bunch of flashbacks.

Julie and Sylvie meet on the beach. Sylvie tells Julie that she was ready to run off with Mr. Dutton and is responsible for killing him and framing Julie for the murder. Danica McKellar calls 911 and rushes to save her daugher. Sylvie and Danica McKellar struggle over a large butcher knife. Julie grabs a log and knocks Sylvie out as the police arrive. They arrest Sylvie, and Julie’s case is dismissed. 

Ben works on his next book and Julie heads to Paris for a summer trip with her mother. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Detectives, Judge

Sequel to the Lifetime movie: The Wrong Woman (NOT starring Ms. Vivica a Fox)

This movie is a whos who of TV movie stars of yesteryear.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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