A Surrogate Nightmare (2017 Lifetime)

A Surrogate Nightmare (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Poppy MontgomeryEmily TennantTy Olsson

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

In the wake of her mother’s mysterious death, Angela comes home after many years away to find her younger sister, Shelley, longing for a family and unable to conceive a child. Hoping to reconnect, Angela offers to act as a surrogate for her sister. Meanwhile, an old friend reappears in Angela’s life, and a secret past begins to emerge. And as cracks start to show in Shelley’s marriage, it becomes clear that Angela is not the only one with secrets. As tensions rise and everyone’s motives come into question, the deepest secret of all threatens to tear apart Angela’s world and that of the unborn child she carries. Stars Poppy Montgomery,


A woman is power walking when she gets a call from her daughter. The woman is very excited about a grandchild. After she hangs up the phone, she is brutally murdered while screaming, “I’m sorry.” The daughter receives a knock at the door, and the police inform her that her mother died. 

The daughter’s name is Shelley, and she is married to a man named David. Shelley’s sister, Angela, comes home to help with funeral arrangements. Police are investigating the death but are currently ruling it as an accident. Shelley shares with her sister that she has been having trouble conceiving. It has put stress on David and Shelley’s relationship. Angela offers to be a surrogate, and the couple accepts. David wants to move out of the house at the same time; he is not a fan of Angela and is shady to her whenever possible. 

Angela is a writer, and she is going to write her next book while pregnant. She runs into an old flame named Kurt at the library. She is happy to see him and his striking blue eyes! Angela ran away when she was seventeen and didn’t get a chance to explain herself to him. (Explain herself for what exactly? Oh, she falsely accused him of rape, and he was in jail for nine years.) Angela traveled the world and talks about it a lot. She goes on multiple dates with Kurt. On one of the dates, Kurt gets into a fight with a drunk guy who is being an asshole to the hostess. Kurt has anger issues. (Later, he freaks out in the library.)

The sisters go to the doctor for a prenatal visit. The doctor tells Angela to reduce stress in her life for the health of the baby. Shelley is disappointed that David misses the appointment. He is out having an affair with a woman named Nora. David takes a job in Shanghai and doesn’t consult her before. David sends flowers to apologize, and Shelley forgives him. Shelley is an idiot because the flowers are from Curt… with a C. (Eyeroll.)

Kurt goes above and beyond, like too much. He invites Angela over to talk but has a meal prepared by candlelight. She tells him to stop calling her and attempts to set boundaries with him. He gets angry again and says that she sounds just like her mother. I’m not sure what exactly is going on. 

Curt starts stalking Angela, and he gets jealous of David and runs him off the road. He is admitted into the hospital with a fractured skull and pelvis. So much for a low-stress pregnancy. The sisters cry by his bedside, and Shelley is worried she will be a single parent. David is in a coma, and the doctors recommend long term facility care.

Curt is still stalking Angela. He sleeps outside of her house and tampers with the electrical causing a raging kitchen fire while Shelley is in the house.

David wakes up, and Shelley is happy about that even though he is a jerk. She gets a call from her sister warning her to stay way from Curt because he is a convicted criminal and is dangerous. Shelley doesn’t heed the warning and is confronted by Curt in the house. He calls her a liar, just like her sister. Then he admits to killing their mother. Shelley pulls a knife on him but gets overpowered because Curt is massive.

Angela comes home to find Curt holding her sister at gunpoint. Angela tries to reason with him and promises that they will be together. She calls him a good/decent man, but prison changed him. He was confused and thought Angela was pregnant with David’s baby. Speaking of confusing, Shelley is Angela’s sister, and Curt is the father. WTF. This movie is terrible.

When she was fifteen, Angela got pregnant with Curt but never told him. Her parents made her say she was raped, and Curt was tried as an adult. He looks at his daughter Shelley and cries at all the time he has lost with his child. The police come and take him away.  

Shelley cries and is shocked that Angela is her mother. Her mother is carrying her child. Angela begs for forgiveness. I guess she gets it because, in the next scene, everyone is happy that they are having a girl. 

Side Note

Minority Report: None.

This was very confusing and problematic. Whose side am I supposed to be on here? The woman who lied about being raped and her mother who covered up the lie or the stalker man who is also terrible, but not a rapist? 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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  1. I totally AGREE with your summary. This is onel of the WORST convaluted nonsensical stories ever made!!! 😝

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