Locked In (2017 Lifetime)

Locked In (2017 Lifetime)

Cast:  Josie DavisRyan PaeveyKaleigh Rivera 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A young woman must care for her agoraphobic mother and the family farm after her father is involved in an accident. A strange man arrives at their home seeking shelter during a storm, but she soon begins to suspect his story isn’t as it appears.


Anne Marie (Or Josie Davis with a terrible southern accent.) is raising her daughter Taylor with her husband. While they are having dinner, they hear a commotion in the barn, and the husband goes out to check it out. A man with a knife attacks Chris, and they struggle over a gun. Anne goes out to check on her husband and finds him shot in the barn. The incident leaves Anne agoraphobic. Taylor looks after the farm and her mother.

A storm rolls into town, and reports warn of high winds. Taylor takes mail to a neighbor, Francis, who shows her his hand radio in case of an emergency or if her cell phone goes out. It is like Chekhov’s gun, but less subtle. Taylor then goes and makes out with a cutie named Blake. He is going off to college, but they still makeout. Ya know, I would too! 

Taylor finds a map from her father and heads out and starts digging in the barn, and finds a bag full of cash with a gun. Taylor calls Blake and shows him. It is a lot of money, and Taylor realizes that her dad was murdered over this money. Blake and Taylor bury it and act like they never saw it. 

Meanwhile, a hunk named Draven in a red sports car stops at a gas station and tends to a would while showing off his body. (That is so Draven!) As the storm rolls in, so does Draven… the hunk. He stops by the house and claims he needs gas. Anne is not trusting of anyone and asks him to write down a number she can call. She leaves him on the doorstep. Taylor comes down and offers to call a tow, but he doesn’t want him to come inside. Anne Marie offers for Draven to stay in the barn. 

Not wanting Draven to get to the money, Blake and Taylor got out to the barn and pull a shotgun on him. Taylor tells him to get out of the barn and get gas with Blake. One the ride, Draven tries to convince Blake to let him stay in the barn until the storm passes. Blake can’t find gas, so they head back to the house. 

The Sheriff shows up and notices Draven’s car out front. He is concerned and knocks on the door. Taylor and Blake ignore him because they are nervous about the money. Once the police leave, Draven comes back to the front door and begs to be let inside. Anne Marie lets him in and gets him some of her dead husband’s clothing. (I think she wants to replace him with Draven, wouldn’t THAT be a twist.) Draven fixes a sink and wins over the mother, and then she watches him take a shower??? (So much shirtless Ryan Paevey in this movie, I’m into it.)

While Draven and Anne Marie bond, Taylor looks through the basement and finds a news clipping about a bank robbery. The money in the barn is definitely stolen. Blake encourages Taylor to call the Sherriff, but she doesn’t want to give up her opportunity for a better life.

The family goes to sleep, well only Anne Marie goes to sleep; everyone else snoops around at night. Taylor finds the gas tank in Draven’s car is full and a note in his coat pocket with her address. She butts him with her gun and locks Draven in the basement. It doesn’t last lon because Draven busts out and grabs the gun from Taylor and knocking Blake out.

Taylor runs to her neighbor’s Francis’s house and finds him dead. She uses CB Radio to attempt to call for help. The call goes through, and the Sherrif heads back to the house. Taylor is captured and tied up in the basement with her mother. She admits everything to Anne Marie about the money. Anne Marie scolds her daughter for lying and says the right thing to do is turn in the money. The Sheriff finds them and begins to untie them, but Draven shoots him.

Draven demands Taylor to give him the money. The man who killed Taylor’s father was a prison buddy of Draven’s, and Chris was hiding the money for them. Draven takes Anne Marie upstairs since Taylor won’t tell him where the money is. Anne Marie tries to bargain with him while Taylor unties herself with a broken shard of glass and sneaks out into the barn.

Taylor come back and shows Draven where the money is while being held at gunpoint. Ann Marie has to over come her agoraphobia to save her daughter. She gets out just in time and screams “LET GO OF MY DAUGHTER” before shooting Draven with a shotgun off the second story of the barn. The money bag breaks his fall and he makes a run for it, but Anne Marie is a sniper apparently and take that bitch out. RIP Draven, you shirtless angel.

Anne Marie leaves the house and thank God because that stained glass door was terrible. They load up the truck and head off into the literal sunset.

Side Note

Minority Report: Chris

What kind of name is DRAVEN 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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