Unwritten Obsession (2017 Lifetime)

Unwritten Obsession (2017 Lifetime)

Cast:  Mary Pat GleasonHaley WebbShawn ChristianChelsea Lopez

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Bestselling author Skye Chaste hasn’t had any success since her hit book, Maya’s Fall, was released years ago. Now desperate for cash, Skye accepts a job to mentor one of her young fans, Holly, who is writing a novel herself. She even allows her to stay in the guest room during the process. Upon reading Holly’s book, Skye realizes just how good it is and sends it to her publisher as if she wrote it herself. Blinded by the possibility of striking gold again with a new book, Skye doesn’t notice that she’s playing right into Holly’s devious plan. Holly knows more about Skye than she has let on, and she will stop at nothing to expose her idol’s dark secrets. Haley Webb, Chelsea Lopez, Shawn Christian star. (2017)


Skye is a successful writer who suffered a tragedy when her husband committed suicide. Five years later and she is suffering from writer block and continuing to tour on her one book’s success. She goes out to bars and has one-night stands with hunks while a blonde woman with bangs follows her and creepily stares. 

The next day, after finding out her book deal is in trouble, Skye is caught slamming her car door in anger by the blonde woman with bangs. Bangs offers to take Skye to breakfast and tells her that she is her biggest fan. Bangs is named Holly and is also a writer. Holly asks Syke to help her with her book and mentor her. She offers to pay Holly $2000 to help her. Skye is in no position to turn down the money and accepts the offer. 

At Skye’s home, Holly snoops around while Skye takes a shower. She finds a picture of Syke and her dead husband, Paul. Skye catches her and is very upset; she sets some boundaries. Holly apologizes profusely and shares about her trauma too. Both her parents died, and Skye’s book helped Holly through a difficult time. Skye opens up about Paul and shares why she keeps all his belongings in the attic. 

Syke reads Holly’s manuscript that is a mystery with no title or ending. She is disturbed by what she reads and drops all the pages on the floor. Syke invites Holly to stay while she continues to help with the manuscript. (She plans on stealing it…Skye asks Holly to keep it between them and asks if anyone else has read it.) As she works, Skye hears a record playing. It is Holly playing the record that Paul played while he killed himself. It gives her PTSD.

If that wasn’t enough, Holly puts out photos of Paul all over the house and tries on Skye’s clothing while she is out. Skye screams at Holly and tells her to stop trying to fix her. Holly has the opposite effect, triggering painful memories for Skye. Holly is also gaslighting the fuck out of Skye. (She bangs a hammer around the house at night and then denies doing it.)

Holly produces the next chapter in her book, and Skye is quick to send it along to her editor and then crack open a beer. Then she finds surveillance cameras all around the house and realizes Holly knows that she is stealing the book. The editor calls back with the news that Skye could get six figures for her work. Skye realizes that Holly is alone in life and doesn’t have a single friend. She encourages Holly to keep writing and finish the book. While Holly works, Skye gathers murder materials in the garage and plots Holly’s murder. 

Holly reviews the security footage and realizes that Skye is onto her. Holly takes a wheat chopping decoration from the wall and shares a story of a murder mystery in a small Chinese town with Skye.

Now that both women know each other’s endgame, the viewer is left to see which woman will win out in the end. 

After Holly finishes the book, Skye wants to celebrate with Bocce in the GARAGE. Before they head out, Holly wants to have a toast with Skye. Skye downs her drink, while Holly only has a sip. Holly presents the book and has retitled it “Revenge.” Holly has put something in Skye’s drink.

Skye wakes up, tied up and gagged in the garage. She uses a vice to try and free herself. (Who has a vice in their house, just asking!) Holly pulls a gun on Skye and starts asking questions about Paul. Holly thinks that Skye killed Paul and claims to be Maya… the protagonist in Skye’s book. Skye frees herself and grabs the gun. She shoots Holly, but there are no bullets in the gun. Then she slips on a bocce ball, giving Holly the opportunity to make a run for it.

With a loaded gun, Skye looks around the house for Holly. Who has taken one of the wheat choppy things for her weapon of choice. Holly/Maya chops Syke and tells her that she knows that the successful book was Paul’s. Skye stole his manuscript too. Paul was Holly/Maya’s father, and he sent her the first draft of the manuscript as an apology for leaving his daughter. Holly can’t understand why her father would kill himself. Skye tries to explain herself and makes no excuses for stealing. Holly forces Skye to sign a confession. Then Holly packs up and leaves.

Skye is left with Holly’s manuscript that just reads “Paul wrote Maya’s Fall” repeatedly. 

Flash forward to Skye (Now in a black wig and teaching writers workshops and stealing more students’ ideas. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Hotel Clerk. 

Also Known as: Fan Girl

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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