Infidelity in Suburbia (2017 Lifetime)

Infidelity in Suburbia (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Sarah ButlerMarcus RosnerPeter Benson

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Laura (Sarah Butler) who decides to take on a home renovation project to cure her boredom while her husband is at work and son is at school. Sparks fly between her and her contractor Vince (Marcus Rosner), and he soon fulfills Laura’s forbidden dreams. But when Laura decides to end their affair, Vince builds a secret room in Laura’s home where he can keep her all to himself.


A couple is getting it on while a bloody kid opens the door. The kid killed the family dog. Okay, WTF.

Flashforward. Laura and Greg have a son named Jamie, who hasn’t killed the family dog. Yet. They own a boat and dock near a super-duper hunk, Elliott. (Lifetime thirst trap, Marcus Rosner) Laura is a helicopter mom, and the one second she isn’t hovering, Jamie falls into the water. Hot Elliott saves the kid and is only half wet? 

Mira, Jamie’s friend, is me. She drinks wine and talks about Hot Elliott being hot, and she would “totally do him.” Hot Elliott comes over for dinner, and he offers to help remodel the kitchen. He promptly gets to work with his shirt off. Laura is impressed and sneaks glances at his body. He is turning her on like her husband never could. (Which is sad for Greg, poor average Greg.) To cool, Laura takes a shower. Hot Elliott watches her. (Which generally would be creepy, but since it is Marcus Rosner, I’m into it?)

Later, a still shirtless Elliott is working in the kitchen. The neighbor Mira checks him out and makes small talk about his hometown and girlfriend status. He says he isn’t dating, but he does have his eye on someone. 

It turns out, Greg does too. Laura finds some purple panties in their boat and infers that her husband is cheating on her. Hot Elliott opens up about his childhood and having to help his mother with cheating husbands. “He tells Laura to close the door and lock it. Hoover over her husband’s terrible actions.” Then they hold hands. Hot Elliott goes home and cries while looking at pictures of his mother and scribbled out faces of the men who wronged her. 

Laura showers again, and this time Hot Elliott doesn’t just watch. He strips down and joins her. They have passionate sex in the shower in a steamy lengthy glass splatting /back grabbing sex scene. Afterward, Laura has conflicted feelings. She confronts her husband but chickens out at the last min. Then she talks with Hot Elliott and tries to break it off, but he won’t let her and seduces her again. (This time the do it in the garage.)

To throw off suspicion of the affair, Hot Elliott sets up a mandate with Greg. This is the last straw, and Laura officially ends it with Hot Elliott. Too bad, he shows up to Greg’s surprise party. Laura ignores him and talks with Greg’s assistant, who she thought he was having an affair with. The assistant was just helping plan the party.

The assistant goes home with Hot Elliott, and they get hot and heavy. The only problem is Hot Elliott can’t get it up. When the assistant makes fun of him and then finds a picture of Laura by his bed, he strangles her. Then he breaks into Laura’s house and writes, “Hot Elliott + Laura 4EVA!” (Or something similar.)

Laura finds the notes and tells Elliott to leave her alone. She threatens to call the police, and he gets furious. He promises to tell her loved ones about the affair. Then he grabs Laura, and she screams. Her son, whose name I forgot… Timmy? He sees the whole thing. 

For some reason, Laura looks up some yelp reviews about Hot Elliott’s construction business. (Like she needs any more proof her is a POS.) She tracks down a woman who wrote a bad review. The woman looks just like Laura and is traumatized because of Hot Elliott. She also learns from a coffee shop owner that Hot Elliott has a troubled past and was too possessive of his mother. He was suspected of burning the family house down.

While Laura is away, Greg gets kidnaped and ties up in Hot Elliott’s boat. When Greg comes to, he gets the crap beaten out of him by Hot Elliott. Laura is mildly worried when Greg disappears.

Hot Elliott cooks Laura dinner for their “anniversary.” Laura demands to know where Greg is. Hot Elliott says, “he took care of them.” Then they talk about his mother and the fire. Hot Elliott gets violent and grabs Laura by the hair. Timmy sees the whole thing and is terrified. Hot Elliott ties Laura up.

Laura begs him to untie her and promises that she loves him. It was all a misunderstanding. Hot Elliott unties her, and she goes to find her son tied up at the kitchen table with a plate of the worst looking spaghetti. His name is Jamie, not Timmy. Laura tries to signal her neighbor from the window but gets caught. Hot Elliott put Jamie in his room and almost rapes Laura. Jamie interrupts, and Hot Elliott has flashbacks. Laura uses the distraction to her advantage and wacks Hot Elliott with a wine bottle. She almost gets away but is hit with a hammer and put in a body bag.

On Hot Elliott’s boat, Laura cuts herself free from the bad and stabs Hot Elliott. Then she rescues Greg. Hot Elliott continues to chase her around the dock, but Laura keeps getting away. Eventually, they end up by a high window, and she throws him out of it. Hot Elliott plummets to his death. 

With the whole nightmare behind her, Laura spends time with her family. The end.

Side Note

Minority Report: Coffee shop owner

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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