Killing Mommy (2017 Lifetime)

Killing Mommy (2017 Lifetime)

Stars:  Yvonne ZimaClaire RankinGarrett Hnatiuk 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When their mother announces her plans to remarry and sell the family estate, twin sisters Juliana and Deb have different reactions to the news. Juliana feels her mother will continue to support her, while Deb begins to threaten her mother’s happiness to the point of threatening her life.


Deb is a goth girl who does shots in dive bars and makes terrible decisions with shady men. A young preppy couple comes into the bar and calls Deb a skank. Deb bets that bitch down and is arrested and thrown into jail. 

Deb’s twin sister, Juliana, has a rain shower and drinks green smoothies. Cue a getting ready montage with peppy music, which cues that I am supposed to love Juliana! (She is a fifth-year fashion design major, soooo what is not to like.)She visits her mother’s gorgeous house in the suburbs. Eve has a boyfriend named Winston, and they are a cute couple. Juliana is very supportive of her mom’s relationship. Eve attempts to set money boundaries with her daughter, who is materialistic and vapid. 

Eve gets a call about Deb and comes to bail out her daughter. No surprise here, Deb and Juliana, do not get along. Eve invites Deb to dinner and drops her off at a slum. Deb doesn’t want to take handouts from her mother, unlike Juliana, who manipulates her mother to buy her more handbags. 

At their birthday dinner, Deb reveals that she is a stripper. Eve also has an announcement. She and Winston are getting married. Deb is disapproving, and in contrast, Juliana is thrilled. Deb and Juliana argue, and Deb slaps her sister. Deb runs off, and Juliana goes out with her friend Becky. Becky makes fun of Deb and is rude in general. Juliana defends her sister and explains that Deb spiraled after their father’s death and blames herself.

When Julianna’s credit card is maxed out, she goes to her mother for more money. Eve tells her daughter that the money is not a bottomless pit, and she needs to be more mindful of spending money. Even is selling the family home and move into Winston’s condo. Julianna acts like a petulant child and pouts. 

Julianna visits Deb and apologizes for her behavior and tries to bury the hatchet. The sisters have a few drinks and get pretty drunk. Julianna spills the secret about selling the house, and Deb loses it. She screams at Eve in her office and says she hates her in front of everyone. Eve is angry with Julianna for not warning her. The next morning, Winston’s car is vandalized. He is pissed but has to leave town for a business trip.

Eve throws a charity auction and calls Winston while walking to her car. She is followed by someone and gets a bad feeling. Eve calls Deb before getting in her car. Deb doesn’t answer because she is hooking up with a guy named Deke and buying drugs. The next morning Julianna shows her mother all the bad things Deb has been doing… ONLY IT WASN’T DEB!

Juliana chloroformed Deb and kidnapped her. He takes Deb up to Winston’s summer cabin and ties her up. Juliana impersonates her sister and misbehaves to make Eve write Deb out of the will. Julianna will not let her money be taken away and doesn’t want to share. She tells Deb that she killed their father to get more money, so she won’t hesitate to kill Deb and Eve. 

Pretend Deb gets Deke to drive her around for the day. Deke tells Juliana that he knows she switched places because of an ass tattoo. He doesn’t care and suggests a threesome. She takes him to Deb’s place and ties him up in bondage and murders him. 

Juliana calls Eve and says she is worried about Deb. Eve and Juliana go to Deb’s apartment and find the body. Detectives are called, and they start looking for Deb.

Back up at Winston’s summer home, Deb unties herself and escapes into the woods. Julianna follows her through the woods with a gun, and the twins fight over the gun. Eve arrives and sees Deb pointing the gun at Julianna. Deb tries to explain everything to her mother through tears. Julianna is caught in a lie, and Eve believes Deb, then she shoots her daughter. 

Eve and Winston get married. Deb is there in her goth makeup, and Juliana is in jail. The end.

Side Note

Minority Report: Deke, Security Officer, Detective. 

Props to the costume designer and the hair and make up team. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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