Nanny Nightmare (2017 Lifetime)

Nanny Nightmare (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Erin CahillBrady SmithJake Manley 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A mother hires her longtime neighbor to help care for her newborn baby, but the young man develops an unhealthy obsession with her and her daughter and will stop at nothing to make sure his new family stays together forever.


“Hust Little Baby” is sung while a hooded figure stands over a sleeping couple. We see this on surveillance cameras. Then the camera pans to the nursery as the song becomes more menacing.

Lauren is a busy mother with a tween son named Carter, who plays video games. In addition to taking care of the household duties, Lauren has a toddler baby Riley. Lauren’s husband, James, is no help with anything. The couple is separated, maybe?

James works at an office and is making “the big pitch” with his redheaded co-worker, Summer. Summer and James are sleeping together? IDK. 

Over the baby monitor, Lauren hears a woman singing. Lauren is cracking under the pressure, and her baby gets out of its crib and almost crawls out of the house. (The front door latch is locked.) Her teenaged neighbor, Owen, saves the baby. Owen is giving me Jordan Catalano vibes from My So-Called Life. The police arrive and takes a statement and recommend updating the baby monitor/doors. 

Owen fixes the door and emasculates the absentee James. Lauren needs help around the house and wants to ask Owen to become a nanny. They invite him over for dinner and ask him to help around the house for the summer while he is back from college. Owen accepts because he has been “eating ramen off of a hotplate.” Little do they know he has been stalking Lauren for months and has photos of her and an elaborate survivance set up.

In s tight v-neck tee, Owen becomes Mr. Mom. He cooks, cleans, and takes care of the baby, all while listening to music in his headphones. He even dances around with a swifer. He amuses Lauren. Later at dinner, Lauren and Owen have a drink and talk about her relationship with James. James had an affair with Summer, and Lauren was hoping the new baby would stop his philandering, but he is still working late. Owen gives Lauren advice and is wise for his years. James comes home to find them sitting by the fire and is suspicious. 

Lauren leaves the house for some self-care, and Owen installs new nanny cams all over the house to monitor James and not the baby. Lauren meets up with an old friend from the IVF clinique. Her friend seems to recognize Owen, but they brush it off. Lauren comes home to find a shirtless Owen fixing her washing machine and then doing the family laundry. (He steals some panties here, of course.)

At a bar, Owen picks up Summer and sleeps with her. After they have sex, she passes out, he takes pictures of her and sends them to James. Then he watches Lauren and her family on the nanny cam. Lauren sees the photo and argues with James. Lauren kicks James out of the house for good this time. 

With James out of the picture, Owen makes his move. He kisses Lauren, and James witnesses it on his nanny cam. Lauren immediately regrets it and tells Owen it was a mistake. 

Summer turns up dead, and the police question James. James believes Owen is responsible, and he goes to the house to talk with Lauren. When Owen asks James to “Leave our house.” James goes crazy and beats the crap out of Owen. Lauren calls the police and has him arrested for assault. Lauren patches Owen up, and he tells her that some women are worth fighting for and tries to kiss Lauren again. She is officially freaked out and kicks Owen out of the house too.

In the middle of the night, Owen breaks into the house and sedates Lauren. He kisses her and tells her that she will love him. He is even jealous of Carter. 

Meanwhile, James finds Owen’s surveillance room and a shrine to Lauren. He is horrified to recover Owen’s mother rotting in the corner of the room. Then he hears a voice over an intercom. It is Owen; he knows James is in his house. Then he plays the creepy “Hush Little Babby” while he creeps around the house. James watches on the surveillance camera as Owen takes an ax to the baby’s crib. Owen then talks to the camera and tells James that this is his family now.

Lauren wakes up form the drugs and finds Owen with the baby. She tries to reason with him to give her the crying baby. He gives the baby over, and they talk downstairs as a family. James bursts in and finds Owenholding his family hostage. Owen forces James to beg him for his family and apologize as he holds a knife to Carter’s neck. Owen holds James at knifepoint, but Lauren uses the baby monitor as a weapon and throws it at Owen. James stabs Owen, but Owen overpowers him and cuts James deeply with the knife. 

With mon one left to save her, Lauren locks herself in the nursery. Owen smashes through the door (Shining style, all that is missing is the “Heeerrrr’s Owen”) and enters the room. Lauren hits him with an ax to the head, and he dies.

The family mends their wounds and puts together some Ikea furniture. If they can survive that, they can survive ANYTHING. Lauren gets a call from her IVF friend. Owen used to work at the clinic and swapped out the sperm samples. Baby Riley is his daughter. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: None, boo.

Nice twist at the end. 

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2017 Lifetime

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