Off the Rails (2017 Lifetime)

This movie certainly went off the rails

Off the Rails (2017 Lifetime)

Cast: Hannah Barefoot, Thomas Beaudoin, Andreas Damm, Campbell Dunsmore,

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Inspired by true events. After surviving a train derailment, Nicole Barrow has lost all of her memories. The only things she remembers about herself are that she has a husband running for Attorney General and she is a geography professor with a love of cartography. Months of recovering lead her to believe she is slowly putting her perfect life back together. However, when she is approached by several strange men claiming she had contacted them to meet for sexual fantasies, she discovers a series of social media pages claiming to be her. Has her identity been stolen, or is this her former self? As she scrambles to put the pieces of her mind together, she questions who she can trust and must fight to remember the truth. Thomas Beaudoin, Hannah Barefoot star. (2017)

The movie begins with a train crash. Nicole is on that train and texting someone, “Forgive me.” Cut to someone creating a social media accounts for Nicole. 

Six Months later, Nicole is in therapy trying to regain her memory. There is no physical reason why she has lost her memory, and she works with her therapist and her husband, Mark, to recover what she can. 

Nicole returns to work as a college professor. (And give her back her classes, haha.) Her charming co-worker Zara is thrilled to see Nicole. Nicole tells Zara that she married Mark for insurance reasons even though they had been dating a while. 

While waiting for her husband at a bar, Nicole is hit on by a man who seems to know her. She freaks out and rushes out of the bar. The same thing happens while she is jogging. Things are coming back to Nicole randomly with no rhyme or reason. Mark has trouble keeping up with Nicole’s memory.  

Zara talks to Nicole about her social media, and Nicole laughs it off. She doesn’t believe in social media. Then she is attacked by a masked man in her office as some kind of roleplay sex thing. Detectives tell Nicole that Walter, the man in the ski mask, messaged her on social media. Nicole says she didn’t do it and decides not to press charges. Mark is disappointed with Nicole and tells her so while shirtless. 

Nicole decides to look into things herself and talks to Walter herself. She tells him that she didn’t send him the messages. Walter shows her the social media sights that she is on and Nicole is shocked. Mark offers to look into and hire a private investigator as long as Nicole stops looking into it herself.

She doesn’t stop; of course, Nicole recruits tech-savvy Zara to help. Then she takes a trip into the city to retrace her steps the night of the train accident. She meets a waitress who remembers a man in one of her pictures named Luc Cormier and his girlfriend, Jillian. On his website, she sees a picture of herself and has a memory flash.

Mark’s PI comes back with evidence that links Jillian to the social media accounts. He goes to her house. Meanwhile, Nicole breaks into Luc’s home and finds Mark. He tells her they should go to the police, and he tells her again to STOP INVESTIGATING. Jillian watches from outside in her car and has photos of Nicole with Luc in bed.

More memories come back to Nicole. She even faces her fear of trains when given a boarding pass in the mail. Nicole is brave. On the train, Jillian waits for Nicole. She tells Nicole that Luc is dead and then knocks on Nicole’s head to try to release her memories. Jillian tells Nicole that the police wouldn’t help her, so she had to do things herself and promises to stop posting on Nicole’s fake social media accounts. Then she kills herself by shooting herself with a gun. 

The therapist calls Nicole to see is she is triggered and screams at Mark, who is with her, to “fix this.” (They are working together on something, which seems unethical.) Zara picks Nicole up from the train station instead of Mark, who goes missing for a night. When he comes back, he is rude and jealous.

Mark tries to make it up to Nicole with pizza and wine, but she doesn’t trust him after reviewing surveillance footage with a sexy detective. Then she remembers meeting Luc and having an affair. 

Nicole begins to suspect that something is underneath the deck floorboards, which would make sense of the raven/digging grave dreams she has been having. (See Edger Allen Poe’s Tell Tale Heart.”

Mark angrily tells Nicole that she killed Luc. Nicole denies it and says she doesn’t remember, so Mark calls the therapist for a house call. The therapist pulls Nicole’s memories, and she recalls that Luc only used her for sex. Mark claims that Nicole killed Luc and helped hide the body.

Nicole doesn’t believe them and calls the hot detective. Mark punches her in the face and knocks her out. We see what really happened that night.

Mark followed Nicole to the house and killed Luc after she argued with him. Then Mark hid the body in a shallow grave and, in the middle of covering it up, was pulled away by the police telling him about the train accident. Luc woke up and covered the grave. Making it look like he was buried inside. 

Back in the present, Mark buries a grave next to Luc so they can be together. She wakes up and tries to get away, but Mark violently breaks her while remembering attacking Luc. Nicole stabs Mark fatally. Then hot detective bursts onto the scene and resuscitates Nicole. 

I’m not really sure what happens at the end of this movie? Nicole and Luc meet up at a park and kiss. Isn’t he a dick tho? What the hell. I hate this. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Zara, Bar guy, Campus Security, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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  1. Watching “Off The Rail” right this minute. I absolutely had to find a synopsis of it, because it’s kind of hard to follow. The story line seems to be made up as we go along. Not the worst Lifetime movie, but not one I’d recommend or probably be watch again.

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