Boyfriend Killer (2017 Lifetime)

Boyfriend Killer (2017 Lifetime)

Stars:  Barbie CastroPatrick MuldoonKate Mansi

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A grieving mother suspects her son’s ex-girlfriend may have been involved in his death.


The movie starts with a motorcycle accident. 

Sandra is a businesswoman, and while she is on a construction site, she gets a call that Preston, her son, was killed. Sandra, her calls her deadbeat ex-husband Charles to tell him the news. He cries in a bar. (Or the actor attempts to cry.) 

Meanwhile, Krystal keeps calling her boyfriend and not getting an answer. She vents to her parents in their opulent mansion. Her parents don’t seem to be a fan of Preston and want her to date someone more suitable. Then the father fat shames his daughter and literally takes bread away from her. Then she sees a post on social media and learns that her boyfriend is dead. 

Krystal visits Sandra to pay her respects. Sandra introduces Krystal to her sister, Carrie, as Preston’s ex-girlfriend. Krystal is quick to correct her and says they were dating when he dies, and she just moved into his place and was living with him. (Which is news to Sandra!) Krystal is acting strange and is very possessive over a laptop.

Charlie comes to town and supports Sandra. They look through old photos of Preston and prepare for the funeral. Sandra finds a receipt for a laptop and isn’t able to log into any of Preston’s social media. The two visit Krystal, who has been living in Preston’s apartment. They find Krystal has some clothes in the closet but no shoes. (Which is suspicious!) Later, Sandra gets a call with Preston’s passwords and gains access to his email. It is there that she finds an email from Preston to Krystal writing her off for good.

Krystal hires a boy named Dominic to hack into the laptop. Then she stops by Jack’s house and cried to him that she needs him. Jack threatens to call her father, which causes her to leave abruptly. I think she catches a fish in a coy pond for some reason? Did this really happen?!?! Dominic gets into the laptop and deletes the email. (Too bad Sandra printed that shit off.)

The funeral happens, and Krystal uses the opportunity to make a speech announcing that she is engaged to Preston. She even has a ring. (That was stolen.) Sandra isn’t buying it and confronts Krystal. She tells her that the emails were printed and then changes the locks on Preston’s apartment and kicks Krystal out.

Krystal moves on to a boy named Troy, who used to play volleyball team. They sleep together, and Troy in enamored with her. 

Sandra does more investigating and tracks down Jack Davis to ask him about his relationship with Krystal. Jack informs Sandra that Krystal is clingy and jealous. He also mentions Krystal’s terrible father and her pill-popping mother. Jack hired a private investigator and found that Krystal has been tracking him. He gives Sandra the PI’s contact information.

The private investigator shows Sandra and Charlie, the shady people that have been working with Krystal. She thinks that Krystal ordered the hit and also had trackers on Preston and Jacks’ vehicles. Sandra calls Troy to tell him about the private investigator, but he is with Krystal, who hears the whole conversation.

While Troy is taking a shower, Krystal steals some of his clothes and asks him to meet her at her house later. The address she gives him is Jack’s house. 

While Jack is getting ready for a shower, Krystal breaks into the house and stabs him in the back. She tells him that she loved him so much, it ruined her when he threw her away. She frames Troy for the murder.

Sandra learns of Jack’s stabbing and rushes around in her car until she is driven off the road by Krystal, who has a gun. Krystal shoots Sandra’s window and pulls her out of the vehicle. Sandra runs around and stops cars in traffic. Krystal’s father is in one of the vehicles, and he calls the police on his daughter.

Krystal tells her father that she hates him and shoots him dead then speeds off as police are on her tail. Sandra looks around, like “WTF just happened?” I’m with Sandra; this movie is wild!

One year later, in court, Krystal looks ROUGH! Sandra pleads to the judge not to take leniency on Krystal. The judge rules Krystal to life in prison without parole.

Side Note

Minority Report: Sandra, Preston, Carrie, Nathan, Jack, Troy, Liz, Rita. Lots of LatinX actors here. Yippie!

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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