Woman on the Run (2017 Lifetime)

Woman on the Run (2017 Lifetime)

Cast: Sarah Butler, Jim Thorburn, Lindsay Maxwell, Jerry Wasserman, Matthew MacCaull, Karen Holness

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A dark family secret comes to light when a woman finds a bone marrow donor for her granddaughter. (2021)


The movie begins with some SEX.

Nomi and her doting husband, Mark, enjoy a quiet morning after she finishes her novel. (Pretty sure it was Greta and Mark having the SEX.) the nanny, Greta, is a godsend and helps the family in more ways than one. 

Before a family trip with the kids, Nomi calls her mentor Ted and shares her manuscript with him. She also reminds him to stay SOBER. I guess he has a drinking problem. Then they pack up the car and leave the house in the care of a neighbor. 

In Seattle, there is a mix-up with the hotel reservation. A hot AF bellhop entertains the children while the grown-up figure things out. Oscar, the bellhop, is familiar with Nomi’s books and is even currently reading one. 

After the babysitter, who is coming on the trip too and is way too close to Mark, forgets baby formula and diaper wipes. (Her JOB.) Nomi offers to go out and get them. She is attacked in the parking garage and wakes up in the middle of the woods with her car running and an exhaust pipe funneling CO2 in her vehicle. Nomi was left for dead with a huge life insurance policy taken out on her Greta. 

Nomi runs back to the hotel and is confused. They think she is the babysitter. Nomi next goes to a convention center and finds Mark and Greta. Greta has taken over Nomi’s life; they even changed IDs. No one can verify that Nomi is who she says she is. She was too busy writing her book even to meet her neighbors, teachers, or friends. Nomi is a loner, and it is coming back to haunt her. She goes to the detectives, and they send her to a therapist and file a restraining order. It is WILD. 

Nomi calls the one person she can, Ted. She asks him to come to Seattle to help her. He pours himself a drink, which is probably a bad idea. 

In the park, Nomi is grabbed by a man with a syringe out to get her. She runs through the woods comically floppy and manages to lose the man, and heads back to the hotel in a terrible disguise. She finds a will leaving her and Mark millions of dollars. Then she runs into the bellhop, Oscar, who remembers. Nomi worries that he is in danger next because her neighbor ends up dead. 

Oscar and Nomi come up with a way she can prove she is who she says she is by quoting her bookwork for word. (Something that Greta can’t do!) She wants to go to the police and get a court-ordered maternity test to get her kids back. That man attacks them before they can even plan what they are going to do. They wake up tied up but manage to fight off the hitman. 

Ted shows up in Seattle and puts on quite the performance and pretends not to know Nomi. That is why he was drinking. He is getting paid off to lie. $500,000. He doesn’t even make it out of the driveway of Mark’s house before he is murdered too. 

The police take Nomi to a mental institution, and a therapist with some outrageous sideburns tries to rehabilitate Nomi. She stabs him with a pen and makes a run for it. Oscar impersonates a nurse and gets Nomi out of there before she is subjected to electro-shock therapy. 

Jane, the young daughter, is terrified when Greta breaks a bottle and threatens the hit man. She calls the police and hides for safety. 

The police show up, and Jane rushes to them. She tells the police that Greta isn’t her mother. Nomi runs out and tells the police officer about what Greta and Mark did. The officer sides with Nomi and then arrests Mark. Greta runs inside to get the baby, but Oscar won’t let her.

The woman struggles in the yard and takes out the police officer by mistake. Nomi grabs her taser and shoots it at Greta. Nomi and Jane are reunited and hug.

After a DNA test, Nomi gets her kids back! She starts dating Oscar and starts her life over. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective, Police Officer, 

I would have had a higher rating because I love a good switching place, but the depiction of mental health and the mental health facility was very Girl Interrupted and not cool. Mark and Greta leave the hitman with the kids and go search for Jane. Nomi and Oscar sneak into the house and take out the hitman. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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