Girl in the Bunker (2018 Lifetime)

Girl in a Bunker 

Stars: Henry Thomas, Julia Lalonde, and Moira Kelly

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Based on the true story of Elizabeth Shoaf who was abducted and held captive in a hidden underground bunker. The dark, psychological drama stars Henry Thomas (“E.T.”), Julia Lalonde (“Anne of Green Gables”) and Moira Kelly (“One Tree Hill”)


September 2006 in Lugoff SC, Lizy is a normal teenage girl. She wears lipstick watches after her little brother and has a daisy backpack. Lizy and her mom get into a fight because she forgot her mascara and wants to were it to school. Lizy’s mom yells after her as she storms off.

“If your going to have this attitude, don’t bother coming home.”

On her way home from school she refuses weed from her friend and also a ride home. As she is walking home (Like in her driveway.) a man in the woods tells her that he is a cop, handcuffs her, and puts a “bomb” around her neck. He tells her that he has her brother and she should come with him. Then he walks her through the woods and admits that he isn’t a cop and she should do what he says or she will regret it.

The man uncovers some leaves and puts her in a bunker underground in the middle of the woods. She asks if he is going to kill her and he smiles REALLY creepy.

Lizzy’s mom and brother notice that she is missing and call the police. The mother is frantic because the police put her through to the wrong county and are delayed in getting out to the house.When the cops arrive they pretty much tell them there is nothing they can do. The following day they interrogate her best friend and boyfriend. The police just make every excuse as to why she isn’t missing and probably just a runaway, in 2006…

Back in the bunker, the man shows off his cool set up. He has a solar power shower, propane tank, and a composting toilet. He tells her his name is Vinson and that he used to be married. Vinson tells her not to cry or her will hurt her and that he can be really mean if he wants to be.  

The police finally get their act together and arrange a search party ON THE THIRD DAY THAT ELIZABETH HAS BEEN MISSING. As the search party comes by the bunker, Vinson grabs Elizabeth and holds a gun to her head to keep her quite. He tells her no one will be able to find her. They were right there and didn’t see the bunker.

Vinson opens up to Elizabeth and tells her about his wife, who he called Peanut, she hurt him by lying. She told the police that he raped her and they took her out of state for her own protection. Since he didn’t have his wife, he replaced her with Elizabeth. Vinson tells her that he was rigged the bunker and all around the bunker with bombs for when the police come.

While avoiding the cops, Elizabeth and Vinson pass the time by having shooting practice and going on night walks. On one of these walks he takes her to a car in the middle of the woods to restock supplies and fill up on river water. He tells her that he wants to make her happy and shows her his cell phone that he has. When a “helicopter” come by Vinson makes a run for it, back to the bunker. Elizabeth loses her shoe.

The next day Elizabeth tried to text her mom but the message fails to send, because she is in a bunker. She also tries to shoot Vinson in the head with the gun he showed her how to use, but it gets stuck.

Eventually the message goes through and her mom’s first question is, “Should we call it?” NO! Call the police. The police are idiots and think it is a hoax. They call the phone, like assholes and then encourage the mom to call back again. Thankfully the hot sheriff arrives and stops this nonsense, her takes the phone and track the number that made the call. They go to the house of the phone owner and realize that Vinson could be their guy.

The police questions Vinson’s girlfriend, who is a mess and find a bunker under the couples trailer. The girlfriends admits to being in contact with Vinson and that she has been putting food in the trunk of a abandoned car in the woods. The police hatch a scheme to call his bluff. They release the information about the text and that they think Vinson is their number one suspect.

Vinson gets angry with Elizabeth but she denies sending the text and tells him that she loves him. He tells he her wants to marry her and she asks about his wife. Turns out “Peanut” was his girlfriends daughter/Elizabeth’s classmate who he wanted to be his wife. Vinson leaves the bunker and Elizabeth to runaway from the police. He tells her to wait for him to come back. Elizabeth of course doesn’t wait, she escapes and starts yelling hello. The hot cops finds her and brings her safety.  

Side Note

Reel One Productions

Vinson was sentenced to 421 years without parole.

Read more about the case here.

Lifetime released a documentary which you can watch here.

Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

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