A Sister’s Secret (2018 Lifetime)

A Sister’s Secret 

Stars: Margaret Anne Florence, Paula Abdul, Donny Boaz, Josh Ventura, Catherine Dyer, David Alexander Kaplan, and Haley Rosenwasser

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Based on true events. When twin sisters secretly swap places on their thirtieth birthday, a harmless pastime turns into a nightmare when one of them is murdered. The clock is ticking as the only living sister still acting as her twin begins to uncover a sinister plot for “her” murder, while the killer realizes he took the wrong woman’s life. The living sister must continue acting as her twin, living with her husband and family, and unravel the mystery before she and her sister’s family become the killer’s new targets


Elizabeth and Callie are twin sisters who swap places a lot to help each other excel where one might be lacking. A date to the prom, a test in algebra, or a spot on the relay team in swimming. (Is this Parent Trap, no… this is Lifetime.)

Thankfully these twins don’t stay in high school long. We see them as adults, in their 30’s, nonetheless! Elizabeth works in an office in the city and goes on dates while drinking fancy wines. Callie has a husband (Grady) and kids, she manages it all while looking sporty but cute. (But maybe things aren’t as good as they seem?)

The sisters take a cabin getaway weekend with their Aunt Rose. (The only person who can tell them apart BTW.) After lots of wine drinking (well played, Lifetime.) the sisters have breakdowns about where they are in their lives. It is a grass is greener situation. The sisters smoke some weed (well played, Lifetime.) and decide to swap lives for a week. On their way home the sisters swap cars, jewelry, take a selfie and they are on their way.

Regular life swap things happen, like Callie’s kids noticing differences with Elizabeth but Callie’s husband (Grady) not noticing. (LOL?) and Elizabeth’s boss/boyfriend (Jackson) being confused as to why she is back in town so soon but makes a date with her anyway.

On her way to her date with Jackson, Elizabeth (but really Callie.) is run over by a car and killed. It was SHOCKING! What is more shocking, is that the real Elizabeth keeps up the charade of the swap, even after Aunt Rose calls her out on it and tries to talk sense to her. Elizabeth even attends her own funeral and attempts to give a speech. Elizabeth says it is because no one will miss her and Callie would have wanted her family to stay happy. After her fake family is in bed, Elizabeth goes to tell Jackson the truth and that she loves him. (While being followed by a mysterious man.)

Later, Jackson and his POC investor get into an altercation about money in Jackson’s apartment. The POC boss throws jackson over a ledge, killing him. Then he writes a suicide note and leaves.

Now, we get Detective Paula Abdul on the case. (A sentence I’ve been waiting to write for 30 years.) Detective Paula Abdul does her best to deliver coherent lines, but basically she interrogates “Callie” about Jackson’s death and becomes suspicious that Elizabeth is a liar.

A liar she is, Elizabeth for some reason sleeps with Callie’ husband. (Like, how is she a redeemable character after that?) The guilt of sleeping with her sisters husband pushes her to confess the truth to Detective Paula Abdul, who urges her to keep the rouse going so they can find Callie’s murder.

The POC investor come by Callie’s house and tells Grady that Elizabeth is alive and pretending to be Callie. Grady pours himself a fifth of whiskey and kicks Elizabeth out of his life. Rightfully so, I do not understand how this will workout for Elizabeth, but I kind of think she is a garbage person.

With no one else to turn to Elizabeth teams up with Detective Paula Abdul, for what I’m not exactly sure. They head up to Aunt Rose’s cabin to play candyland. (Seriously!)  When the POC investor turns up dead they think they are in the clear.

Back in her own apartment, Elizabeth meets the head killer guy who holds her at gunpoint. Grady shows up and kocks the gun out of his hand and tries to get Elizabeth to safety. The head killer guys and Grady get into a fight, but it is Elizabeth who saves the day when she cuts the neck of the head killer guy, killing him.

Grady forgives Elizabeth for some reason and we get the following update:

“Elizabeth and Grady married nine month later. When the kids are old enough, they learn the truth. They have been happily married for more than 20 years” WTF WTF WTF!!!!

Side Note

Why is Lifetime obsessed with twins this year? This is the third with movie so far this year with: Twin Betrayal & Killer Twin

Love the dialogue in this movie. Aunt Rose has some great lines.

Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪(4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime


  1. I really loved this movie. It had a good captivating story, and a hunky husband, win win! I just heard your Killer Grandma podcast and you said something about Paul Abdul as a cop and how you had that movie in your queue. I would LOVE to hear a podcast on this movie!

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