The Surrogate Scandal (2023 Lifetime)

The Surrogate Scandal (2023 Lifetime) 📺.  Stream/Watch the Movie (Ad): Watch or Stream the Movie Now Cast: Catherine Dyer, Veronica … More

Newlywed Nightmare (2023 Lifetime)

Newlywed Nightmare (2023 Lifetime) 📺.  Stream/Watch the Movie (Ad): N/A Cast: Yoshi Sudarso, Olivia Jordan, Sarah Borne, Catherine Dyer ➡️  … More

A Sister’s Secret (2018 Lifetime)

Based on true events. When twin sisters secretly swap places on their thirtieth birthday, a harmless pastime turns into a nightmare when one of them is murdered. The clock is ticking as the only living sister still acting as her twin begins to uncover a sinister plot for “her” murder, while the killer realizes he took the wrong woman’s life. The living sister must continue acting as her twin, living with her husband and family, and unravel the mystery before she and her sister’s family become the killer’s new targets

Psycho In-Law (2017 Lifetime)

Psycho In-Law (2017 Lifetime) Stars: Katie Leclerc, Catherine Dyer, Mike Faiola  Listen to the Lifetime Uncorked Podcast here!  Watch & Stream the movie … More