His Perfect Obsession (2018 Lifetime)

His Perfect Obsession (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Arianne ZuckerAli SkovbyeBrendan Murray

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Seventeen-year-old Abigail Jones lost her eyesight eleven months ago. When her great-aunt Charlotte dies suddenly in a freak accident, her mother Allison and she return to the small town where Allison grew up, near Philadelphia, to tend to her funeral and affairs. Allison meets Bart, Charlotte’s strange (and psychotic) accountant who has been secretly carrying a torch for Allison since they were kids. Soon mayhem ensues, including the murders of both Allison’s philandering husband and Burt’s unstable mother. It is going to be up to Abigail, using her newly acute senses to save her mother and herself from Bart’s terrifying agenda.


Abigail (a blind woman) and her mother Allison are running errands and talking to a family member on the phone. The family member is hit by a car. Bart, an accountant in town at the funeral, sets up a meeting with Allison to go over her great aunt’s finances. Allison’s boyfriend Wyatt is cheating on her, and as they argue, Abigail goes outside for some fresh air. 

Abigail senses Bart is outside and is very perspective in general. They talk, and he invites them to a sugar shack date. Bart is a strange man and talks to his mother, who isn’t there. (Think Psycho, but terrible projection and acting.) When he gets toothpaste on the mirror, he Windex it immediately. He takes care of his mother for real and tucks her into bed. She hates him. Then he goes to a bar for a drink and runs into Wyatt. When Wyatt calls Allison a skank, Bart kills him in the back alley. 

Bart’s mother knows something is going on and reprimands him for his bad behavior. It isn’t the first time he has had an unhealthy obsession. The question is, is he obsessed with Allison or Abigail. 

Lance Lancaster, the town realtor, is handsome, and Abigail sets him up with her mom. Bart overhears the conversation in the grocery store and is very jealous. Bart stalks them all.

The sugar shack looks cool! They put syrup on snow? Like what the hell is this, and how do I do it. While they are distracted, Bart breaks into Lance’s office and looks through his social media and leaks racy photos of Lance with a twenty-year-old he used to date. Allison sees the photos, and she decides Lance is not the man for her. Allison and Abigail invite Bart over for a business dinner.

The dinner goes well until Bart gives Allison a gift of tickets to a Beatles cover band. Allison is very rude to Bart. She turns him down harshly and tells him that she never liked him and never will date him. Abigail just sits there like me, “WTF.” Bart goes home and kills his mother with an overdose of potassium. 

The next day, Bart breaks into Allison and Abigail’s home and takes the most random pictures. (Like of the spice rack and a box of tampons, why?) Next, he practices taking out a gun really fast from his jacket. Then he picks up his mother’s ashes from the funeral home. The bartender stops by to check on Bart, and Bart says he is fine.

Bart breaks into the house when Alison and Abigail are home. He chloroforms Allison, but Abigail is harder to find because she is using her super senses to out smark him. She knows it is bar and pulls a knife on him and screams for him to leave. He overpowers her and chloroforms her too. They are thrown in the back of his car and driven out of town. He takes them to a house and has all their favorite things in the house. Allison is shocked by his attention to detail; he really has the perfect obsession. 

The mother and daughter are held captive and realizes that Bart is a neat freak and use it against him. Abigail eats messily and spills her breakfast on Bary, buying Allison’s time to spray perfume around the house as a trail for Abigail to load bullets in a gun. (Which she does perfectly.) The weapon was a test, and they failed Bart was setting them up. Bart takes them to the rapids nearby, and Allison pretends to like is so much she asks Bart to go on a date with him alone. Leaving Abigail behind. Abigail frees herself and runs to get help.

Allison learns that Bart killed all the people and pretends to be understanding. He wants to leave Abigail behind because she is too much trouble. Then they hold hands, and she asks him to kiss her, and then she punches him and runs away.

The bartender and his son realize that Abigail and Allison are missing and go up to the house that Bart has in Darby. They pick up Abigail and go to find Alison by the rapids. 

The bartender finds Bart and Allison and pulls a gun on them. He tries to reason with Bart. Bart shoots the bartender and decides he will kill Allison because she won’t love him. Abigail shoots Bart and kills him. She is a good shot! This ending felt very Law and Orderish.

Side Note

Minority Report: None

It would have been better if they had cast a blind actress to play the role. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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