He’s Watching (2018 Lifetime)

He’s Watching (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:   Linsey GodfreyTilky JonesJoseph C. Phillips

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Angela has it all – she’s on the partnership track at her prestigious wealth management firm, and she is engaged to the perfect man. But things take a turn when her college boyfriend, Kyle, suddenly reappears in her life. Kyle had proposed to Angela after graduation, and she turned him down – she wasn’t ready to commit to one person and wanted to focus on her career. Now Kyle is a famous photographer and is very wealthy. He hires Angela to manage his money, and what begins as a strict business relationship soon turns into a heated affair. But as Angela begins to spend more and more time with Kyle, she realizes that this trip down memory lane may be a disastrous mistake. When her life suddenly takes a downward spiral with her fiancé, friends, and work, Angela is forced to confront the fact that Kyle may no longer be the sweet, gentleman of her past.


A couple is getting it on when they see someone off-camera with a gun. They are shot, and we get a title card.

Angela gets promoted to partner by her boss (Joseph C. Phillips), who is too good for this movie. Her boyfriend, Michael, is supportive, but their relationship is long-distance because he works so much and emotionally distant because he is a jerk. He is less favorable when an ex-boyfriend named Kyle becomes one of Angela’s clients. Kyle is a successful photographer who is moving back to town. 

BFF, Laurie, does some light social media stalking and learns that Kyle is very successful and still available. It seems like Kyle may have even have feelings for Angela. Kyle is charming and manages to get information on Michael and Angela’s life. He invites Angela and Michael to a gallery showing of his artwork. 

At the gallery, Angela and Laurie are impressed. (Michael is still working out of town and can’t go.) Angela and Kyle talk about art and trust. Kyle encourages Angela to write like she used to do in high school. Angela ignores a call for Michael and goes over to Kyle’s house. He charms her with her own words. (He memorized poems she wrote in high school.) They kiss, and then things get hot and heavy. (A silhouetted sex scene happens.)

The next morning, Angela wakes up in Kyle’s luxurious home and takes a shower in his rain shower. Kyle appears out from the steam and startles Angela. He has made her breakfast and is wearing a v-neck sweater? (What happened to shirtless god Tilky Jones of Open Marriage!) Angela leaves and tells Kyle she has to think things over. Kyle won’t let her and sends roses with a love note to her office. Michael leaves a sweet voicemail and says meeting her was the best night of his life, and he loves her. Angela realizes she made a mistake and cries.

Over martinis, Angela says to Kyle that she would like to be just friends. Kyle cuts drink short and is broken-hearted. He throws himself back into work and takes pictures of girls while they read love letters that Angela wrote to him. 

Michel comes back and proposes to Angela in a hot tub. It is a scene straight out of the bachelor. As they make out in bathing suits, Kyle watches from the bushes. The next day, Kyle follows them to brunch and pays for their meal. Then he offers to take their engagement photos. Angela has a reservation, and she forgot how intense Kyle could be.

At the engagement photos, Kyle gets off on controlling the couple’s every move. When Michael can’t get a pose right, Kyle steps in to demonstrates and weirds everyone out. Michael ends the photoshoot early because of Kyle’s behavior. Angela calls Kyle to tell him to stop, that only makes him double down.

Kyle leaves love notes and flowers for Angela around her house and continues to stalk her. He even pops out of the backseat of her car after she switches Kyle’s account to her boss Don. He calls her a cold-hearted bitch and says he can’t control himself.

Michael is confused when the engagement photos never come in. When they do, they include a sex tape of Angela and Kyle. Michael has the clarity he needs and kicks Angela out of the house. Another client of Angela’s Eva has money go missing, and Angela is put on suspension Angela moves in with Laurie and regrets her life choices.

Angela realizes that “all is fair in love and war.” with the help of Laurie, they look into Kyle’s past while drinking wine.

Finally, shirtless, Kyle answers a call from Angela. She invites him over to Laurie’s place. When he gets there, she yells at him for a bit. Then she interrogates him about his parents. His father and stepmother committed suicide and had a huge life insurance policy and trust set up for Kyle. The couple from the beginning of the movie was his parents. He killed them by poisoning. Kyle realizes that Angela is on to him and is enraged. Laurie pulls a gun on Kyle and tells him to leave.

Angela and Michael repair their relationship by crying and talking about going to karaoke. The reunion is cut short when Kyle kidnaps Michael and beats him with a bat. Kyle ties him up and screams at him and forces him to read love letters that Angela wrote him. Angela bursts in with the gun and demands Kyle step away from Michael. She shoots him before he can beat Michael with the bat. Kyle “Michel Meyers” and comes back to life to fight one last time. Angela shoots and kills him for real this time and cries hysterically. 

265 days later, Angela is pregnant and has a new novel loosely based on her experience. A little boy asks for an autograph; he is Kyle’s son and is obsessed with her now. (OK, Lifetime. Chill.)

Side Note

Minority Report: Don, Laurie, Eva, Waitress. 

Tilky Jones sadly has his shirt on for most of the movie. He is still charming AF. In Open Marriage he had this scene:

Also Known as “A Focus to Kill”

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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  1. seriously, these movies make me sick because there’s no way I would take her back after getting a video Of her doing it with the other guy. They always make it seem like it’s so easy to forgive and forget but 90% of men wouldn’t want her back unless they are totally desperate and think they could never get better. I would’ve dumped her and taking the ring back and change the door locks. Far as I’m concerned, she can go kick rocks, cause she’s a cheating biatch!

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