A Shoe Addicts Christmas (2018 Hallmark Channel)

A Shoe Addicts Christmas

Stars: Candace Cameron Bure, Jean Smart, Luke Macfarlane

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)
Noelle, a holiday hater who toils in a department store in which she is accidentally locked on Christmas Eve. There, she meets a woman who identifies herself as Noelle’s guardian angel and introduces her to several “ghosts” of Christmases past, present, and future.


Candace Cameron Bure works at a department store in the HR department. The synopsis lies and she is not a Christmas hater. Christmas was her mom’s favorite holiday, CCB has a cross necklace that was hr mom’s, and her mom almost named her Jingle. Noelle for crying out loud. She loves, shoes because they tells a story! She also loves picture and that is her true passion.

Jake is a legacy firefighter whose dad was a firefighter. He is handsome and I love him.

Candace Cameron Bure follows her ex, Matt on Instagram and is depressed because he just got engaged. SHe puts on a happy face while at work but when roaming the streets in winter wear, she looks pretty sad. While coming home from the grocery store. Candace Cameron Bure meets Jake (The Firefighter) who is moving into 3G. Candace Cameron Bure is 2G. They fall all over each other and soon, for each other.

Candace Cameron Bure gets tasked with finding an employee from the 90’s. Sherlean Pennybar and goes to the basement to find the file. The store closes early due to a storm and Candace Cameron Bure gets locked in the department store. Cue a kooky montage of Candace Cameron Bure going around the store taking pictures and eating cookies… but NOT trying on shoes.

A loud crash happens and it is Charlie!? She is dressed all crazy and is there to help CCB find herself again. Charlie makes CCB try on shoes and Christmas magic happens! Taking CCB three years in the past. It is Christmas Eve and it is the night that Matt broke up with CCB and got the job at the department store and gave up on photography. CCB makes a small change and the future has changed. CCB own her own studio and is engaged, but before she can see who he is flashed back to the present.

The fire department are there to get her out of the department store and the mystery woman is gone but Jake is there! She is very concerned that he thinks she is weird. Which he should!

Candace Cameron Bure is overseeing the Firestation Gala and realizes that Jake will be overseeing the charity gala. They are working together! They visit venues together and Charlie shows up at random times. (Like, when they couple is looking for a cab but can only find a horse drawn carriage, driven by…. Charlie.)

CCB gets some cute black booties that transport her to Christmas past. It is Christmas two years ago and CCB sees her father at the department store. It is a chance for her to make a real relationship with her father. It has been fine since her mother passed away. CCB is not having it and takes off the shoes and is back in the present.

Jake’s co workers are trying to get him to take CCB out on a date but he doesn’t think she will date him. He just wants CCB to have fun, but he wants his co-workers to take him more seriously and step out of his father’s shadow. They look at event decor and more Christmas magic happens! (Thanks to Charlie!)

CCB gets home and puts on the shoes to go back in time a make a stronger connection with her dad. They go to lunch and have a nice time. She flashed to another time with CCB taking a picture of Will (another handsome man.) She is flash to the present but with changes and almost sees her fiance but she is flashed to the real present again.

CCB and Jake go to do the tasting for the event. Charlie is there, again and she is a chef now. She makes them make Christmas Cookies. They frost cookies while talking about how great shoes are. (Seriously!) They ALMOST get into a frosting fight, but Candace Cameron Bure has it in her rider that she isn’t down for that tomfoolery.

Jake invites CCB to station holiday party and she accepts! Yay! He brings CCB to help her decorate the station Christmas tree and takes picture of him with his coworkers.

Mrs.Fulton doesn’t like the direction that the gala is going and she fire Jake from the event. CCB has to tell him. Just as CCB works up the courage to tell him, he tells her how meaningful their time together has been. CCB chickens out and doesn’t tell him.

CCB tells her BFF about what is happening and the BFF pushes her to ask questions to Charlie. CCB find out the everyone has a Charlie  type of person, kind of like Santa’s elves. (Not angels!) Charlie tells a story which basically amounts to take help when offered and you never know where a path will take you in life,

In the parallel life, Will is back asks her on a date. He is the one who she is married to? Or is he? CCB wants it to be Jake.

Jake is over at CCB’s apartment for a cup of sugar and he admires her photos. He encourage her to submit for the photo contest. (Where that is, IDK.) and asks CCB to print off the pictures she took at the fire station.

CCB’s dad cancels on her as her date for the gala.

Jake stops by CCB’s work to pick up the prints and runs into Mrs. Fulton who thanks him for being so understanding about being fired, but of course he doesn’t know that and is embarrassed/hurt. CCB is so upset that she wishes Charlie has never even have been in her life and just like that, Charlie is gone.

At the Firestation party, Jake waits for CCB who is a no show and sits at home on her couch sadly.

CCB finds the file for Sharlen Pennybar. She is the woman from a photo CCB took at a Christmas tree lighting years ago.

At the Gala, Jake admires CCB’s photo. CCB shows up to the gala wearing a beautiful red dress and her mother’s cross from the beginning of the movie. He dad shows up as her date! Mrs. Fulton is enjoying the gala and says that it might be more fun. CCB tells them that she is leaving to start her own photography business. Mrs Fulton hires CCB on the spot to shoot their spring line. Things are looking up for CCB!

CCB and Charlie say goodbye because CCB’s life is pretty great now. She is just missing one thing. Jake! CCB apologizes to Jake. He is going to be promoted to captain of the firestation. They dance and CCB breaks a heel. She has a gift of new shoes and puts them on. They transport her to that parallel life where  Will who is actually Jakes brother. CCB is married to Jake and her life is happy. She is flashed back to the present again

Jake and CCB kiss on the dance floor while snow falls. And, remember. If God sends you a sleigh you should get on.

Side Note

Minority Report: CCB’s BFF Lorena.

CCB skin looks amazing in this movie.

Luke MacFarlane is an openly gay actor.

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 ( glasses of wine required)

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